Mon. Feb 12th, 2024

Episode 24


* Blow my mind – Davido , Chris Brown *





Olivia stared at the plate of French fries, chicken and coke. So if she didn’t finish this up she was fired? She rolled her eyes. If she wanted to try him she wouldn’t eat it. But she was hungry, and she really needed the money for her mother. She picked a fry and popped it into her mouth. Her stomach rumbled for more, which she gladly gave.

She never got a call or message from Alexander throughout the rest of the day. She was fine with that. She proof read some files and corrected the mistakes, which was a lot of work since she was required to reprint them, and looked through his emails. The important ones anyways. She wasn’t going to waste her time reading hopeless live messages sent by his lovers.

Time flew by fast and it was already 6:00pm. But Olivia was determined to finish up her work. There was still so much.

” Your eyes are going to hurt if you don’t blink of at least look away from that computers.” Alexander’s voice said. Olivia didn’t bother looking up.

” And that statement is coming from who?” Came her reply. Alexander smirked. He liked how serious she was when it came to work. He really could trust her with this job then.

” It’s time to go back.” He cleared his throat. Olivia nodded and switched off the computer. It was only when she looked at him that she noticed how tired he seemed. His hair was ruffled, and his eyes were droopy. She knew for a fact that Alexander didn’t sleep too well, but she didn’t know why? Surely he wouldn’t stay up all night working, would he?

” You look terrible.” She commented. Of course it wasn’t true, Alexander was a man who looked so good, Olivia thought it was a crime. He managed to look amazing in whatever state.

” I feel terrible too.” He mumbled, but Olivia was already on her way to the elevator.

He followed her insides and glanced at her before pressing the button down. He heard her take a deep breath and sighed.

” I’m fine.” Olivia frowned, when he pulled her close. Alexander scoffed, but made no attempt to let her go. Olivia didn’t object either. But she wasn’t happy at all.






” Have you been here for long?” Olivia chuckled at the man laying on her bed.


” Nah, just wanted to see my favorite in-law before I meet my grandpa.” Matteo grinned.

He walked over to her and enveloped her in a hug, lifting her in the process.


” Does your cousin know you’re here?” She asked amusedly. She’d grown used to him already.


” Forget that asshole. Have you been enjoying your stay with him? He doesn’t bother you,does he?” Matteo frowned. Olivia chuckled at his words.


” I’m fine.” She said as he let her down.


” What about Celine? Is she bothering you?” He asked as they say down.


” No. She’s been away.” Olivia shrugged.


” Where?”


” I honestly don’t care.”


” What have you been up to then?” Matteo frowned.


” I’m Alexander’s personal assistant now. So just…work.” Olivia sighed, releasing her hair from it’s ponytail.


” That explains the dressing. You look hot by the way.” Matteo grinned, eyeing her clothes.


” Thank you.”


” I can’t believe you agreed to work with Xan though. He’s a jerk.” Matteo frowned. Olivia shook her head with a smile.


” I haven’t realized.”


” Oh well he is. Remember that night at the suite? I’m still pissed at him.” Matteo folded his arms across his chest.


” That’s childish. Just let go. I don’t think he even cares.”


” That’s because I don’t.”


Matteo sat up straight, meeting Alexander’s glare.


” What are you doing in my wife’s room?” He gritted.


” I could ask you the same. She never told you to come in. Plus, aren’t you supposed to be in the same room? Huh? Does mother know about this?” Matteo smirked.

” It’s none of your business.”


” I’ll ask her myself then.”


” Please don’t.” Olivia rubbed her temples. Her head was starting to ache, probably because she hadn’t been taking her medicine for a while now. At this point, she didn’t even care how Matteo knew their secret, however, she knew she had contributed.


” How long do you think you’re going to keep this a secret? ” Matteo’s words only angered Alexander. How did he know?


” Could have just married that whore instead of making poor Olivia suffer. I really wish I saw you first.” Matteo pouted. Olivia forced a smile.


” Get out.” Alexander growled.


” Why? I’m in her room. Not yours.” Matteo shrugged.


” This is my house.”


” Oh. So that’s how you’re gonna do it.” Matteo rolled his eyes.


” Out.”


” I’m telling Mom.” Matteo huffed.


” Matteo, we just got back from the office. Why don’t you just listen to your cousin, just this once. I’ll call you.” Olivia tried to reason.


” But it’s been so long since we-”


” I promise.” Olivia placed her hands on his to reassure him. Her headache was getting worse and she felt like her world was spinning.


” Are you okay? You don’t look so well.” Matteo frowned. He lifted her chin and began inspecting her face.


” I still want you out of here.” Alexander’s voice was as stern as it was before, but the only thing that changed was that he was now inspecting his wife as well.


” I’m fine.” Olivia cleared her throat when the headache subsided. She was finally able to see clearly. But she wasn’t comfortable with the attention she was getting.

” Are you sure? I could stay with you if you want.” Matteo looked at her concerned.


” Out.” Alexander seethed.


” Alright fine.” Matteo raised his hands in surrender.


” I’ll leave. I’ll call you, Livy.” Matteo yelled as he walked out of the room.


” What was that about?” Alexander squinted his eyes at Olivia. She seemed pale. Olivia kept silent, the side of her head was pounding.


” Is it because of the work?” He frowned.


” No. Just a headache. I haven’t had some sleep in a while. I’ll skip dinner tonight.” She said as she stumbled to her closet to change. Alexander remained silent. If she didn’t want to tell him what was wrong with her, then so be it.



He’ll find out from his other source.



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