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Episode 41


** Flashback**


Olivia couldn’t shake the terrible feeling off her. She was aware it was here. Right above her. Was she having a bad dream again? Because it felt too real.


She felt like she was in a room with the devil himself, towering over her with a sinister grin. She felt too exposed.


She saw nothing but darkness and she could feel goosebumps over her skin as the temperature suddenly dropped. Her heart began beating thrice as fast when she felt the figure lean closer.



It was like she couldn’t breathe. She was convinced this was real life. It felt too real at least. But even if it wasn’t, why couldn’t she get up when in fact she fully awake?


Why could she not move a single muscle? She couldn’t even open her own eyes. Was this a terrible case of sleep paralysis? Or was she put in this state on purpose?


Before she could answer her own questions she felt a cold, sharp object on the side of her neck.


The bed dipped violently as the figure jumped on top of her – sharp nails dug into her thigh as a hand wrapped itself around her neck. The grip was tight.



Too tight for a nightmare.


Olivia couldn’t even struggled for her life. She was paralysed – forced to succumb to death as the air in her lung slowly began to leave.


She wanted to scream but she didn’t have the voice to. She felt like a statue soon to become a corpse.


The temperature rose quickly as her body became hot. What was happening to her?


She managed a grunt but it was too quiet it came out as a whisper. The fact that she was being strangled didn’t help either.



Olivia was stuck. If her father didn’t get to kill her then whatever this was would.

But luck was on her side. She would live.


The figure suddenly retreated and Olivia felt the air rush back into her lungs painfully as she took a deep breath.


It was gone. Whoever had tried to kill her was gone.


The fact that she couldn’t see who it was devastated her because she was sure this wasn’t the last time.


It wasn’t the first either.



* End of flashback *


Olivia rubbed her neck which was still a bit sore and stared at the red marks on her thigh.


It wasn’t a dream, this she was sure of.



At least now she knew why she would wake up sore and exhausted. There were times she was too afraid to sleep.


Which was why she had made Alexander sleep on the same bed with her last night.


She didn’t feel safe at all. But she wasn’t going to tell anyone just yet. It was something she wanted to find out herself.


Alexander had his own problems and there was no way she would tell her mother about it.


That woman needs as much peace as she can get.



Olivia leaned against the headrest of their bed. Alexander had gone out of the room a few minutes ago without a word and here she was, still exhausted after six hours of sleep.


This had been happening a lot lately. She wouldn’t exactly remember when she’d have the ‘ dream ‘ but she was sure it happened.


So far she knew that whoever was doing all of it either lived in the mansion with them, or was some stalker because he/she always knew when she was alone even if it were for five minutes.



At first she’d get the creepy feeling that she was followed but soon she started getting assaulted in her sleep. Although the person didn’t make it too obvious as he’d only leave faint marks on her body which would eventually disappear in a matter of days.



But now it was getting bad. She didn’t exactly know the gender but she had a hunch it was a female. No, she knew it was a woman.


It was all that she picked from her torture in unconsciousness. The person tried to be smart by hiding their scent with manly colognes but there was a striking contrast between the two scents.


Olivia would perceive a cold woodsy scent along with that of a familiar lavender scent she couldn’t place her finger on.


She definitely knew that scent. But where?



If she wanted to find out who was trying to harm her she needed to be clever. And since the only way to be near the person was when partially unconscious, then so be it.



She was sure there wouldn’t be any more attacks because she was in a house filled with more people and security cameras.



At least, they wouldn’t happen as often as they used to.


She had her suspects. But they all had flaws.


Olivia waited patiently for her husband to return. She closed the curtains and laid back on the bed with a sigh.



Alexander is a smart person. But from all indications the person was after him.





~ ~ ~

” You wanted something Alexander?” Mia smiled at the handsome young man before her.


” Yes, but please. Follow me.” He led her down the hallway and into a random room which happened to be the store room.



” Something’s bothering you.” Mia noted.



” Are you alright?” She further questioned once she noticed the frown on Alexander’s face.



” Not quite. I need your help mother.” Alexander spoke quietly.



” Of course. With what though?” Mia titled her head to the side.



” It’s Olivia.” He sighed.


Mia’s breath hitched. What was with her daughter?



” I need you to help me save her.”


” F-From what? Is she in danger?” Mia felt herself on the verge of panic.



Alexander pursed his lips. No one was of better help than Mia. But he didn’t want her to have a break down. The woman clearly wouldn’t be able to live without her daughter.


” She’ll be fine. I promise you that. I just want to make sure nothing happens to her. I want you to give this to her.” Alexander brought out a silver necklace with a heart shaped pendant.



Mia squinted her eyes in confusion as he placed the piece of jewelry in her small hands.


” Mother…” Alexander wrapped her palms over the necklace. He looked deep into her eyes with a serious – almost pleading expression.

” She must never take it off. Please.”



” Okay.” Mia nodded.



” But why?” She asked.



” I can’t tell you just yet. But you can trust me.” Alexander said and she nodded.


Mia knew she could trust him.


Alexander thanked her and sighed in relief. He was glad she didn’t ask him anything about what was happening.




” Alexander…” Mia called his attention.


Alexander felt his heart churn as his mother-in-law seemed to be in her most vulnerable state. Her lips quivered as she spoke.



” Please. Don’t let anything happen to my angel.” Mia held onto Alexander’s hands tightly.



” I can’t lose her again. Please.” She sniffled quietly.


Alexander pulled his mother-in-law closer. Her sadness only fuelled his hatred for whoever was threatening him. He would rip their heart out and crush it with his very hands.


Mia was the first, but if his wife’s beautiful cheeks got stained with as much as one drop of tear, it would be the last straw.



” Nothing will happen to Olivia. I promise.” Alexander reassured, holding his Mia tightly.


” You should get back. It’s getting late.” Alexander guided her towards the front door where she gave him one last hug and left.


He let out a deep breath and went back to his old room where his wife awaited him.



” Are you alright?” He smiled when he noticed the small pout on Olivia’s face as she thought of goodness knew what .



” I’m fine. What took you so long?” She turned to him with a frown.



” I was with my mother-in-law.” He shrugged, taking a seat beside her on the bed.


Olivia avoided his gaze and rolled her eyes.


” Are you jealous, wife?” Alexander leaned closer to get a view of her cute pout.


” Don’t speak to me.” Olivia shook her head as he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.



” She’s my mother too.” Alexander chuckled, making Olivia frown deeper.


This was the first time she had heard him chuckle a little more than lightly. The joyful sound lessened her jealousy only a tad bit.


” Goodnight.” Olivia covered herself with the soft white duvet and shut her eyes closed.


” You’re being a baby, Olive oil.” Alexander’s voice was playful but Olivia ignored him and scowled at the nickname, although he couldn’t see her.


She was her mother’s baby after all.





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