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Episode 38


” What do you mean we’re done ?” Celine screeched. She couldn’t believe her ears.


Alexander checked his wrist watch and sighed. He’d been here for just 10 minutes and he felt like he was losing his mind.


” I mean I don’t want you near me, my house, or my office. I don’t want you to ever call me or even my name. It’s sickening.” Alexander adjusted his suit.


” No. This isn’t fair.” Celine shook her head. She was starting to sound like a maniac.


” You left me all alone in that hotel, started ignoring my calls and messages, refused to even touch me and now you want to leave me?” She placed both hands on either sides of her head and gritted.


” It’s not f**king fair.”


” What are you going to do about that? It’s life. Just forget about me, I’ve already forgotten about you Sandra.” Alexander clicked his tongue.


” B-But you love me.” Celine cried, moving closer to him.


” No. You love my money. I wanted your body for some f**ked up reason and that was it. It’s all in the past now.” Alexander corrected.


” Why?” Celine whispered as tears streamed down her cheeks, ruining her face with mascara streaks.


Alexander thought it was a hideous sight. Olivia was the exact opposite of Celine. She made everything beautiful.


” Why?” Alexander repeated the question in his mind.


Yes, he’s breaking up with her. But why?


” I’m just tired of the same old thing. I don’t know what you have down there but it’s wider than my swimming pool.” Alexander said nonchalantly.


” You’re lying. It’s because of that bitch isn’t it?” Alexander’s body stiffened.

Who exactly was the bitch?


” Bitch? I just ended things with you right now didn’t I?” He resisted the urge to smash her head against the dressing mirror.


” You are mine Alex. Please don’t leave me. I love you. I really do. You love me too. Don’t let anyone deceive you.” Celine got on her knees, her eyes were a mix of anger and desperation.


Alexander scoffed.


Olivia would have made it look better. He bit his lips as an image of his doll kneeling in front of him, simply begging for something he would so gladly give came to mind.


” I have no time to waste Celine. I just came to let you know that this is all over. The next time I see you near me or anyone I know, I won’t hesitate to kill you.” Alexander stormed out of the room.


He heard her fake sobs and halted.



Maybe he should have just ended it with his gun. That would make him feel much better.



He sighed. Olivia was waiting for him back at the mansion and he was sure she wasn’t quite happy about being left behind on ‘ business ‘ related matters.


He hurried back to his car where Raphael held out the door for him and went back home.





Alexander opened the door just to meet his wife’s body rolling down the marble stairs. He wasn’t sure how he felt exactly.


Shocked? Worried? Anger?





He felt sympathy. The unfortunate person who pushed his wife down the stairs was as good as dead.

” Madam!” He saw her bodyguard hurry to her aid.


” Take me upstairs. Quick, before he gets back.” Olivia struggled to get up but hissed at the pain.


Alexander’s anger rose. Did she plan on hiding what had happened from him? Was it that she didn’t trust him enough? Surely she would know that he’d never harm her.


His furious gaze met with none other than Alyssa Martinez. Alexander just loved how frightened she was.


She knew what was coming.


” Too late.” He gritted, not to Olivia but to her sister.


There was no running now.


He threw his suitcase across the room and headed towards his injured wife. Zev immediately stepped back.



He knew his boss was pissed and the fact that he wasn’t there to protect Olivia could cost him his life.


Alexander lifted Olivia gently in his arms.


” You have very little time Martinez. I suggest you start running.” He began ascending the stairs, scoffing as the brainless sister went further inside the house.


He kicked the door to his room and placed Olivia on his bed – examining her body for any injuries.


” If you had any idea how livid I am, you wouldn’t be looking at me like that.” He ignored Olivia’s gaze.


” Would you hit me if I don’t stop?” She frowned.


Typical. Alexander thought. Even after what she’s been through she isn’t afraid to dare anyone.


Alexander lightly squeezed her arm and frowned when she hissed in pain.


” I’ll call the doctor.” He turned to leave but she stopped him.

” Where were you?”


” Does it matter?” He raised a brow. He wasn’t in the mood to talk about his conversation with Celine.


” Business never smelled better.” Olivia hummed and he frowned at her words.


” What’s that supposed to mean?”


” Where were you?” She repeated her question.


Alexander’s eyebrows furrowed but he couldn’t deny the erratic beating in his chest.


For the first time in so long….he felt truly busted.


” You were having fun?” She tilted her head to the side. Her deadpan expression made it impossible to fathom what she was thinking.


Was she jealous?


” Of course not. I’m not reckless.” Alexander crossed his arms.



” Okay.” She hummed softly and adjusted herself on the bed.


” What are you going to do to her?” The tension in the air made Alexander want to leave.



Those beautiful blue eyes were so cold they would make anyone shiver. How could someone as cute as that look so dangerous?


” What is necessary.” He took out his phone and dialled the doctor’s number.


He tried not to cringe at the fact that he practically used William’s words.


” Not yet.” Olivia turned to him.




” She pushed you.” Alexander squinted his eyes. Nothing could change his mind. He would end anyone who hurt his wife.

I wasn’t her

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