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Episode 30


**Β  Soweto – Victony, Tempoe.Β  **




” Oh come on Olivia, my brother isn’t that bad.” Sarah chuckled as Olivia looked away irritatedly.


” He’s only looking out for you. Besides, Zev isn’t all that bad.” She added.


” I refuse to be treated so different. I am more than capable of going to the bathroom myself. I don’t need someone to take me there.” Olivia frowned.


” He’s just doing his job.” Sarah sighed.


” He follows me everywhere and doesn’t let me lift a finger. We’re you not listening last week when I said I can take care of myself?” Olivia squinted her eyes in anger.


” If you want to be mad, it’s my brother you should be mad at. Not Zev.” Sarah gave her a pointed look.


” I know.” Olivia stood up and left the kitchen. Her bodyguard, Zev, followed her from a good distance. This only made her more upset.


” But even he just wants to protect you.” Sarah followed her into Alexander’s room.


” I get that. But I can look after myself. Besides, I’ll only die when my time has come. There’s no such thing as an early death.”


Olivia sighed, taking a seat on the giant bed in the middle of the room. This was the only way she could avoid him. By staying put inside a room.


” If you believe that then why haven’t you spoken to my brother in a week? That’s too long for an argument.” Sarah exclaimed.


” Oh I have long forgotten about that. I refuse to give your brother any attention because he doesn’t let me work in my office any more.” Olivia fell on one of the soft pillows.


Alexander had asked her to move into his office for the meantime. There were security cameras that would be installed in there and he said something about not wanting her to feel uncomfortable.

Whatever that meant.


” He just wants to make sure you’re okay.” Sarah sighed.


” Look, I get that my brother can be too much at times but he’s the most caring person you’ll ever meet. I’m telling you from experience.” Sarah said.


Olivia could hear the sadness in her tone. But there was something else in her tone which she couldn’t fathom.


” You are his twin sister. Do you expect him to hurt you?” Olivia raised a brow.


” You don’t get it. When I was 17, I had this boyfriend named Parker. I was so convinced that he was my one. The person I’d spend eternity with. We were so head over heels in love with each other that I believed it was impossible to be without him.” Olivia frowned.


” How did that turn out for you?”


” Will you just listen?” Sarah chuckled lightly. Olivia nodded her head silently.


” One day he came back from school. We were living in the same apartment by the way.” Sarah added.


” What about Alexander?” Olivia frowned.


” He had our apartment all to himself. He had his fun. But he never liked Parker for some reason. He always expressed his hatred for him whenever he could.” Sarah shrugged before continuing.


” He looked so devastated and I just knew something was wrong. I tried asking him what was wrong but for the first time, he lashed out on me. I decided to let it go. But I began to fear him from then on. Parker became more aggressive and started to drink so much.” Sarah’s voice was quiet.


” When I finally had enough, I brought up the subject again. He was furious. He began to hit me and broke a bottle over my head. When he realized what he had done, he fled. Leaving me bloodied, unconscious and in pain. I had fallen on pieces of glass and with every slight movement I made, they pierced my skin excruciatingly.” A tear fell down her cheeks as she clutched the sheets in anger.

” I managed to call Alexander who came over instantly. He took me to the hospital and made sure to find Parker and jail him. He was beyond furious that I didn’t tell him about what I was going through but that didn’t make him stop loving me. He took care of me. Skipping classes and even ignoring his friends. He fed me, dressed my wounds and made sure I never stressed myself.” Sarah smiled.


” Alexander and I used to bicker alot. Mostly because of how stubborn I was. But after that time, we got along much more than we ever before. I love my brother so much. I’d be damned if anyone tried to hurt him too.” Sarah closed her eyes in anger.


” I’m sorry about what happened.” Olivia attempted to console her even when she felt strongly against it for some reason.


She didn’t understand why people apologized for such things. What happened in the past remains the past. There’s nothing she could do about it.


She wasn’t sorry about what her boyfriend did. But she was sorry about the pain she went through. Olivia had been through something much similar and worse. She understood what her sister-in-law felt.


” It’s okay. What I’m trying to tell you is that my brother may not show it, but he’s very soft and caring. He just wants you to be safe.” Sarah smiled.


” Alright fine. I’ll speak to him.” Olivia sighed.


” Thank you so much.” Sarah grinned.


” Where are you going?” Olivia frowned when Sarah stood up and made for the door.


” There’s a call I need to make. I’ll be back.” Sarah smiled.


Olivia nodded as she left the room. Now she was all alone. On a Saturday, with Alexander away on a business trip with Celine. She found it odd how he didn’t take her, his assistant, along but his mistress.


Olivia shrugged. At least it meant she’d have her space. Sadly, he would return today.


She turned to the other side of her bed, feeling exhaustion take over. /Strange / she thought. She hadn’t done anything to be so tired. But she didn’t try to fight the sleep off. She happily welcomed it.

How could she refuse something so good?






Olivia opened her eyes, feeling something cold against her left arm. She used her right hand to take it out and quickly sat up when she realized it was a credit card. With her name on it.


She frowned. She never had a credit card. Of course she was planning on getting one because of her salary but she hadn’t done it yet.


She took her phone from the nightstand and her eyes widened when she saw a credit alert of $500,000.


Where did she get this from?


She read through the details and a smile spread across her face when she saw the name… Alexander Payne.


The door opened and the he came into view. He was clad in dark blue sweat pants and a red shirt. His dreadlocks were damp which meant he had just showered not long ago.


Alexander’s golden eyes met her’s and Olivia’s heart swelled. She quickly got out of bed and made her way to him.


Alexander was surprised by his wife’s behavior.


Was she no longer mad at him?


” What?” He frowned. Nearly overwhelmed by her strawberry scent.


Olivia moved closer to him and whispered.


” Thank you. So much.” Now she could not only support her mother’s health, but assist Miss Elle too. She had enough money to do what she wanted. And it was all thanks to her husband.


Alexander spotted the card in her hand and nodded. He admired how her eyes practically smiled at him. Right now, the cold Olivia Martinez resembled a five year old child who had just received the biggest piece of candy ever.

She was absolutely adorable.


” You’re welcome.” He nodded.


” Just keep that thing secure. Your pin is 2004.” He said, taking a seat on the couch in front of his bed. The same place he’d been sleeping since she started staying with him.


” Okay.” Olivia smiled.


The pin was the year she was born. It wouldn’t be hard to remember. Alexander made sure of that.


” How did you do it though? Aren’t you supposed to fill out a form or something?” Olivia frowned. She didn’t really know how the thing worked but she knew information was needed about her.


” I know enough about you.” Alexander simply said, laying in the couch.


It was then Olivia noticed how tired he seemed. Outside was dark and she only realized how long she had slept for.


” Was it long since you got back?” She moved closer to him, frowning deeper when she realized how uncomfortable he seemed.


” No.” He sat back up, stretching his arms.


” You seem tired.” She voiced.


” I didn’t realize.”


Olivia rolled her eyes and moved to his front. Alexander looked at her with a frown.


Without a word, Olivia pulled his head closer, so close he was resting on her flat stomach.


His body was hot.


” Let me give you a massage.”



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