Sat. May 11th, 2024

Episode 28


* Paro – Nej *




” You can’t work in this condition.” Alexander shook his head, typing away on his laptop.


” There’s nothing wrong with me.” Olivia argued. There was no way she would leave her second job because of a minor headache.


” I said no.” Alexander emphasized.


” And that’s final.”Β  He added. Olivia huffed and turned away. She had to find a way to get back to work.


” But I’ll be lonely, Mr Payne.” She whispered.


” You’ll just have to bare with it till you get better. ” He said.


” Look, I get that you don’t want me to repeat what I did. I’ll call you next time. Just let me get back.” Olivia turned to him again.


Alexander paused. Did she really think so lowly of him?


” No.”


” Mr Payne…”


He ignored her.


” Mr Payne…?”


Continued typing.


” Alexander, please look at me.” Olivia whispered.


Alexander raised his head and met her pleading gaze. Her blue eyes were soft as she stared into his. Her plump lips formed a pout and Alexander felt like he was being fooled. He should look away.


Yet, he couldn’t. This was the first time he had heard her beg and the sight captivated him.


” N-No.” His voice was a bit loud at the end.

What was happening to him?


” I promise, I’ll behave. I’ll be good.” Olivia’s frown deepened and so did her pout.


Alexander tore his gaze away. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


” Fine. But you will stay by me all the time and tell me before you do anything stupid.” Alexander looked at her and crossed his arms. He couldn’t believe he just agreed.


” Of course. Thank you.”


The smile that slowly spread across her face made his heart skip a beat. Normally, Alexander was used to seeing her smile at others but now that he was the cause, it felt like he received a medal. As though he had accomplished a tedious task.


He remained silent and watched as she turned away. Whatever was happening to him needed to stop. He wouldn’t let himself turn to his weak father. The idea of worshipping the ground Olivia walked on didn’t sit quite well with him.


A soft knock interrupted his thoughts.


” Hey guys. Dinner is ready. Come on Olivia.” Sarah walked in.


” Olivia?” There was silence when Olivia didn’t reply.


The twins shared confused looks and Alexander’s previous thoughts flew as he dropped his laptop and went to his wife. Her sleeping figure came to view and he sighed.


She was asleep? Again?


” Should I wake her?” Sarah frowned.


” No. Let’s go eat. I’ll bring her food after.” Alexander shook his head.


He’d never seen a more serene sight. There was no way he would wake her up.


” Let’s go then.” Sarah smiled and they left.



Olivia’s eyes opened and she scanned the room, making sure no one was around. Once she was sure, she got off the bed and headed to the corner of the room, where the huge glass wall was covered by red curtains.


This was the first time she had ever been to Alexander’s room and it was quite dark. The doors to his bathroom and closet were locked and the only source of light was the lamp by the side of the bed.


Of course there were light bulbs but they weren’t on for some reason. The room was dimly lit and Olivia wondered how Alexander managed to work with such poor lighting.


She took a good look at the ceiling, where the long metal thing holding the curtains was placed. There it was.


That shiny little thing she had spotted.


Olivia looked at the drawers standing before her. She quickly got on top and reached for it. However, she was too short. Olivia stood on the tip of her toes and stretched. She sighed in relief when her fingers caught the object and pulled at it.


Olivia jumped off the drawers and eyed the camera in her hands. It wasn’t like the ones back at their house. This one was more secretive. But she caught it.


Didn’t Alexander say he didn’t have any cameras in his house?


She looked around, wondering if there was another one.


” Are you sure that’s enough? She should need more pasta.” She heard Sarah’s voice.


Olivia threw the camera under the bed and hurriedly climbed onto it, pretending she was asleep.



” I think I know what my wife can and can’t eat. ” Alexander scoffed, shutting the door.


” Olivia…” He called. But there was no answer.


” Wake up.” Olivia could hear the frown in his voice.


” If you don’t wake up you’re going to sleep hungry. And I’m locking the door so you won’t get any food.” Olivia resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

How could he not see that he was just like Matteo?


” Wake up.” This time, he rubbed her arm lightly.


Olivia opened her eyes and turned to him. An involuntary yawn escaped her lips but she was glad. It would make her act more believable.


” Here.” Alexander handed her a plate of spaghetti, meatballs, and bolognese sauce.


Her eyes lit up. She had never realized how hungry she was till now. She thanked him and accepted the plate.


” Don’t mess up my bed.” Alexander frowned.


Olivia made to get off but he stopped her.


” I didn’t say you should get up. Just don’t mess it up.” She nodded slowly and sat back, enjoying her pasta.


” I need my clothes if I’m going to stay here. I’ve got work tomorrow.” Olivia said, bouncing slightly in her seat.


She was overjoyed that she had got her way.


” I’ll get them.” Alexander said.


” No. I’ll do it.” Olivia protested.


” You’re sick.” Alexander frowned.



” I’m not dying.”



” Well, my family doesn’t seem to understand that. If Sarah sees you getting you she’s going to rip my eyes out.”


” Then I’ll go with you.”


Alexander sighed. Why did she have to be so stubborn?


” No. And if you argue any more I won’t take you to work anymore.” He frowned.


” You won’t pick everything I want.”

” Other than underwear, pajamas and some pencil skirts? I think I will.” Alexander scoffed.


” I’ll still go.” Olivia dropped her now empty plate.


” Someone really wants to stay home.” Alexander sighed, knowing Olivia would give up. Sure enough, she grumbled quietly and laid back on the bed.


” You’re being mean.” Olivia huffed.


” You really should go to bed.” Alexander glanced at her.


” I don’t have an outfit for tomorrow.” Olivia tried to protest.


” I’ll pick something for you.” Alexander sighed, trying hard to concentrate on anything other than his wife’s adorably messy dark locks.


” You-”


” Back to bed.” Alexander groaned. He liked her more when she was being professional. Or… maybe not.


” If you pick something bad, I will be going to work in your hoodie.” Olivia said, her back turned to Alexander on the bed.


Alexander laughed silently and shook his head. He had to admit, he was enjoying this talkative side of Olivia Martinez.





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