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Episode 33







Alexander could feel his blood boiling as he saw his wife in another person’s arms. She had that beautiful smile and even chuckled at somethings the hideous red head was saying. He hated what he was seeing but more specifically….


He hated seeing her happy with someone else.


His anger rose when Olivia’s eyes met his only for a split second before darting to someone else.


Was he not that important to be spared a glance?


His anger melted into confusion when he noticed how stiff and pale she became.


What happened?


He found himself in front of her, yanking her out of the little boy’s hold.


” Back off.” He growled, causing him to step back.


” Olivia?” He called but her body was frozen.


He trailed her line of sight and clenched his fist when he saw his uncle staring at her lewdly.


” Olivia, look at me.”


Alexander went in front of her and nearly blew up when he saw a tear slide down her cheek.


He used his thumb to wipe away the tear and tilted her chin to make her look at him.


” What’s wrong?” He pulled her closer.


Olivia shook her head and sniffled. She cleaned her face and looked away.


” Take me home.” Her soft voice was a mere whisper. He nearly missed it.

He nodded and grabbed her hand, leading her to the door. He would meet the organizer later.


” Alexander, my boy. How have you been?” His uncle’s voice stopped him.


Alexander nearly winced as his wife’s grip on his hand tightened. He was pretty sure his palm was red by now.


” What do you want, Derrick?” He spat.


Derrick Lee was one out of the many people in his family he didn’t get along with quite well. He was a scumbag, douche, and pure evil.


The mere idea of being in the same room with him made Alexander want to tear his dreads off.


” Typical. Anyways I don’t blame you with the type of home training you got.” The old man grinned.


Alexander swore internally as he resisted the urge to take off his suit jacket. If Olivia wasn’t in his arms right now he probably would have.


No one dares to mess with his parents.


” Home training you say? That’s something coming from someone who’s only son is a stripper.” Alexander smirked.


He watched contentedly as the old man nearly broke his glass of wine.


” Now if you excuse me my wife and I need some fresh air. Whether it’s because of your mouth or presence, the air suddenly got foul.”


Alexander pulled his pale wife closer, frowning when he realized that her temperature just dropped.


” I didn’t come here to exchange words with you boy. I just wanted to say hi to my new niece.” Derrick smirked moving closer to Olivia.


Alexander stood in between.


” Take one more step and you’re as good as dead.” Alexander zeroed his gaze on the man.

Derrick was shorter than him so it made himΒ  appear more intimidating.


” Alright then. I guess I’ll see her another time. See you soon, Rosaline.”


Derrick left with a smug smirk. Alexander turned to his wife to find her palming her temple.


Her migraines.



” Take me home, please.” She breathed with her eyes closed.


Alexander lifted her up bridal style and made sure to hold her tightly as he passed the swarm of paparazzi trying to make him run mad with their stupid cameras and questions.



He met Raphael a little down the lane and was glad when he opened the door for them.


” Take us back, Ralph.”


Alexander glanced down at the woman in his arms. Her body was burning hot and she didn’t look so well.


He wondered how on earth his uncle knew her. His chest tightened when the possibility of Derrick harming his Olivia came to mind.


He knew asking Olivia was hopeless as she would tell him anything so he’d find out himself. Or at least meet the one person he just knew would have an answer.


” It’s alright.” He whispered as brought her unconscious figure closer.


” Raphael, call Ben and tell him to call the doctor.” He ordered.


” Yes sir.”




Alexander banged his room door in anger. His wifeΒ  hadn’t uttered a word since they got back from that event, two days ago and she was very sick.

She didn’t eat very well, nor did she speak to anyone. She seemed to be in her own world.


He was about to head downstairs when he heard light sniffles. He opened the door and found his wife twisting and turning on the bed.


Her eyes were closed which meant she was having a nightmare. Alexander ran towards her as she began trembling.


” Mother…” She cried, clutching onto the sheets.


It was like she was in pain.


” Please….help. Let me go.” She trembled.


” Please.” She sobbed.


Alexander sat on the bed and lifted her onto his laps. He held her firmly in place as she struggled out of his grip.


” Let me go.” The hot tears stained her cheeks and her face was red. She whimpered helplessly as she struggled out of his hold.


” Olivia, please calm down. I’m here for you. ” He held her closer.


” I’m right here.” He rubbed her back soothingly as her sobs turned to pants.


” Mother… please don’t let him take me again.”




” Please.” This was her last word before she tired herself out.


Alexander held her closer for some time till he was sure she was okay. Alexander stared at her sleeping figure wondering what was happening.


He had never been more scared in his life. The small but mighty Olivia was now a scared and defenseless woman in his arms.


What had happened to her?


Her gently placed her on bed and tucked a strand of hair away. She was beautiful even when she was crying. She wiped the almost dry tears on her cheeks and caressed her hair.

Now he wasn’t going to spare anyone who made his wife cry.


Not. Even. Family.


Alexander stormed out if the room and headed downstairs.


” Benjamin, make sure Olivia is fine and eats something when she wakes up. Esmeralda shall prepare her favorite dish and feed it to her. If I come back and find as much as a hair on her head out of place, you all should be ready to leave.” He gritted as he picked his phone from the dining table and tucked it into his pocket.


Benjamin nodded swiftly and went inside, probably to get Esmeralda.


Alexander went outside where Raphael was waiting for him beside his car.


He was going to find out what his uncle did to her. But first, he would find the one person Olivia had been calling since she got sick.


Her mother.







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