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Episode 26


* If We Have Each Other – Alec Benjamin *




Olivia chuckled softly as she watched Ray poke at his shrimp. For a company, the food was amazing. It was like a five star restaurant in here.

” It’s like having dead worms on my plate.” He cringed, poking at one with his fork.

” Then why did you order it? I believe it was your choice.” Olivia raised a brow.

” Uh, because. They’re delicious. I just don’t like the way they look.” Ray scoffed, closing his eyes and pushing two in his mouth.

” What’s wrong with the way they look?” Olivia chuckled.

” It’s like they’re naked. ” Ray shrugged. Olivia rolled her eyes.

” Would you have preferred the shells on?” She asked.

” That would be disgusting.” Ray made a disgusted expression.

” You don’t even know what you want. Next time just order something else. She chuckled taking a bite out of her delicious waffles. Yes, she decided to take breakfast for lunch.

” Yes I do. Just, not right now.” Ray tried to defend himself.

” And when then will you?” She raised a brow.

” Hey, I’ve got a job at one of the most prosperous companies in America. My pay is good, I have my apartment, and a car. My life is complete. My indecision for food shouldn’t be something I should worry about. I’ll improve. ” Ray smiled.

” I think otherwise. Indecision is a weakness.” Olivia shrugged, finishing her food.

” Well-I said I’m improving.”


She checked her phone and realized that her lunch break was almost over. Back to work then.

” Where are you going?” Ray frowned when she stood up.

” Back to work. Unlike you, my boss can easily tell when I slack off. ” She said, grabbing her purse.

” Okay, I’ll get back when I’m done. See you later.” Ray returned to his food as Olivia headed back to her office.

She didn’t bother going to Alexander’s office because she knew what was going on in there. Besides, he didn’t call for her at all. She went back to checking his emails and scheduling his meetings with other prosperous companies. Her day flew by fast and it was soon time to get home. She took a deep breath and relaxed in her seat. Was it okay to check on him now?

Olivia bracesy herself and left for her boss’s office. The building was practically empty, except Claire, who was packing her things.

” Uh, Mrs Payne. Where are you going?” She asked once she noticed Olivia.

” I want to see your boss.” Olivia frowned.

” My apologies ma’am. Mr Payne asked me to tell you he was leaving early with Miss Baker today. He said you should call Benjamin, I think.” Claire informed.

Olivia nodded. So he left early today? She took out her phone to call Benjamin and decided otherwise. He was a butler and she recalled him asking Alexander yesterday to go see his parents tonight. There was no way she’d disrupt his plans. He was already half way home by now. Olivia didn’t have Raphael’s number so it only meant one thing. She’d take a taxi home.

The rumble of thunder startled her and she sighed in frustration when she noticed it was drizzling outside. She needed to hurry. She quickly went into the elevator, ignoring the bad feeling she had deep down. Something was going to happen. To her.



Empty. The road was completely empty. It seemed like Claire had taken the last can available in the area. Olivia glanced at the grey sky. She could barely keep her eyes open as the rain was now pouring. Her clothes were drenched and her Olivia could feel her head throbbing again as she headed home in the rain. Memories, painful, throbbing memories.


*** Flashback***


” Noooo!!” Olivia screaming as William dragged her roughly out the door. Flashes of lightning appeared and the pouring rain outside intensified. Olivia fell on the floor, the old wood scraped the sore flesh of her knees as he dragged her out the door.

Olivia sobbed loudly as her mother lay helplessly in a pool of her own blood. Her black hair was soaked in the the oozing red, and her face was as pale as hers.

” Mother!” She cried. Mia weakly raised her head and a tear fell down her cheek as she collapsed again.

” Stay here you useless wretch! I’m not yet done with her.” William spat, throwing her onto the wet grass. She mud covered her face, ruining her ragged clothes in the process.

” No!” She tried to get back inside but William shut the door quickly.

” Mother! Please!” She pleaded, screamed, and cried as she banged the door, hoping it would break open. But it was all in vain. Her bloody hands were trembling and the more she banged, the more her own blood rolled down her arms. She was too weak to save her own mother.

The heavy downpour and furious thunder made matters worse as her mother’s screams and stepfather’s wicked laughter filled her ears.

” Please. Argh!” Olivia screamed as she felt the throbbing headache return. Her world was spinning. She called for her mother’s name one more time before she felt herself falling backwards.

” Olivia!”


*** End of Flashback****


” Madam?! Madam?!” Olivia’s head pounded as she stared at the grey sky. Her clothes were soaked and the rain dropping onto her forehead made matters worse.

The voices in her head mixed with those of reality and she found herself lost, confused, and in pain. She stared numbly at the sky as the voices began to fade. She wasn’t sure whether her vision was blurring or it was just as a result of the drops and tears in her eyes, but one thing she knew was that her heart was on the verge of ripping out of the confines of her ribcage.

” Mother.” She muttered, as she felt herself getting lifted from the ground. No, this didn’t happen. No one came to her aid.

Where was she?


” Call the doctor!” She heard some yell. But it was faint.

” No. Call…mother.” And then, everything became dark.

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