Fri. May 10th, 2024

Episode 19


* Finesse – Buju *






Olivia looked out the window and frowned as the sky looked even darker than before. She was sure if they left now they would make it home before the storm started but she knew her in-laws wouldn’t let that happen. She didn’t mind staying with them for the night but she definitely did mind sleeping in the same room and on the same bed with Alexander. She wasn’t ready for that.

” Here.” She turned to see Alexander handing her a glass of water and a pill.

” For your headache.” He said when she didn’t accept it.

Olivia nodded and took it. It normally wasn’t what she used for her migraines but it would do. Besides, her head had stopped hurting. As long as she didn’t remember her past, it wouldn’t occur. But how long exactly was that? She couldn’t run away from it.

Alexander sat on the couch across her and opened his laptop, where he continued to work. His parents were already in their rooms and Sarah was on the phone with one of her friends in her room. It was only the both of them and neither of them were willing to utter a word.

Olivia sighed and decided to take a shower. Sarah had given her some night gowns which Olivia wasn’t happy with at all. Not only were they revealing, but she didn’t like wearing people’s things. She sighed. She had no choice. She took one of the gowns which was blood red and basically started just above her nipples as the top was made with lace.

She made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower. The water was warm and Olivia stayed longer than she intended to. She dried herself in the bathroom and wore the dress.

It stopped mid thigh and Olivia wondered why Sarah actually had this. It was pretty, yes. But she didn’t understand why she would have it. / Maybe she uses it to impress her boyfriend./ She reasoned. AlyssaΒ  had a few of those too and she always wore them when her boys would come over. She sighed and folded her clothes before leaving the bathroom.

Alexander was still typing away on the sofa but Olivia noticed he had a blanket and a pillow by him. He was sleeping on the couch. She placed her clothes on the nightstand and laid down on the soft, king-sized bed.

She raked her hand through her hair, not feeling the need to brush it, and moved it all to one side. Olivia frowned when she felt eyes on her. She met with Alexander’s gaze but simply ignored it and turned to the other side.

It took a while before she fell asleep. Mostly because she was sure she was being watched. She turned to the other side and realized Alexander was asleep. At least it seemed like he was. Olivia stood up and began searching around the room. She just didn’t feel comfortable.

She made sure to be extra careful not to make any noise that would wake Alexander as she searched the room. She nearly gave up when she noticed something blink in the flower vase by the corner of room. She squinted her eyes, as if unsure of what she saw….but it blinked again. The red light blinked again and again and Olivia was sure it was a camera.

She walked over to the vase and pulled out the tiny gadget. It blinked in her hands before finally stopping. / Interesting./ She thought to herself.

” What are you doing?” Alexander’s voice nearly startled her. She clutched onto the camera in her hand and turned. He was wide awake.

” Nothing.” She dismissed and went back to bed. She made sure to throw it under the bed though as she did.

She covered herself with the duvet and forced herself to sleep. She was still convinced there was more. But she would check it out another time. But certainly not tomorrow because she didn’t want to have to spend another night here.


” Morning Olivia. How was your night?” Isabella smiled as Olivia walked down in the burnt orange dress Sarah had given her.

” It was good mother. Did you sleep well?” Olivia smiled back as she began helping her mother-in-law in the kitchen.

” I managed. I’m not really a fan of thunder though. Especially that of last night’s.” Isabella chuckled.

Olivia began frying some eggs and bacon. Today the breakfast was simple.

” I’m not either.” She replied honestly. She had so much trouble sleeping last night because of the loud noise. Not because she was afraid of thunder, but because of the painful memories it brought back. Olivia shook her head, she wasn’t planning on having any more migraines.

” Oh? Alexander took good care of you, didn’t he?” Isabella smiled hopefully. Olivia nodded her head with a small smile.

” Your son really is great at what he does.” She said, making Isabella chuckle.

Olivia began setting the table and serving the food. Just in time, Alexander and his father come out of a room which Olivia recognized as Nicolas’ office. Nicolas walked over to his wife and kissed her cheek before taking a seat.

” Good morning…dad.” Olivia said, avoiding eye contact. She was trying to get used to that word but she knew she couldn’t. It sounded so foreign.

” Morning my dear. How did you sleep?” He smiled, helping himself to the breakfast.

” Fine. ” Was her simple reply.

” Morning everyone! Olivia, you look stunning.” Sarah smiled as she appeared. She kissed her parents on the cheeks and sat across Alexander, who was scrolling through his phone.

” Last night’s storm was so terrible mom. You know I couldn’t even hear myself talk on the phone with Sam.” Sarah grumbled, taking small bites of her egg.

Olivia took a seat beside Alexander,who was now paying attention to nothing other than his food. She noticed how Alexander pushed away his eggs and stuck to the bacon and bread. She reached out for his plate and swapped his eggs with her bacon. She thought it was a fair trade.

” If you don’t like the eggs, you should have said something.” She deadpanned, ignoring the state she was getting from him.

” My mistake Olivia. Alexander isn’t a fan of fried eggs. He can eat other things made with eggs though. ” Isabella smiled.

” Shouldn’t you have known that though?” Sarah frowned questioningly.

” I do. I just forgot to put more bacon instead when I was serving.” Olivia shrugged, unfazed by the question.

They finished their breakfast quickly and Olivia volunteered to wash the dishes. It was her escape from engaging in the chatter with the women.

” Let me help you with that.” Sarah smiled as she began to dry the dishes Olivia had washed. Olivia thanked her and returned to her work.

” So you’re leaving after this?” Sarah asked after a moment of silence.

” Yes. Alexander has work to do and I want to visit my father.” Olivia lied. She was sure Alexander didn’t want his parents to know she was working just yet. Sarah nodded in understanding.

” It gets lonely there doesn’t it?” Sarah asked with a small smile. Olivia nodded as a reply.

” Have you ever been burgled?” Olivia asked.

” What?” Sarah seemed taken aback by the question.

” Any theft occurred in this house? ” Olivia repeated, her eyes on the last dish she was washing.

” No. But dad keeps security cameras all over the place just in case anything happens. I’m not hoping for that but I think it’s very necessary.” Sarah smiled. Olivia hummed and dried her hands.

” Why do you ask?” Sarah frowned.

” Just caring.”

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