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Episode 34








Olivia suppressed another sob as the naked man before her dragged her roughly by her feet. She tried to struggle but she was only 10 years old trying to fight off a 46year old man.


She whimpered as he ripped her worn out shirt off and latched his mouth onto her neck.


” Stay still you little b**ch!” He slapped her hard across her face as she tried to struggle.


” I said stay still!” He began throwing punches anywhere he could, especially her face.


Olivia felt her head spinning as blood oozed from her nose and the corner of her lips. She used her feeble hands to push him away but it was all in vain.


Derrick wrapped his hand tightly around her neck and squeezed it so hard Olivia started seeing double. Her face was blue as all the air was slowly leaving her body.


” That’s it little whore, be a good girl.” He chuckled darkly as he ripped her skirt, leaving her completely bare for his hungry eyes to devour.


Tears slid down Olivia’s cheeks as he continued his assault on her neck and chest. She kicked anywhere and everywhere, trying to removed his hands from her neck.


” Please.” She croaked as he punched her once more.


Olivia gave up as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. She felt nothing but pain and sorrow.


Was this how she was going to die?


A picture of her poor defenseless mother flashed across her mind and more tears streamed down her wounded cheeks.


She mustered up the last of her strength and kicked him. Luckily it hit him in his crotch.

” You whore!” He groaned in pain as he let go of her.


Olivia coughed harshly, grasping for air which had almost completely left her lungs.


She staggered to the old man, picking the bat he had used on her to hit him continuously until she was sure he was weak enough.


She didn’t have the strength to run so she dragged herself outside and his behind one the bushes.


” Where are you slut? Show yourself!” She heard him tell as he walked out of the shed.


Olivia clamped her mouth shut and closed her ears.Β  She laid there trembling on the ground hoping that he wouldn’t find her any time soon.


The cold breeze blew her naked skin and Olivia cried some more.


She just wanted her mother.


………………..Β  …………………….. …………………..


Olivia opened her eyes and sighed. The dark memories just wouldn’t leave. She looked around the room to find it was completely empty.


There was a glass of water on the nightstand so she gulped it down, exhaling deeply. Her head was aching badly but she couldn’t use her drugs because she hadn’t eaten anything since Benjamin came with some chicken soup.


She turned to her side and stared at the red curtains. She couldn’t sleep anymore.


She was too scared to anyway.


” Olivia.”


Her eyes widened when she heard the voice she had been yearning for. She turned only to find her mother right beside her in tears.


” Mother.” Olivia felt the fresh tears streaming again as her mother caressed her cheek.

She leaned into her touch and cried.


Mia pulled her daughter into her arms and sniffled.


” What did they do to you?” She cupped Olivia’s face and felt her heart break into a million pieces.


” Please don’t leave me.” Olivia held her mother closer.


” I won’t, my love. I promise.” Mia whispered.


They laid on the bed in silence. Mia stroked her daughter’s hair till she fell into a peaceful slumber. Something she hadn’t had for two days.


” Thank you so much.” Mia smiled sadly at the young man by the door.


” My pleasure.” Alexander nodded.


This was the first time he was meeting his mother-in-law. She was beautiful, just like his wife. They had the same blue eyes and dark hair. One would easily mistake them for the same person.


The only problem was that Mia was more pale and seemed sick. She was beautiful nonetheless.


Alexander moved over to them and glanced at his wife. She seemed very peaceful now. He wiped the tears on her cheeks and hummed when she leaned into his touch.


” She likes you.” Mia chuckled.


” It’s hard to tell.” Alexander straightened his posture.


He wasn’t quite sure what Olivia thought about him. Whether she liked his or not he couldn’t tell.


” She’s been through so much. ” Mia sighed, the smiled in her face dropped.


” How bad is the trauma?” Alexander looked at her, only for his gaze to be avoided.



” She doesn’t know how love works because she never had time for it.” Mia stroked her daughter’s hair.


” My daughter is compassionate, selfless and possesses a golden heart. ” Mia chuckled humorlessly.


” She’s been hurt more times than I can recall.” Mia whispered.


” No soul should have gone what she went through and I know there are some things she’s still hiding from me.” A tear slide down her cheek.


” She spent her whole life trying to protect me and I failed to do my job as her mother. I’m a terrible person.” Mia sobbed.


Alexander took her hand and smiled.


” You haven’t failed as a mother. You are basically the only reason why she lives. Olivia doesn’t mention you to anyone but I know she loves you. Besides, what matters is that you’re here when she needs you. So please don’t say that.”


Mia wiped her tears and squeezed his hand gently.


” You are a good husband.” She said.


Alexander nodded. He didn’t feel like one.


” Don’t tell her I told you anything though. She doesn’t like it when people pity her.”Β  Mia smiled.


Alexander glanced at her sleeping figure and chuckled.


” She’s pretty strong.”


” Alexander…” Mia whispered.


” Please take care of my baby. She’s all I have.” Her voice was pleading.


” She doesn’t show it, but she wants to be loved too.”


Alexander nodded.


” I promise. I’ll take care of her, and you.” He promised.


He didn’t need someone to tell him that even Mia had been through alot.

Mia smiled and went back to stroking Olivia’s hair.


” Make yourself comfortable. I have something to take care of. I’ll have my maid bring some food to you.” He said and left the room.


The sun was already setting, and the air was slightly chilly. He took his car keys and went to his warehouse were he was being expected.


He arrived in no time, probably because of how fast he was driving.


The building was dark and chilly. Alexander walked deeper into it until he finally met with the bloody, bruised man he was itching to kill.


” Alex my son. What took you long?” He smirked darkly as they locked gazes.


” William.”

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