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Episode 31


Alexander took a deep breath. His wife’s scent clouded his thoughts as his every breath was of her. He was never really the touchy type, well, other than a casual f**k he despised too much physical contact.


Especially from women.


He stayed in that position, unable to move a muscle. The reasons being he was too tired and shocked.


This was the most contact he had ever had with Olivia and a tiny part of him wanted more. So much more.


” I’ll be fine.” It took all his worn out self to utter those words as he reluctantly pulled away.


” Well it’s a good thing I didn’t ask. I’m giving you that massage. I wasn’t asking for your permission or whether or not you are fine.” She raised an unamused brow.


Alexander sighed. He didn’t have the strength to deal with her. He shrugged.


” Okay.”


” Good. Now take off your shirt and lay down on the bed.” She said.


Alexander took off his shirt without a word. He didn’t feel fazed about being half naked in front of her. She wasn’t the first woman anyway. He walked over to the bed and laid down on the soft mattress.


Olivia followed him where he laid on the bed where his back was facing the ceiling and began.



She glided her hands out to the too of Alexander’s arms and then slid down to over to the outside of his arms to his elbows.


She slid her hands under his arms and glided back up under his arms, his elbows and upper back, up to the base of his skull. She did this a few times and hummed when he released a sigh.


She had been her father and sister’s masseuse for years and she didn’t need to be taught how to it. She had learned the hard way, getting punished whenever she made a mistake.

Olivia felt a sharp jolt in her head and took a deep breath, choosing to forget about her past and focus on the stressed man in front of her.


She gently squeezed his tense muscles, applying pressure on his shoulders and the top of his back.


She ran her fingers over his spine and felt him shiver slightly under her touch.


” Relax.” She whispered and his shoulders slumped.


” How are you so good at this?” Alexander raised his head after a few minutes.


” I just am.”


Olivia continued to massage her husband’s back and shoulders until he eventually fell asleep. She sat in the nightstand and watched his sleeping figure.


His dreadlocks fell over his eyes as he snored lightly. She had to admit, his new hair was a great look on him. She thought the golden color of his tips matched his eyes too.


He looked so peaceful. Olivia used her hands to slide his dreads away from his face and sighed.


He was asleep. There was no use in staying in the room anymore. She’d give him his privacy. Olivia glanced at the blood red curtains that concealed the glass wall in his room and wondered why he had it installed if he never used it.


She had tried to open it once but Alexander wasn’t so pleased with the idea. From then on Olivia decided that he loved his room the way it was. She wasn’t going to do anything about it.


Of course she found more cameras in his room. She found two in his closet one time she decided to pick out his clothes for him. One was placed on the ceiling just like the first, and that second was placed on his shoe rack. It was so concealed that one would mistake it for one of the ornaments on it.


It was quite a fancy rack.


She kept placing them under his bed, knowing fully well that he’d find them. She wasn’t going to tell him she knew, but she’d let him find out for himself.

This wasn’t her father’s work, but someone else’s.


Speaking of her father, Olivia hadn’t heard of him for quite sometime. She was both bothered and relieved. If he was planning on contacting her, it wasn’t going to be good. She just hoped he wouldn’t find her mother.


Olivia left the room, deciding to visit the huge garden at the back of the mansion. It was really beautiful and a place she could never get enough of.


She resisted the urge to go back in when Zev began to follow her again.


She would never get used to this.




” Olivia?” Alexander’s voice spoke through the intercom.


” Come to my office at once.” Olivia nodded, even though she knew he couldn’t see her.


It had been a few weeks and he never really called her into his office. They’d mostly meet on the way when havinh a meeting but that was it.


Aside from the coffee and files she’d take to him there was nothing that took her to his office. It was almost like he didn’t want to see her too because he never spared her a glance when she did.


Not like she cared.


She adjusted her blue shirt and straightened her skirt before heading to his office. Just as she was about to knock, the door flew open and a seething Celine walked past her. She bumped into her so hard that Olivia had to hold onto the door frame for support.


” Are you alright?” The golden color of his eyes had turned to a feiry red upon seeing her.


” You called me?” Olivia stood up straight.


” I asked you a question.” Alexander took a step closer to her. He seemed so mad Olivia thought he would burst.

” I’m fine, Mr Payne. How can I assist you?” Olivia sighed. She didn’t have time for this.


She stood her ground as he moved closer to her. He was so close that she could feel the warmth radiating off his body.


” We have a charity event we need to attend to this evening and it’s almost time to head home. Would you like to go now? To get ready. ”


Olivia frowned. At this point he was so close that she had to tilt her neck to look at him.


” Will you be leaving too?” She asked.


” No. I still have some work to do.” He sighed.


” Then I’m not leaving.” She turned towards the door.


” Why not? The building is nearly empty?” His voice stopped her.


” I am your assistant as long as we’re in this building. Not your wife. I’ll leave when you do.” She turned to him sassily.


” At least go get ready first.” Alexander sighed. Although the urge to smile was strong.


He was starting to like how sassy she could be.


” No. When you’re ready we can go. I have work to do. Let me know when you’re ready to leave.” She turned the knob and left.


There was no way she was going to leave him all alone…. especially when she was aware that something was going on.



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