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Episode 27


* ♪♪♪ If you want me all to yourself then darling, you probably should go ♪♪♪ *




Alexander ran a hand through his locks. He stared at the naked blonde beside him and groaned.


Why did he still not feel right?


He’d been stressed out the whole week trying to find out who’s been sending him pictures of his sleeping wife every morning but it was all in vain.


His scalp ached the more he ran a hand through it. He really needed to get to the salon. He’d ask Liam to go with him.


” You’re awake.” Celine giggled, getting out of bed.


Alexander eyes her body, wondering what he’d done wrong. His everything was telling him to stop what he was doing but he couldn’t.


Gone were the days he found this ‘ human flamingo ‘, Liam’s words not his, attractive.


Celine giggled and headed inside the bathroom, swaying her hips side to side. Did she expect him to follow her?


Hell, no.


Alexander stood up and began dressing up. The rain had reduced to mere drizzles so he needed to take that chance to leave. Raphael was right outside his room and he didn’t want to keep him waiting for too long.


Alexander took out his phone and frowned when he saw 16 missed calls from his family. Even Esmeralda had called him. He clenched his fists in anger when he realized that Celine touched his phone when she told her never to.


He thought of dialing his mother’s number but shook his head. There was no way he could deal with her. Especially now that he was pissed.


So he called Sarah.

The phone rang only once before Sarah picked it. Celine walked out of the bathroom, still naked as the day she was born.


” Alexander, where the hell are you?!” Sarah whisper-yelled.


” Why have you been calling me?”Alexander ignored her question.


” Because, Olivia collapsed.”




” What?” He took a deep breath in order to calm himself.


” Yeah, we’re at your place now. Esmeralda said she came home completely soaked and was found unconscious at the gate. Where were you?!” Sarah’s voice had gone up to full volume and Alexander could tell he was in trouble.


” I’m on my way. Is she alright?” He asked as she buttoned his shirt and walked out of the room.


” She’s still unconscious.”


” Are mom and dad there? At my house?” Alexander asked although he was afraid of the answer.


” Yes, and mom’s seems like she’s going to explode. Your ass is toast big brother.” Sarah said with sass.


Alexander groaned as Raphael opened the car door. He got in and told him to take him back home.


” What about Miss Baker? ” Raphael started the engine, looking at him through the rearview mirror.


” She’ll be fine. Drive.” Alexander ordered.


He was driven home like that, his mind was filled with so much questions. What had happened to his wife and more importantly…


Who hurt her?



” You left your wife all alone to do goodness knows what and now look at her. She’s unconscious, and as pale as a ghost! Where were you? ” Isabella scolded her son who was at loss for words.


They had been arguing for over thirty minutes since he arrived and Alexander was still unable to give them an answer because even he didn’t know what happened.


Olivia stared numbly at the family arguing above her head. Their noise was making her head ache but she didn’t have the strength to shut them up.


Tired of the noise that made her condition worse, she attempted to sit up, but hissed at the painful jolt in her head.


And then, there was silence.


” Oh, Olivia are you alright?” Isabella rushed and cupped her face.


” Yes mother, I’m absolutely fine.” Olivia cleared her sore throat.


” Here, the doctor said you should have these after you wake up. Esmeralda will give you your drugs every day.” Nicolas handed her a glass of water and the exact same type of drugs she had.


Olivia thanked him and swallowed. She looked around and realized that everyone was present, even Matteo who was too busy sending daggers to Alexander with his eyes.


” Amore, how are you feeling?” He moved towards her, planting a kiss on her forehead.


” Why did you collapse like that? I was scared to death. I finally have a sister and I’m not sure I’m ready to lose you.” Sarah smiled worriedly.


” I assure you, I really am fine. Thank you.” Olivia laid her head back on the pillow.


” Now I want you to stop yelling at my husband. He did nothing wrong.” She sighed.


” W-What?” Matteo raised a brow.

” First, I was the one who decided to come home myself. There’s no way, I would let Benjamin leave his parents to get me. Second, the noise is making my head hurt even more.” She said the last part with a frown.


” Alright, we are sorry. Both of you. I shouldn’t have doubted you son.” Isabella admitted.


” I’m not.” Matteo huffed. Olivia smiled as he held her hand. He was such a child, just like his cousin.


Alexander nodded his head and walked over to his wife. He sat by the edge of the bed before turning to them.


” I need to speak with Olivia in private. Please leave.” He sighed, his eyes were trained on his wife though.


They all left the room, shutting the door behind them.


” You didn’t have to lie. I would have ask Raphael to pick you up if I knew.” He admitted, staring at her damp hair. It was then he noticed she was wearing his hoodie in his room.


Now, normally Alexander would have been pissed that someone dared to enter his room but he found the sight oddly… pleasing.


” I didn’t. Why would I lie for you. I said what happened and chose to leave your part.” Olivia frowned.


” I didn’t know you had migraines.”


” You never asked.” Olivia deadpanned.


” Why didn’t you call me when you decided not to call Benjamin?” Alexander frowned. Even in her state, she was still so stoic and sassy.


” I assumed you were busy with your lady friend.” She shrugged.


As she said that, Alexander felt the guilt gnaw at his insides. He bit the inside of his cheek and averted his gaze.


” I would have answered.”


” I would have hung up.”

Alexander snorted at her words. How could someone be so blunt and still make it look adorable?


” The point is, I would still have ended up this way, as you can see, there’s some serious downpour outside, so even if I stayed back it would be futile. Don’t feel bad, I don’t need your pity.”


” I don’t pity you.” Alexander scoffed.


” Right. Just cover that mark on your neck, it’s repulsing.” Olivia turned to the side and closed her eyes.


She was tired of this conversation.


A soft knock came on their door before it slowly opened, revealing Isabella.


” Hey kids, something urgent just came up at home. We’re going to leave. But for Olivia’s sake, Sarah is going to stay behind for a week, okay?” She smiled.


Her statement made Olivia’s eyes tear open and Alexander nearly chocked on his spit. The couple shared looks.


This was not good.


” But mother. I’ll be fine.” Olivia tried to protest but Isabella wouldn’t have it.


” No no. I understand that you’d still want to go to work and I trust my son will take extra care of you…” Isabella gave her son a pointed making him bid his head.


” But Sarah will look after you too. She’s fine with it don’t worry. The work might be too much for Esmeralda.” She added.


” So take care okay? She’ll be staying in the room across yours. It seems cozier than the others.” Isabella smiled.


” Okay mother. Take care.” Olivia nodded.


” You too my dear. Bye.” Isabella left.


Alexander and Olivia looked at each other once again.


This really wasn’t good.

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