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Episode 37


Alexander stared as Olivia walked out of his office. It had been two weeks already since she resumed her work. She was doing great, but he was still worried about her.


He made sure she ate with him always, partly because he didn’t like how happy she seemed when having lunch with the annoying IT personnel he’d grown to hate.


The guy was practically begging to get fired.


Alexander knew Olivia would hate him if he fired the guy. So he would stop her from using the cafeteria whenever and however he could.


He felt his phone buzz and frowned when he saw Celine’s number. He recognized it even though he never saved it. It has been the only constant thing popping on his phone since he went to an event one year ago.



But he hadn’t had time for her since Olivia collapsed at the gate. This had resulted in so much anger – from her part, of course, and they began arguing constantly.


She’d always try to get his attention by coming to his office, wearing skimpier clothes and trying to seduce him but Alexander began to find it appalling.



He was beginning to wonder what in earth he saw in her.




Please come meet me at our penthouse, baby. I’m sorry I overreacted. I’ll behave, I promise and we’ll get back together like always. You may be busy right now, I know. So I’ll be waiting for you. I love you. – C




Alexander scoffed. ‘ Our penthouse?’ The woman never really got a hint. Heck, she wouldn’t even if it slapped her in the face. He’d been ignoring her calls and messages.



Quite honestly, he didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of Olivia seeing her emails.



He never got to block her because he didn’t have the time. But today, he did. He wanted her out of his life. He made a mental note to kick her out.


For a toy, she lasted longer than most. He didn’t even understand why.


A soft knock interrupted his thoughts and he sighed.



” Come-”


Olivia poked her head into his office and he suppressed a smile. Her blue eyes scanned the dim litted room and her frown deepened – that adorable pout took over, making her resemble an upset five year old.


Fucking cute.


” I forgot my notepad, Mr Payne. Do you see it on your desk?” She brought herself in.


Alexander took in her outfit for today. He had been the one picking out her clothes these days – using the lame excuse of her ‘ ill health ‘ to satisfy himself.


He had chosen navy blue high-waisted dress pants and a white, long-sleeved , button up shirt which was tucked in nicely, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows.


He felt as though she was his own little doll which he would dress up and admire. The best part being that she looked good in absolutely everything.


” Here.” He picked up the notepad which she had left on his table when she handed him his files for the day.


He didn’t remind her of it earlier when she left just so that he could see her again.



Olivia nodded and walked over to him – her hand outstretched as he handed her notepad.


Their finger touched for a brief second and Alexander frowned as they parted. He caressed the tips of his fingers with his thumb, marvelling at the tingling sensation he felt.

” Thank you. I’ll be in the office if you need me.” She turned to her heels.




Alexander bit his lower lip.



Did she not feel a thing?




He certainly hoped she did.



He sighed as she closed the door behind her. He pursed his lips and stared at his computer.Β  He’d much rather be admiring the outfit he chose for her than get back to endless work.








Olivia folded the last of Alexander’s clothes and placed it nearly in the laundry basket. She would take it up to his room later. She plopped back into her seat and sighed.


Alexander hadn’t returned from work yet and Matteo and Liam were busy today too. They didn’t visit as much as they used to mostly because she’s resumed her work but they still did.


She had been chatting with Sarah since she got back before she decided to go up to her room for something.


Alexander had managed to convince her to return without him because there were others matters he had to attend to and here she was.




Olivia pursed her lips, thinking back to her sister-in-law. She expected to have been back in her old room sooner but for some reason Sarah decided to stay back for a while longer. Olivia didn’t blame her though, there wasn’t much to do back there.

She furrowed her brows when she heard arguing outside. Just as she was about to find out what was going on, the door banged open and in came none other than her cruel stepsister.







” What have you done to my father, you witch!” She screeched – her heels clicking the marble floor aggressively as she stomped towards Olivia.


Zev threw himself in between, blocking her path.


” What have I done with father?” Olivia squinted her eyes.


” You killed him. You killed my daddy and I will make sure you pay for this whore!”Β  Alyssa took a step back – her green eyes shot daggers at Olivia.


” He’s…dead?” Olivia whispered to herself. She was more of confused than relieved.


Who had killed him?


” I did no such thing.” She frowned.


” Liar! I will make sure you suffer for what you did.” Alyssa yelled – tears welling up in her eyes.


Her mascara stained her cheeks and it was then Olivia noticed how rugged she really was. Her shirt looked like someone had grabbed a fistful and squeezed it. Her top buttons were ripped out and her hair was messy.


Olivia deduced two possibilities from the sight. Either she received the news during a fight, or while having her fun with her numerous toys.




Probably the latter.




” I really didn’t do anything to father. Please, have a seat. I’ll have refreshments brought to you.” Olivia picked up the laundry basket and headed upstairs.


” Zev, please tell Esmeralda to prepare something for our guest.” Olivia told Zev.


He hesitated but nodded before reluctantly doing as he was asked. Disobeying his madam was worse than getting fired.


Olivia walked up the stairs, fully aware of the fact that Alyssa was following behind. She turned the knob and headed inside – closing the door as she did.


She wasn’t going to let just anyone enter Alexander’s room.


She placed the basket on the bed and sighed. She’d have to put them in the closet later. Right now, she had a guest.



An unwanted one at that.



She walked out the room and noticed her sister was no where in sight. Was she gone already? Or was she with Esmeralda in the kitchen?


Olivia stood at the top of the stairs and scanned the living room.



Alyssa wasn’t there.





She gasped in shock when she felt a hand on her back, but before she could see who it was, her body was rolling down the stairs with force.


She grunted as she tried to get up, but failed when her body cried in anguish.


” Madam!” Zev quickly came to her aid.


” Take me upstairs. Quick, before he gets back.” She hissed as he attempted to lift her up.

” Too late.”


Alexander was calm and collected, as his eyes zeroed on the shocked frightened blonde at the top of his stairs. The strong clutch on his briefcase said it all.



He wasn’t happy.






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