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Episode 32


Olivia ran her hand against the smooth satin blue of her dress. It hugged her body nicely and didn’t reveal too much. It was the best option she had compared to what Sarah offered from the closet.


Her makeup was just right, not as thick as the one her sister always did, and her hair was brushed and curled I to smooth and soft waves.


She looked nice.


She grabbed her black purse which matched the heels she was wearing and went down the stairs where Alexander was waiting for her.


She walked down the stairs, careful not to slip and her heels clicked against the marble. She met Alexander’s gaze as she approached the bottom.


He was also wearing a blue tux but just shade was much darker. His dreadlocks fell over his eyes messily and he appeared breathtaking.


” I’m ready.” She breathed, looking him directly in the eye.


” I-Is this what you chose?” Alexander squinted his eyes slightly.


” Is it that bad?” She frowned.


” I think it looks good.” She added, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.


Alexander cleared his throat before extending his arm.


” Let’s go.”




The flashing of cameras was blinding and Olivia held on to Alexander tightly as the walked down to carpet. So many questions were being thrown her way and Olivia wondered how on earth the strangers knew her name.


She eyed the huge hall decorated in purple, gold, and cream colors. There were so many people and Olivia recognized some as Alexander’s business associates.

There was a long table filled with food of different varieties and Olivia smiled as she saw waiters walk pass them offering drinks. One of them reminded her of Benjamin.


” What now?” She turned to Alexander who seemed to be scanning the hall.


He pulled her with him as they began mingling with some business men and women.


Olivia was amazed by how many successful people were in the room. She wished to be just as successful to.


” Mr Payne! What a pleasure to see you again.” A man of about 30years of age walked up to them


He was quite handsome with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He shook Alexander’s hand firmly before shifting his gaze towards her.


” And this must be Mrs Payne. Just as beautiful as I imagined. You were always so lucky.” He looked at Alexander and chuckled, extending his hand towards her.


Olivia placed her small one in his and her kissed the back of her hand, longer than she liked.


” Yes thank you Mr Wild. But I’ll be seeing you later. Right now I have a meeting to attend. Good bye.” Alexander’s voice was cold and harsh.


He dragged Olivia away without another word, leaving the blonde man with a smirk plastered on his face.


A real creep.


” Next time someone offers a hand, don’t take it.” He gritted, pulling her closer by the waist.


They approached a table filled with men of all ages, wearing black suits. Alexander cleared his throat, catching their attention.


” Welcome Mr and Mrs Payne. Shall we?” An old man gestured, pointing at two seats by the edge of the table.


Olivia sighed as they took their seats. This was going to take a while. It was the first time she would feel uncomfortable at a meeting as most eyes were on her. This was not the good kind of attention.

It was that which made one feel like disappearing into nothingness.


Olivia felt like a piece if meat presented to a starved pride of lions.


Alexander seemed to have noticed her discomfort and placed a hand on her thigh, probably to make her feel better.


However, Olivia only felt awkward as it was her bare thigh which he was touching.


” I’ll see you around, gentlemen. Thank you.” Alexander nodded as they stood up.


” Next time you have a meeting in an event, I’m not coming.” Olivia frowned as they headed farther into the hall.


There were paparazzi at some parts of the hall, taking pictures and asking some people questions.


” Alex.” A tall, slim woman purred as she approached them.


Her shiny dress complemented her tan skin and her straight, dark brown hair cascaded down her back. She was beautiful to say the least and looked like a model. Her stormy grey eyes took in Alexander like he was a feast.


He probably was to her.


The woman walked over to them, swaying her hips and smiled seductively.


” Amanda.” Alexander nodded.


” Oh come on baby. Don’t be this way. It’s been so long since we saw each other.” Amanda pouted, batting her long lashes as she trailed her slender finger down his chest. Her voice was soft and sounded like a melody.


She moved herself closer to Alexander, playing with his other hand.


/ Did she not notice her?/ Olivia frowned.


” I-”


” Excuse me.” Olivia tore herself away from his grip and began walking away.

” Where are you going?” Alexander stopped her, almost pushing the brunette away.


” Bathroom.” She lied.


He seemed reluctant but let her go anyways.


” Hurry back.”


Olivia rolled her eyes as her husband continued to speak with the gorgeous lady. Aside from her character, Olivia thought everything about her was beautiful.


She walked further into the hall and gasped when she bumped into someone.


” Sorry I didn’t-” she frowned when she met a familiar set of green eyes.


His blood red hair was slightly disheveled but it only made him look even more attractive.


He was wearing an emerald green suit and he looked dashing to say the least. His eyes lit up immediately he saw her.


” It’s you. From the bakery.” He smiled, revealing a set of pearly white teeth.


” Yeah. Sorry for bumping into you.” Olivia smiled.


” It’s okay. If you hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have met you.” He grinned cheekily.


Olivia thought he was cute.


” My name’s Justin by the way.” He extended his hand.


Olivia took it and smiled as he planted a small kiss at the back of her hand.


” Olivia.”


” Well, Olivia. You look very beautiful tonight. Uh- my I have this dance?” He extended his hand, bowing slightly.


” I’m not really a good dancer. ” she explained making him chuckle.

” That’s great. I’m not either. Come on.” He grinned.


Olivia took his hand as he led her to the middle of the hall where some couples were dancing.


Justin slid one of his arms around her waist, pulling her close as he held the other one. The both of them swayed to the sound of the music, chuckling when they missed a step.


” What are you doing here anyway?” She asked.


She wondered what a young boy as him was doing in such a place.


” Oh, I came with my dad. Daniel Wild. Heard of him?” Justin chuckled.


Olivia’s mind immediately went to the perverted man she had met earlier. He was also quite young.


” I met him today. He’s quite young for a father.” Olivia raised a brow.


Justin chuckled.


” Yeah. My father had me when he was 17. He’s 37 now.” He smiled.


Olivia nodded.


” What are you doing here?” He asked as they swayed.


” I actually came here with my husband.” She said and a frown etched into his face as they stopped.


” You’re married.”


The way he said it was more like a statement than a question.


Olivia had expected him to pull apart but instead he held her closer. He seemed upset.


” So there’s no chance that you and I?” He asked cheekily as a smile spread across his face.


” Definitely not.” Olivia chuckled, making him pout.


” Well, where is this husband of yours?” Justin frowned.

Olivia was about to answer but stopped when she met Alexander’s furious gaze behind him. But that wasn’t what caught her attention.


Olivia became pale and her body stiffened as her eyes met those that she had grown to fear and loathe.


His dark eyes trailed over her body hungrily and his face stretched with an evil smirk.


She felt her heart race wildly as she couldn’t look away from the eyes of the man who had once tried to defile her.


Derrick Lee.

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