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Episode 44


Alexander watched contentedly as Olivia placed a french fry into her mouth. The evening breeze blew gently at her skin, forcing a few strands over her eyes. It was a sight he would never get tired of watching.


He loved how she didn’t care about what other people thought about her or how she looked while doing anything and everything, unlike his other dates who seemed too cautious to even breathe.


It was like they were afraid he’d find them unattractive if they made the slightest mistakes.


Heck, some even tried to make s£x perfect. With their calculated moans and annoying ‘ seductive ‘ glances.


He visibly cringed as his mind travelled to his numerous brainless flings.


They were nothing to be proud of and Alexander now understood why his parents didn’t approve of his past actions. But he couldn’t help it. He needed to take his stress out on something.


Strangely, Olivia didn’t need to wear skimpy clothing or too much make up to impress him. She was beautiful both inside and out. A little bit scary sometimes, but he had to admit, she was too f**king attractive for her own good.


” Will you eat or are you going to keep staring like that?” Olivia asked, staring blankly at the fry in her hands.


” Am I making you uncomfortable?” Alexander played with his fork.


He wasn’t even going to hide the fact that he was shamelessly admiring his wife. Who wouldn’t?


” If I said yes, would you stop?” Her blue eyes met his golden ones and Alexander found himself inwardly swooning.


Was that normal for a man?

” No.” Came his short reply.


Olivia pursed her lips but nodded anyways.


” Carry on then.”


He chuckled.


” How do you like this place so far?” Alexander attempted to start a conversation. There was no doubt she loved the food, but he just wanted to hear it from her.


He wanted her to tell him how pleased she was with him.


” It’s okay, I guess.” She shrugged.


” What’s that supposed to mean? This is my restaurant.” Alexander huffed.


A compliment.


He was annoyed because he couldn’t get a compliment from his own wife.


” I know. ”


Alexander caught the small smirk that tugged the corner of her lips.


She knew what he wanted. But she refused.


” Well, I don’t think your food is that good either.” He rolled his eyes, earning a snort from Olivia.


” Alexander please don’t make me choke on my food. The place is alright. It’s not bad.” Olivia chuckled.


” I don’t care about what you think. My restaurant is the best in the state.” Alexander bragged.


” Cocky aren’t we?” Olivia took a sip of her coconut drink.


” It’s fact.” Alexander shoved some lasagna into his mouth.


Sometimes he wondered why he ever bothered.

Sometimes he wondered why he ever bothered.


” Of course, Mr Payne.” Olivia propped her elbows on the tabled and clasped her hands together.


She seemed to enjoy pushing his buttons.


” One more word out of your mouth and I’m leaving you with the paparazzi tonight.” He threatened.


” My apologies, Sir.” Olivia raised an amused brow.


” I said quiet.” Alexander grumbled.


” We were supposed to be enjoying ourselves.” He shoved some more food into his mouth.


” We are.” Olivia’s smile didn’t hide itself this time.


Although her head has hung low, Alexander got a veiw of her beautiful smile.


It reached all the way to her eyes and a barely noticeable dimple formed on her right cheek. She had a smile which could lighten up anyone’s day and make even the grumpiest person happy.


How could he stay mad at someone so cute?


” What are you doing to me?” Alexander whispered to himself tiredly.


Just thinking about her was starting to exhaust him. It was all he’d been doing lately. He was sure he didn’t hate her. He never did.


But he wasn’t sure what he felt about her back then. Now, it was clear and confusing at the same time.


He liked Olivia. No doubt. Did he love her? That, he didn’t know. But what’s the difference? Even if there was he would be sure it was the latter.


All he wanted was to pull her close and stare into her crystal blue eyes forever. He would keep her to himself and not let anyone come near her.

Especially Matteo.


Alexander was pretty sure if he wasn’t her husband, Matteo would definitely have gone after Olivia. He just knew his cousin liked her, but only kept his distance because they were now in-laws.


Hopefully Matteo would find his own angel and forget about Olivia, because she belonged to him and no one else.


It was Alexander and Olivia and that was how it would be forever.


Not even some lovestruck psychopath could separate them.


” Alexander, what’s on your mind?” He snapped back to reality.


Olivia tilted her head to the side, studying him carefully.


” You seemed upset. Is something wrong?” Her soft voice alone made his heart melt.


” Please have mercy on me.” He groaned softly, leaning back into his seat.


He knew.


He liked Olivia more than he’d like to admit. She had him wrapped tightly around her small, slender fingers. All ten of them.


He was at her beck and call and she could do anything she wanted with him.


It was fact.


” I haven’t done anything wrong.” She sounded confused but Alexander waved his hand dismissively.


” Did you want to ask me something?” He stared at her.


Olivia was skeptical at first but shrugged later on.

” Well, I was just wondering why you have such a big house for one person. Is that were you lived before we got married?”


Alexander sighed, it wasn’t a story he was proud to tell.


” Not quite. You see, we all used to live in one house. And by that I mean anyone who bore our last name. Anyone who was family. Which is why we have so many rooms.” Alexander started off, even though it was sort of a sour topic, he just loved how Olivia paid very keen attention to only him.


So he continued.


” My aunts, uncles, neices and nephews, everyone. We were a big, family. Even a happy one.” Alexander drummed his fi her’s against the table as he remembered how close his family once was.


” Why are you no longer together?” Olivia asked.


/ Patience, my jewel./ Alexander wanted to say.


” Things started happening. There were arguments, physical fights between my uncles and sometimes my aunts. They began hating each other. Even my parents began doubting themselves at some point and I just didn’t know how. Of course, derrick had a hand in it. But he had some help.” Alexander frowned as he pondered over the recollection.


” When did it all start? Surely something must have caused such rancor.” Olivia frowned.


It appears the seemingly happy family wasn’t too happy.


” It all started when one of my cousins, Crystal admitted her love for me.” Alexander felt his heart sink to the bottom of his stomach.


Now he was creeped out. He had reason to believe this threat was family.


” Your cousin loved you?” Olivia couldn’t hide the humor in her voice amidst the seriousness of the situation.

She already knew it couldn’t be anyone of his lovers. But even if they were involved, they would probably just be mere puppets.


Brainless ones at that.


” You know a normal wife would be jealous.” Alexander facepalmed himself when his wife  snorted.


” My apologies. I am jealous. How did you react to that?” Olivia feigned interest.


” I was weirded out, for your information. I wasn’t quite serious when it came to love at that time.” Alexander admitted.


Olivia hummed in response. She wasn’t surprised.


” So no one decided that it was better to move out of such a place? I don’t even think it can be considered a mansion, a castle’s more like it. Especially yours.” Olivia added the last part with a frown.


” We were all too busy. It’s not like any of us stayed at home. The only time that place is useful was at night when we’d eat dinner and go to bed.” Alexander shrugged.


” And my place was where we were all staying before. I didn’t exactly have a permanent place of residence before I married you. I used to travel often so I just stayed in my suites or penthouse.” Alexander shrugged.


” You rich people are funny. You just buy everything and everywhere with no regards for it whatsoever. I’m pretty sure some people out there would kill to live in one of your penthouses.” Olivia shook her head.


” Yes they would, but I have orphanages too. Three exactly.” Alexander folded his hands across his chest.


” Really? That’s very nice of you.” Olivia said, earning a grin from him in return.

He finally got his compliment.


” But that’s not exactly were you would live if you were left to get married on your own accord, is it?” Olivia’s question made his chest tighten.


Now that he thought about it, she wasn’t getting what she deserved. She deserved a nice, beautiful place which didn’t have bad history and someone’s corpse in it two days ago. He felt like shit.


The worst part was that he couldn’t exactly know how she felt about such a topic since her face was void of emotions.


” It isn’t our permanent home Olivia. I have another place under construction for you.” He answered truthfully.


It was his first thought the day he started getting pictures of his wife mailed to his office. He wanted to take her away from such a place and so he decided to get another one done. A more homely one.


The only problem was that he had been so busy lately he never really went to see how it was going.


” You mean for us?” She frowned.


” Yes. For us.” He chuckled.


” Well thank you for answering my question.” Olivia returned to her chicken and chips.


” Farei molto di più  per il tuo, gioiello. ” He nodded.


” Excuse me?” Olivia frowned.


” The food is getting cold.” Alexander translated as to which she nodded.


( Translation: I’d do more than just that for you, jewel. )

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