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Episode 42


Olivia gritted her teeth so hard if she wasn’t in so much pain she’d be sure they’d crack. She didn’t dare reach for her stomach as she knew it would be worthless, rather she used her hands to cover her ears – blocking any sound that could be blocked.


She grunted softly as a piercing jolt ran through her lowered abdomen. She so badly wanted to scream but her main focus was on the pain she was feeling. She didn’t even have the voice to.


She curled herself up into a ball, hoping the pressure from her thighs against her stomach would stop the pain- it didn’t.



She felt so sick and so badly wanted to hurl. Though the idea of moving even a muscle made the pain intensify.


The sun’s rays peeked into the room, nearly blinding her but she couldn’t dare move. She suffered this torture silently, cursing Alexander whenever he made the bed dip as he turned left and right.


He seemed restless.


” Olivia?” He asked groggily as he sat up.


The part of the mattress nearest to her abdomen dipped and Olivia wanted to scream as another painful jolt ran across her abdomen.


With all the strength she had mentally prepared herself to gather, she used her feet and pushed him off the bed – making him fall with a loud thud.


” The hell?!” Alexander voice was laced with both confusion and shock.


He quickly forgot about it however, when he saw his wife’s state. He face was twisted in pain and her jaw was clenched. She looked like she was holding back a scream.


” Olivia, are you okay? What’s wrong?” He frantically went over to her and placed a hand on her forehead.


There were beads of sweat and strands of hair stuck over her eyes.

” Shut…quiet.” Olivia managed to mumble, she couldn’t even think properly.


Hearing Alexander’s voice just annoyed her.



” Tell me what’s wrong?” Olivia tried really hard not to hate her husband especially because he sounded like he would have a panic attack at that moment.


She was the one in pain not him.



” Tampons.” She panted, dragging their duvet over her lowered region which she was sure was stained with blood.


Alexander frowned, trying to understand what his wife was saying. What did she need tampons for?


” Here.” Olivia angrily took off the duvet revealing a major part of where she slept painted with blood.


It didn’t help that the sheets were white too.


Alexander stumbled backwards and suppressed the urge to yell for his mother or sister. This was even worse than murder.


How would anyone just bleed like that?


” O-Ok. ” He snapped back to his senses when Olivia released another grunt.


Still weirded out by what he had just witnessed, he jogged out the room and towards the living room where his mother was in cooking in the kitchen.


Isabella frowned at her son. He seemed fidgety and nervous-scared even, as he approached her.


” What’s wrong Alex?” She washed her hands and cleaned it on her apron as she approached him.


” Olivia, she’s bleeding.” He tried to find the right words but that only made Isabella switch to a state of panic.


” What?!” She was about to run to their room but Alexander blocked her path, forcing her into confusion.

” But it’s okay because she said she wants tampons. D-Do you have some I could borrow?” Alexander’s voice was barely audible as he avoided his mother’s smug smile.


She seemed to enjoy seeing him this way.


” Of course. They’re in my bathroom in the cabinet above the sink.” Isabella chuckled as her son quickly left the room.



She loved how responsible he had become and she could only thank Mia for giving birth to such a blessing.




Olivia panted heavily as the pain intensified. Her eyes forcefully rolling to the back of her head as if she would pass out at the moment.


She wanted to. It would make the pain go.


Alexander rushed in with the tampons and knelt down across from her and gasped at the sight of his lovely wife.


She looked like she was holding thinly onto life.


” I-I got the tampons. Should I help you with them?” His voice trembled.


Olivia would have laughed at him if she wasn’t in such a state. Even if she’d let him help her the panties she had on couldn’t be called that anymore.


She sighed when the pain subsided only a bit.


” Bathroom. Help me.” She breathed. Alexander carried her bridal style and tried so hard not to cringe at how moist her nightgown was.


He sat her on the WC and quickly brought the tampon in. He stared at the pack and nearly screamed in frustration. There were no directions.


It was just a picture of a smiling woman and that of the tampon by the side.

Now maybe if he knew how to use it he’d understand why the f**k she was smiling but it made no sense.




He stared cluelessly at the pack and for the millionth time he felt helpless towards his wife.


” I need to take a shower.” Olivia slurred.


Alexander nodded and quickly turned on the tap. He shut his eyes closed and raised the night gown over her head. Olivia was too busy in her own painful world to object.


She knew for a fact she wouldn’t be able to move a muscle if he left her. She grunted as another jolt made itself know. Alexander cringed as his fingers met with her soaked panties and he blindly slid them down her feet, throwing them into the bin next to him.


He carried her naked body in his arms and placed her into the jacuzzi, directly under the hot water.


” No. Make it cold.” Olivia groaned as the pain hit her in waves upon contact with the warm liquid.


She whimpered when the cold water roughly hit her skin- almost mocking her as it felt like someone was using a wooden stick to poke her.


Of course her weak body was over exaggerating things and it only made matters worse.


She felt pain as her body fell into the jacuzzi weakly but she didn’t have the strength to get up.


” Do you need help?”


Olivia had already forgotten about her husband’s presence but shook her head anyways. She probably wouldn’t be leaving the bathroom for hours.



” No.” She weakly mumbled. How would he even bathe her with closed eyes?


She heard the door closing which meant her husband was gone and panted as the drops of water aggressively hit her skin.


It helped, but only a little bit.


She was sensitive to everything apparently and it only intensified the pain. Olivia couldn’t cry or scream. She let the pain take over her abdomen, hoping she’d pass out eventually.








Alexander rested against the wall with his hand folded across his chest. He checked his phone and saw it was already 4:00pm. How long would his wife keep suffering from those awful crimps, or whatever his mother called them.


Cramps? Yes, those awful cramps. They were bothering his wife.


He wondered how on earth he knew nothing about periods considering he had a twin sister but he remembered that he was never really at home often.



Even when they shared an apartment in college – before Sarah moved in with her asshole of a boyfriend, he was always at parties.


He knew absolutely nothing and now that Olivia just presented him with this, he felt useless.


He rubbed his palm over his face and sighed.


” Why are you standing here?” Sarah’s voice cut him out of his thoughts.


He glanced at his twin sister, feeling almost ashamed to tell her that Olivia practically chased him out of the room because of his endless questions. He had learned that she didn’t like being bothered when in pain but he couldn’t help it.


Which was why she weakly threw a pillow and gritted a barely audible ‘ leave.’ to him.


He had already stripped the bed out of the blood stained sheets along with the duvet and stuffed them into the washing machine in the laundry room.


He changed the sheets into a darker color in case she ever had another ‘ accident ‘ and left her on the floor after pushing a pack of Kit Kat, Mars chocolate bars, and a cup of tea on the floor beside her.


She said she didn’t want to leave that spot when he tried to place her on the bed so he just let her be.


” Alex! Are you even listening to me?” Sarah snapped her fingers in his face.


” I asked what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be inside?” She cocked a thin, perfectly shaped brow.


” My wife hates me.” He blurted, his folded hands falling to the side.


Now that wasn’t what he initially wanted to say but he felt it was appropriate.


” Excuse me?” Sarah chuckled.



” She told me to leave the room.” He explained with a frown which resembled more of a sad pout.



” Okay, so how long have you been standing here.” Sarah placed her hand on her hip.


” 30 minutes.” Alexander frowned.



” You had breakfast yet?” Sarah pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.


” No.” Alexander stared at his feet.


” I’m not hungry. She hasn’t had anything either.” He added.


” Give her something then.” Sarah felt as though she was talking to a baby.


” I can’t. She doesn’t want to see me.” Alexander shifted closer to the door and recrossed his arms.


” Lemme check on her, you baby.” Sarah shook her head with a defeated sigh.

Alexander wanted to stop her but figured it wouldn’t be so bad if his sister also got a pillow to the face.


What are siblings for,anyways?


” Alex, come look.” His sister called.


Alexander opened the door and hesitantly walked in. He didn’t wish to meet his wife’s fury.



He felt calmness wash over him as he saw his wife sleeping peacefully, clutching onto one of the many Kit Kat bars as light snores escaped her parted lips.


He carried her, careful not to make all the pain come back, and placed her on the bed. Olivia turned to the other side and clutched onto the new dark duvet he had gotten, rubbing it adorably on her cheek.




She was much more beautiful at peace.


” Do your crumps hurt that bad?” He asked his sister, although his eyes were glued to his sleeping wife.


” What?” Sarah sounded perplexed but a chuckle escaped her lips.


” Your cramps.” Alexander quickly correctly.


” Yeah, it’s pretty bad. But I don’t end up like that. Her’s seem worse.” Sarah noted.


” I did everything the internet and mom told me but she wouldn’t even look at me. I didn’t know what to do. What do you suggest?” Alexander huffed.


” Sex works. Just get her pregnant. Although you’d be dealing with much worse.” Sarah said smugly enjoying how stiff her brother went.



” You still haven’t consummated your marriage, have you?” Sarah raised a brow.

” Don’t you have better things to do?” Alexander scoffed, avoiding eye contact.



He and Olivia were going to have sΒ£x some time, but before that he would make sure she was safe. Her life was more important.


Sarah chuckled and left his room.


Alexander continued to stare but smiled when Olivia’s eyes opened to meet his.


She looked exhausted.


” How are you feeling now? A-Are you still in pain? You never told me what I could do to help. Would you like some chocolate?” Alexander rambled.


Olivia thought it was cute.


” It still hurts but it’s not as bad. ” She winced as her abdomen twisted into knots as she attempted to sit up.


” What can I do to help?” Alexander sat beside her.


” You could ask less questions. Say less.” She sighed, making Alexander instantly keep shut and nod meekly.


Olivia chuckled and gestured for him to come closer with her fingers.


Alexander did as told.


” You could lay on my stomach, if you’re so desparate to help.” She said with a small smile as she layed on her back, facing the ceiling.


Alexander laid on the bed- placing his head on her stomach and frowned as he felt how hot it was.


” I’m not desperate.” He scoffed.


” Okay.” Olivia hummed, shifting away the dreads that were tickling her arm.


” Feel better n-” His words were muffled as Olivia placed her small hand over his mouth.

” Quiet.” She huffed-her eyes closed in annoyance.


Alexander nodded, unable to suppress his smile.


As long as he was of help, he didn’t mind. Besides, it meant he could enjoy his wife’s sweet strawberry scent.


How could he refuse such an intoxicating offer?








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