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Episode 20

* I Don’t Care – Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran *




Olivia smiled kindly at the little girl as she handed her order. She was just about the cutest thing she had ever seen. She dirty blonde hair stopped right above her shoulders and her brown eyes shone with delight as she clutched onto her glazed donut.

The little girl held her mother’s hand firmly as they walked out the bakery and Olivia couldn’t help but feel satisfied. She loved kids so much but couldn’t imagine herself as a mother. The thought itself scared her. She noticed some customers at the far end of the bakery looking quite displeased with their orders and decided to take a look.

” Excuse me sir, is there a problem?” She asked when she approached the table. They were two good-looking men frowning at the blueberry pie on their table.

” It’s nothing angel.” One of them with dark hair smiled.

” No, I ordered raspberry but here I am. With this.” The more grumpy one answered. Olivia nodded in understanding. One of the workers might have mixed up the orders.

” I apologise for the misunderstanding sir. I could return this one and get your order.” Olivia smiled.

” It’s okay love. We can manage. Can’t we Hughey?” The one with the dark hair asked. Hughey sighed before nodding.

” Thank you so much, but blueberry pie is just fine.” He smiled. Olivia nodded and returned to the counter where someone had already taken her place. She sighed in relief and decided to take a rest.

” Aunt Rita?” She called, as she slid into an office.

” Yes dear?” The lady smiled, not taking her eyes off the pile of papers in front of her.

” May I take a walk down the lane? Sophia already has the line under control and I really wish to visit my mother. I won’t take too long.” Olivia added.

” Of course dear. Be back soon. We don’t want that hunk of your husband thrashing this place when he finds you gone, do we?” Rita grinned, adjusting her square glasses.

Olivia shook her head with a smile. She had twenty minutes to spare and now she could go see her mother.Β  She thanked her boss and quickly went to the changing room to take off her apron and hat. She grabbed her purse and quickly left the building.

” Madam! Where are you going?” She frowned when she heard Raphael’s voice. Why was he here?

Normally it was Benjamin who’d pick her up and he knew when she’d be leaving from work so he always came a bit before then. So why was he here?

” What are you doing here?” She frowned as she moved closer to the black car.

” Sir, is waiting for you in the car.” He answered a d Olivia inhaled sharply. He was here again? She reluctantly walked over to the backseat and got in. Olivia wasn’t surprised to find Alexander typing on his laptop inside. She was rather annoyed at him. He’d been sending Benjamin and Raphael to pick her up earlier than usual for the past two weeks.

” Why are you here?” She folded her arms across her chest.

” Good to see you too.” He mumbled, not taking his eyes off the laptop.

Olivia seethed within. His attitude lately had been bothering none other than her. He always had her brought back home from work earlier and made sure to drop her off before he went to work. He would sometimes check up on her when she was asleep for some reason and Olivia honestly thought he was invading her space. She never thought shye miss Celine till now.

” Why isn’t Celine back yet? She’s supposed to be gone for a week, isn’t she?” She frowned. She was sick of the attention.

” You want her back?” Alexander sounded surprised.

” You could say that.” Olivia shrugged.

Alexander chuckled under his breath. He knew for a fact that his wife was annoyed with what he was doing, especially today. But it wasn’t like he had a choice. Last night he heard a strange noise in his house and he was convinced there was someone there. He’d been suspecting something strange was going on the past few weeks but he blamed the wind most of the time.

He made sure to check on his wife regularly now because he would be damned if anything happened to her. His parents would kill him.

” You know you should have cameras in your house.” Olivia said after a moment.

” Why?” Alexander frowned.

” For security measures. What if someone got kidnapped and you wanted to know the culprit? How would you?” Olivia raised a brow.

” I’ll find a way.” Came Alexander’s reply. He didn’t seem happy about the conversation so Olivia took that as her cue to stop.

” If you keep this up I’m going to get fired.” She frowned referring to how he kept picking her up so early.

” I could buy the whole building.” He scoffed.

” Don’t you dare.” Olivia’s voice was calm but deadly. She had her vision on the road but was aware of his stare. If he ever tried to take the bakery from Rita she would never forgive him.

” Raphael, please stop at my office I seem to have left some important files there.” Alexander frowned, rummaging through his suitcase.

” Of course sir. ” The driver nodded.

Olivia stared as they approached the incredibly talk building. It was magnificent and she was sure she’d never seen something as tall as that before.

” I’ll be back.”Β  Alexander said as he left the car.

Olivia dialled Rita’s number and began apologising for the way she left without a word.

” It’s nothing my dear. Just make sure you tell me sooner next time. Some red-haired kid came looking for you.” Rita said through the phone. Olivia recognized the boy immediately but didn’t show it. She thanked Rita for understanding and hung up the phone.

” I need to use the bathroom. Please take me there.” Olivia told Raphael who nodded.

She walked into the huge building, admiring the interior as she was led passed so many employees. All of which made sure to keep their eyes trained on her till she left their line of sight.

” I’ll take it from here.” Olivia stopped Raphael once she noticed the bathroom door ahead. Raphael nodded and watched as she went inside.

Olivia took a look at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a deep blue dress that stopped below her knees. It had a turtle neck and was short sleeved. She thought she looked good. She made sure to move her hair to the side before leaving the bathroom ( once she was done with her business ).

” Oh- I’m so sorry ma’am I-” The man who bumped her stopped mid sentence as he started at Olivia in shock.

” I’m fine. Are you?” Olivia sighed as she dusted her dress.

” I’m f-fine. Uh…I’m Ray.” The man seemed nervous as he extended his hand but Olivia shook it anyway.

” My name is Olivia. ” She nodded, her hand still in his.

” Are you new here? I work in the IT department.” He smiled. Olivia could see the red in his cheeks and wondered why. Was he alright?

” No actually I’m-”

” Mine.”

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