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Episode 29


* Diamonds – Rihanna *




Olivia eyed the grey boat neck and bishop sleeve belted dress Alexander had got for her. It was very pretty, yes but her concern was more on the sunflower hair clip beside it.


Did he mean for her to wear it?


Olivia sighed. If she was going to get back to work, she’d have to do her best to obey him. Besides, it’s not like the clip was hideous, it was rather pretty.


She slipped on the dress and brushed her hair, leaving it to fall down in it’s natural waves. She clipped the locks on the left side of her face and smiled at the outcome.


She looked pretty.


Olivia applied some lip gloss from her purse and frowned when she saw the notes in her new white purse. They were untouched, but she had removed them from her other purse last night because it was wet.


” I don’t need these you know.” She frowned as she met Alexander at the table, eating some bacon.


” I know. Keep them for me.” He said, not sparing her a glance.


He knew she’d confront him about the money but there was no way he would let his wife walk around broke. If she didn’t like it, then she’d have to deal with it.


” Sarah, tell your brother that I don’t want his money.” Olivia pinched the bridge of her nose as Sarah appeared in her Versace dress. She was absolutely stunning.


” Why not? ” Sarah snorted, taking a slice of bread from Alexander’s plate.


” Because I don’t need it. I’m an independent woman Sarah. I don’t need anyone’s money.” Olivia frowned.


” But he’s your husband. Not anyone.” Sarah snorted.


” Tell her.” Alexander nodded, agreeing with his sister’s statement. His eyes were still on his food, he was refusing to pay his wife any attention.

” I don’t care. If he wants someone to spend his money I’m sure there are others who would love to, but not me. He’s my husband, not a bank.”


Sarah burst out laughing at Olivia’s statement.


” I’ve got to hand it to you Alex, she really is perfect.”


” Sarah, tell my wife here that unless she plans on staying home, alone, she should listen to me without question and not be stubborn.” Alexander folded his arms.


” You heard him sis. Spend to your satisfaction.” Sarah giggled.


” Now if the both of you would excuse me, I’ve got a meeting with my manager. Olivia, please take care of yourself. Bye Alex.” Sarah smiled and left the house.


” Come eat your breakfast. We’re going to be late.” Alexander said.


Olivia took a seat across him. He was just being impossible for no reason.


” If I spend anything out of theses then you’ll get it back after I receive my salary.” She said, serving herself some eggs.


” Then in that case you better take those. I’m not giving you any salary.” Alexander’s words made her halt.


” Why won’t you just treat me like a normal person? It’s not like I’m special.” Olivia frowned.


There was no way she’d let him do that.


” You’re right. You’re not special. You’re my wife. So don’t annoy me because I have the power and authority to strip your position away from you.” Alexander gritted.


Olivia inhaled deeply at his words and rubbed her temples as they began to ache. She wasn’t going to fall sick over an argument with him.


” Let’s go.” She stood up, ignoring her untouched plate of food and headed to the car waiting for them outside.


Alexander took his time to button up his suit jacket before following his wife into the car.

Olivia refused to spare him a glance even when they reached for the elevator. Alexander tried to hold onto her but she refused.


” I can take care of myself, Mr Payne.”


” I didn’t ask.” Alexander held her firmly in place.


He was glad she didn’t struggle. Not that he expected her to.



His Olivia was much more mature than that.




” Do you need some coffee, sir.” She stopped him when he made for his office.


” I thought I was getting the silent treatment.” He turned to her with folded arms.


” Do you want coffee or not?” She raised a brow.


” No.”


” Erm- Olivia?” He stopped her when she turned to leave.


” Yes, Mr Payne?”


” I’ll be going somewhere with Mr Brand today. If anything happens, call me.” He told her.


” Of course Mr Payne. Good bye.” Olivia nodded and left.





” So you called me here, to choose a color?” Liam was both astonished and amused at his best friend’s behavior.


” Of course not. But if you would shut up and tell me which one is better it would be helpful.” Alexander frowned as his stylist held his dreadlocks in a ponytail.


{ A/N ; you’re gonna have to pardon me readers. But I’m a sucker for black boys with dreads. Especially the ones with dyed tips πŸ”₯. }

” Why don’t you call Olivia? She seems to be a very stylish person.” Liam teased.


Alexander pursed his lips as his wife’s image flashed in his mind. The dress he picked for her fitted her body perfectly. Just as he had expected.


Her thick thighs made the material strain a bit but not too much, and the the grey color made her eyes shine. He remembered how mad she was at him this morning. He had made sure to order some food for her lunch break and hopefully, she’d have eaten by now.


Of course he didn’t mean what he said about not giving her salary but he wouldn’t admit that. Anger was a hot look on her as it only made her more attractive.


” No.”


” Fine then. How about…red?” Liam tapped his chin.


Alexander thought about it. Red was a good color, but it wouldn’t match all his outfits.


” No.” He shook his head.


” How about gold?” Liam shrugged.


” Alright. Jace, use the color gold for the tip.” Alexander nodded to his stylist who smiled.


” Of course, sir.” The young man nodded and left, probably to get the dye.


” Finally decided to skip treatment huh?” Liam smirked.


” It’s too painful.” Alexander nodded.


The dreadlocks was a really good look on him too. He had the sides trimmed short , which meant no more painful brushing.


” You’re such a baby.” Liam chuckled.


” Fuck you.” Alexander glared. If only he knew what it was like to have a sensitive scalp.


” So, did you find anything?” Liam asked, ignoring his comment.

” No, but I found a camera under my bed.” Alexander said.


” What? I thought you have that really bad fear that you’re being watched.” Liam frowned.


Alexander nodded. Since he was 17 years of age, he’s had the strange feeling that someone was watching him. There were times he would wake up without being able to move and spot a silhouette in the darkness of his room. He often thought it was a figment of his imagination.


He’d always lock his room, turn off the lights and close the curtains from then on. Even his office was dimly lit. Now that he spotted that camera under his bed, he was certain that person was real.


” Someone put it there.” Alexander said.


Jace came back with the dye and began applying it on his ponytail.


” Certainly not your parents. They know about your insecurities don’t they?” Liam crossed his arms.


A frown etched on his face as he began to think of possible suspects.


” Do you think it might be … Olivia?”


Alexander raised a brow at him as if that was the most bizarre thing he had ever heard.


” Why would she? It wasn’t even working and even if it was, there’s nothing she would have seen. It wasΒ  obvious too. Olivia’s smarter than that.” Alexander frowned.


” Look at you. Getting defensive over your wife. You’ve really changed my friend.” Liam chuckled, lightly punching his friend.


Alexander scrunched up his nose and growled. He hasn’t changed at all.


” Who is it then? I couldn’t stand my own house when I suspecting it but now that I know it’s true, I don’t know what’s going to happen.” Alexander sighed.

” You have Olivia. Maybe she can take your mind off it. You said she’s sleeping with you now, didn’t you?” Liam teased.


” Can you be serious for once?” Alexander rolled his eyes.


” Why would I? You’ve been married for two months now and you never even invited me over or introduced me to your wife.” Liam squinted his eyes.


” Since when did you wait for an invitation before coming? Besides, I thought you were busy with Laylah. She’s pregnant after all.” Alexander raised a brow.


” I was being polite. ” Liam placed his hand over his heart, feigning hurt.


” But I’ll be sure to visit tomorrow. Expect me.” Liam clicked his tongue.


” Sure.” Alexander rolled his eyes.


” It’s time to wash your hair, sir.” Jace smiled.


Alexander nodded and walked towards the sink. He rested his head as Jace began to wash his ponytail.


” So what action are you going to take for now?” Liam frowned.


” I’ll be fine with Raphael by my side. I’ll appoint someone to look after Olivia. A bodyguard who will stay by her side always.”


Alexander sighed as Jace began drying his hair with a towel.


” Oh? Protecting the missus I see. That’s progress.” Liam chuckled.


” But I think I heard you complaining that she’s a feisty one. Do you think she’ll agree?” He added.


” Of course not. But she’ll have to deal with it.” Alexander frowned.


He could already see the cute pout on her face as his wife gave him sassy replies before resorting to the silent treatment she was oh so good at.

” I take it you’re prepared for the silent treatment again, Mr Payne?” Liam smirked, crossing his legs.


” Shut up.”



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