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Episode 23


” I’ll be right there. You may leave.” Alexander dismissed.

Olivia nodded her head and walked back into her office to continue her work. She could do something progressive in the next ten minutes. She dusted her wooden table and turned on her computer and frowned at the emails that have saw. Too many people texted him. Some were business related, and others were from his toys. Her job was to tell him the important things, so she would only look through the business related ones.

Olivia checked her phone and realized it was 12:57pm. She stood up and picked a notepad and pen she had found in one of her drawers and left the office. Alexander met her just as she got out. Without a word, they left for the conference room and took their seats. Olivia sat down next to Alexander, by the edge of the table and watched in amusement as men in suits presented themselves.

” Mr Payne. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope after this meeting we shall look at each as partners and not colleagues.” One of them, who Olivia noted to be the boss shook Alexander’s hand. The man seemed to be Alexander’s age, if not older. He had brown eyes and brown hair. He was pretty good-looking.

” I don’t know if I could say the same Rico. But we shall see.” Alexander’s voice was filled with authority and power. Olivia could only imagine the fear he sent to people. The man turned to her and squinted his eyes in amusement.

” And this is…” He trailed off with a smile.

” I’m Olivia. Mr Payne’s assistant.” Olivia extended her hand. Rico took it, but instead of shaking it, he planted a kiss on the back of her hand.

” Pleasure to meet you, Olivia.” He winked at her before letting go of her hand.

” Let’s get this meeting started. I don’t have all day.” Alexander’s tone was more bitter thanΒ  Olivia had ever heard.




What was his problem?


The meeting started and Olivia listened carefully as Rico made his presentation. She made sure to keep her eyes trained on him and write down everything he said. She would get stares from the rest but she didn’t think much of it. She was the only female in the room anyways. Her presence was bound to get attention.

She noted as Rico made gave his reasons as to why becoming partners with Alexander was profitable and made sure to think carefully about it. She had a bad feeling about him.

Once he finished his presentation, his employees nodded in approvement as he sat back in his seat. Alexander sighed and rubbed his temples. Olivia had lived with him only for a little over a month, but she was familiar with his body language already. He wasn’t going to make the deal.

The meeting ended with so much tension. Alexander wasn’t bothered, but Rico and his men looked like they would tear the building apart. They left earlier than they were supposed to, leaving the couple alone.

” What?” Alexander’s question made Olivia frown.

” Or do you want me to call him back?” Olivia found his attitude amusing.



Was he this way whenever he was with Celine, or was it just her?


” Jealousy is a disease, Mr Payne. I’m not saying you are, I just thought I should tell you.” Her statement caught Alexander off guard. His response though, was to stand up and leave.

Olivia chuckled. Her husband was a child. She took her notepad and left the room. Her first meeting wasn’t so bad. She just wondered how she was going to deal with her boss’s attitude.

” Hey, Claire can you please tell me when my break is?” Olivia checked her phone. She was quite hungry.

” You lunch break starts at one, and ends 1:30pm.” Claire smiled, although her eyes were trained on her computer.

” Okay thank you.” Olivia nodded. She already knew the way to the cafeteria. But she didn’t have any money with her at the moment. Her paycheck from the bakery would have come if she hadn’t just quit but here she was, without a dime.

Olivia sighed and returned to her office. She’d have to wait till they returned home.

” Olivia, come to my office. Now.” Alexander’s voice came through the intercom.



What could he want?


Olivia made her way to his office and knocked softly.

” Come in.”

She frowned when she saw a tray of food on a table beside her. She’d never really notice the tiny living room by the side of his office before. Alexander was seated on one of the leather seats, eating a fry. Did he just call her to watch him eat?

” Well, come on. Unless you like your food cold.” He shrugged, scrolling through his phone.

Olivia walked over to him and say on a chair across him. The food looked delicious, but she wondered how he got it.

” I ordered it.” She nodded at his words.

” But this is your job. I won’t be doing it again. I suppose you know when the lunch break starts and ends?” Alexander raised a brow.

Olivia nodded as she took a bite of her hamburger. She’d never tasted one before and thought it would be a good time to try. She cringed as tasted something gross in her food.

” What’s that about?” Alexander frowned. But his eyes held more concern than irritation. If she didn’t like the food then he was never ordered anything from that restaurant again.

” I’ve never really tasted a burger before. What’s in it?” Olivia admitted, looking anywhere but him. Alexander snorted lightly, was his wife, Olivia Martinez, actually….shy? He squinted his eyes. He liked her better this way.

” There’s some meat, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise-”

” It’s the mayonnaise. I don’t like mayonnaise.” Olivia frowned. Alexander nodded his head. He was now getting to know her more. Wait…

” How is it possible that you’ve never had a burger before?” Alexander raised a brow.

” It seems our lunch break is over. If you need anything, let me know. Thank you for the meal sir.”Β  Olivia’s usual deadpan look was back. Leaving no room for any more questions. She left the room without even waiting for his reply. Alexander watched her carefully as she disappeared.


For someone so beautiful, she sure was cold.




Alexander checked the time on his wristwatch. 1:27pm. He called for Claire, who appeared in no time.

” Take this to Olivia’s office. If she doesn’t finish this, she’s fired.”





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