Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 36



” Liam, are you sure this game is fair?” Olivia frowned.


” Trust sweetheart. I’m just that good.” He dusted invisible dirt off his shoulders.


” You’re a cheat.” Matteo spat, folding his arms in anger.


” No. You are a loser. I warned you from the beginning. When it comes Ludo, I’m unbeatable.”Β  Liam smirked.


” Remind me again why I agreed to play with this jerk.” Matteo rubbed his forehead as if he was having a headache.


” Because, I’m bored. Alexander refuses to let me go to work. He says I’m not fully recovered. Whatever that means.” Olivia rolled the dice.


” It means, he wants you to be completely fine before going back.” Liam raised an amused brow.


” I am.” Olivia smiled when she got 12. She was so close to catching up to Liam. But Matteo was all the way behind.


Olivia had tried to convince him to let her back but he wouldn’t agree. He had his eyes closed throughout their conversation and it only annoyed her more. He wouldn’t even look at her.


Matteo and Liam had been visiting more often to keep her company too. Sometimes when they didn’t, Olivia had Benjamin and Esmeralda play more board games with her. But she still wanted to get back to work.


” Okay, since you’re so bored why don’t you just go on Instagram or something. There are also online games you could play. Literally anything is better than playing with this guy.” Matteo pointed towards Liam.


” I don’t want to be too addicted to social media. I’ve seen how my sister stayed up all night chatting and the likes. Plus, I don’t know how Instagram works.” Olivia shrugged.


” I can teach you. It’s easy.” Matteo smiled.


” Are you also on Instagram?” Olivia turned to him.


” No. I don’t like it.” Matteo shrugged.

He wasn’t really into social media. He preferred helping Alexander deal with crooks and cheats. That’s were his real joy lies.


” Then maybe someday. But not today.” Olivia frowned as she watched Liam beat her by 7 steps.


” That’s it. I’m not playing anymore. I hate board games.” Matteo huffed.


” Loser.” Liam snorted.


” It’s fun.” Olivia smiled.


” Whatever.Β  All this sitting around has me hungry. ” Matteo headed for the kitchen.


” You mean all the losing. To me.”Β  Liam teased.


” Don’t you have someone’s pregnant ass to kiss?” Matteo rolled his eyes, taking a banana from the counter.


” How is your girlfriend anyway?” Olivia smiled. He had once brought his seven months pregnant girlfriend over and Olivia found her very pleasant.


” Oh she’s fine. A total pain in the ass though.” Liam sighed.


” How come?” Olivia chuckled.


” See, the woman is my everything and all, but she’s not so great when she wakes me at 3:00am almost everyday just for some avocados. Don’t tell her I said that.” Liam ran a hand through his dark locks.


” Ew. That’s what she craves? In the middle of the night?” Matteo cringed and burst out laughing.


” Shut up, you fool.” Liam threw a die at him. Unfortunately he missed.


” Aren’t we using that?” Olivia raised a brow.


” I guess that’s the end of our game. I declare myself winner by the way.” Liam bragged.


” You cheat.” Olivia frowned.

” Seriously? Is it too hard to accept defeat?” Liam smirked.


” Ignore him, Amore. Come help me make pasta.” Matteo called.


Olivia stood up and headed towards the kitchen.


” I’ll be there in the minute!” Liam said, packing everything back.


” Don’t bother. This lunch is for losers only.” Matteo retorted, making Olivia chuckle.


Now she knew why Alexander wasn’t always seen with the both of them together. They were like cats and dogs.




” You’re going to have to talk to me someday.” Alexander propped his elbow on the dinner table and rested his head on his fist.


Olivia ignored him and continued eating her rice.


” It’s not like I fired you or anything.” He squinted his eyes at her.


Olivia remained silent. She wouldn’t speak to him until he took her back. She finished her dinner and washed her plate before heading upstairs.


She wouldn’t even wash his plate anymore.


She went into their room and sat on the bed. She would have gone into Sarah’s room but she was asleep. She’s been sleeping very early these days.


Alexander joined her shortly after and leaned against the door. Olivia noticed the small smirk on his face but refused to say anything.


” It seems I’m going to have to tell myΒ  mother-in-law about your behavior.”


Olivia frowned. She threw a glare at him. But his smirk only grew bigger. Ever since he found her mother, Alexander had opted to have her stay in the mansion with them but Mia refused.

Isabella, however, wasn’t having any of it. She always got her way, and gave Mia a penthouse. The both of them have become really close these past few days and there was never a time Olivia would call and she wouldn’t find her mother-in-law with her.


Olivia thought it was a bit too much of a favor but Isabella didn’t listen. Of course Miss Elle is staying with her. So Olivia felt more at ease with the idea. She wasn’t really fine with her mother being all alone in a such a huge place.


” I’m not sure she’d be happy to hear that you’ve been ignoring after all I did to make sure you got better.” Alexander clicked his tongue.


Mia had become quite comfortable with her son-in-law and Olivia almost didn’t like it. She wasn’t used to sharing her mother.


” What do you want from me?” Olivia narrowed her eyes to slits.


” I want you to stop ignoring me.” Alexander frowned.


” Does my silence bother you that much, Mr Payne?” She quirked a brow.


” You would be surprised.” He sighed, taking a seat on the nightstand.


” I want to go back to being your assistant.” She frowned.


” And please look at me when I talk to you.” She folded her arms in annoyance when he turned his head to the side.


Alexander sighed and turned to her. He really couldn’t think straight when being confronted with those pleading blue eyes.


” You will.” He assured.





” I know. I want to hear when.” She frowned.




” After two more days.” He answered and she sighed.






” You only started eating a full meal-”






” Three days ago. Alexander I’m not a baby.” Olivia rubbed her face in annoyance.





” No. You aren’t but you are-”



” Your wife? I know that. So please stop using that as an excuse.” She huffed.



Alexander sighed. He was starting to get frustrated. Did she not see that he was being caring?Β  He sighed. There was no point anyway.




” I know I’m being stubborn and I also know that you’re just looking out for me Alexander. But I’m fine. Thank you for looking after me and bringing my mother to me.” She met his gaze.



” I don’t want you to think of me as someone you have to take care of. I am your wife and assistant. I’m supposed to make things easier for you not more difficult. So for the last time Alexander, I’m fine.” Her eyes were pleading with him.




She already felt like a burden. He was already taking care of her and her mother. She could see that he was obviously worrying about her and it confused her. The last thing she wanted was to stress him more than he already was.

There was something bothering him. She just knew.



” I know. ” Alexander sighed.


” Just two more days and you’ll go back.” He added.


Olivia nodded. At least now she knew when she’d return. She gave him a small smile.


” Thank you.”


Alexander nodded. He knew how she felt. Mia had told him.hiw much Olivia didn’t like being pitied. But he couldn’t help it now that he knew what she went through.


He still wasn’t sure what he felt or wanted with her. But he was sure of one thing…


No one would ever lay a hand on her.


” You’re welcome.”

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