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Episode 35


” Finally here to finish me off I see.” He chuckled.


He was tied to a wooden chair, with his head hung low.


His face was covered with blood and unrecognizable. He was barely able to keep his eyes open.


Matteo really did do a wonderful job.


” What did you do to them?” Alexander sat on one of the chairs beside him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of elastic gloves.


” What was necessary.” William smiled and more blood oozed from the corner of his lips.


” How do you know my uncle?” Alexander stood up, grabbing a dagger from Matteo’s table of weapons.


Alexander was never really the type who enjoyed getting his hands dirty but since his family was on the line, he didn’t mind.


” He simply wanted to get a taste of my beautiful Olivia, and I let him.”


William screamed as Alexander stabbed him on his thigh. He groaned as Alexander began dragging it towards his knee caps.


” Quite the monster you are.” Alexander hummed, taking out a bottle of alcohol.


” Derrick is also the person whom you were trying to steal for, am I correct?” Alexander opened the bottle and poured some inside the cap.


” As always. ” William licked his lips, screaming as Alexander poured the alcohol onto his fresh wound.


” What about Mia? What did you do to her?” Alexander rolled up his sleeves.


” That one? ” William laughed.


She was supposed to be dead.”


” Back to Derrick. You said you handed Olivia to him?”

Alexander wrapped his hands around his neck, forcing him to look into his eyes.


” Yes, I did. He just wanted to play with the 10 year old. You could ask him what went on. I left it all to him.” William smirked.


” I’m afraid that’s too late. He’s in hell.” Alexander let go and began trailing his already wounded throat with his dagger.


He reopened the cuts and and made fresh ones, making sure to wash them with spirit.


The warehouse filled with his screams and Alexander hummed in approval.


” Olivia and her mother are lost causes. Why waste your precious time on people who are already dead? I killed them.” William spat at his direction, one of his bloody teeth fell onto the floor.


Alexander picked it up and forced it back into one of the cuts deep enough to hold it.


” Alyssa seems to be enjoying the wealth you left behind.” Alexander pulled him harshly by the hair, forcing William to look at him.


” The wealth you stole from Olivia’s father.” He added.


He had done his research and he knew all that he needed to.


That house didn’t belong to him but to Mia’s previous husband, that is, before William stole it.


” It’s hers. My darling Olivia would never want that house again. Let’s just say there are certain places she wouldn’t stand to see. Her poor little head won’t take it.” William mocked.


Alexander forced two fingers inside the cut which he had buried his tooth and pressed hard. Never had he been so glad to hear screams.


” Olivia will get what she deserves.” Alexander moved back, drinking in the pain he was going through.


” Would you look at that, I’m the one taking alcohol but it seems you are high.” William cackled.

” Just like Derrick and I, those two sluts are going to hell.”


He smiled when Alexander pulled out a gun from his pants pocket.


” See you there Lexie.”


A bullet pierced his knee and he screamed in excruciating pain. Then came another on his shoulder blade, his stomach, and finally his skull. Alexander watched as the man’s lifeless body tipped backwards till he was on the floor.


He had promised Liam the honor of finishing the job but it was already done.He’d deal with that later.


Right now, he just wanted his wife.




” Alexander! I didn’t know Olivia’s mother was here. You should have told me.” Isabella smiled when she saw her son coming in.


” When did you get here?” Alexander frowned.


He had seen the red car outside but silently prayed it was his father instead.


” That’s not the point. Mia is absolutely amazing and she looks just like her daughter look.” Isabella pointed at Mia who waved.


Alexander smiled. She did remind him so much of Olivia.


Speaking of Olivia….


” Alexander, Olivia’s upstairs waiting for you.” Mia smiled as Isabella went back to her.


Alexander nodded and headed upstairs. At least he didn’t have to worry about entertaining his mother-in-law.


He opened the door to his room and found Olivia leaning on the headrest, staring outside. The curtains that covered the glass wall were slightly drawn back and the rays of the setting sun kissed her skin.

She looked magnificent.


” How are you feeling?” He moved closer to her.


Olivia turned to him and frowned. It’s been a while since she actually saw him. He seemed tired. She followed his gaze and realized he was now looking at the curtains.


” I’m sorry.” She got down the bed.


” For what?” Alexander blocked her path.


” The curtains. I’ll close them right now. I just wanted to watch the sun set.” She explained.


Alexander shook his head. If that’s what she wanted then it was okay.


Although he wasn’t quite comfortable.


” Sit back. It’s okay.” He pursed his lips.


Olivia nodded and sat back down.


” Thank you.”


Silence settled around the room as the only sound that could be heard was Isabella’s laughter.


” How did you find my mother?” Olivia broke the silence.


” I remembered seeing you head in that direction when I came to pick you from the bakery and Raphael remembered the way.” Alexander shrugged.


Olivia nodded.


” I’m sorry if I put you through alot.” She whispered, avoiding his gaze.


” It’s okay. It gave me the perfect excuse to kill that bastard.” Alexander hummed.


” What?” Olivia snapped her head to him.


Derrick is…dead?


” Why?” She whispered.

” Because…” Alexander tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.


” He made you cry.”


” He’s your uncle.” Olivia frowned, though she felt relieved.


” And a rapist.” Alexander added.


Olivia leaned back onto the headrest.


So he knew?


She brought her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, and rested her head on them.


She felt so dirty and used.


” Olivia I don’t care what happened in-”


” He didn’t.” She cut him off, staring back at the darkening sky.


Alexander remained silent.


” H-He didn’t get to do it.” She continued, as she felt a lump form in her throat.


” I escaped.” She sniffled.


Alexander got on the bed and wrapped his arms around her.


Olivia didn’t object.


She let him hold her as the fresh tears welled up in her eyes. She no longer felt cold and alone.


She felt wanted.


And it terrified her.

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