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Episode 25


* Mercy – Falz *




Olivia took one last look at herself in the mirror. Today she was wearing an orange button up and white pencil skirt, matched with white blazers. Her hair was in a half bun with locks framing her face. She applied some lip gloss and wore her orange peep toe heels. She looked nice. She left her room and headed downstairs.

” We have a meeting in the next hour, are you sure you don’t want to eat before then?” She placed a hand on her hips as she spotted Alexander already on his way to the car.

” No.” His voice was hoarse and it seemed like he didn’t get enough sleep at all. Olivia didn’t question him as she realized how moody he appeared. She grabbed an apple from the counter and nodded before getting in the car with him.

She remained silent throughout the ride to work. She had become so familiar with the way that she could go herself if she wanted to.

The employees had already gotten used to seeing the both of them coming together that they’ve stopped staring as much as they used to. Of course they still did but it had lessened.

Olivia made her way to the cafeteria and grabbed some coffee for her boss. The elevator was now less scary but it still made her uncomfortable. So she often used the stairs when she was alone.

She approached Alexander’s office and knocked softly.

” Come in.” She opened the door and found him staring intently at his computer. He seemed quite exhausted, but it wasn’t as obvious.

” Here’s your coffee sir.” Olivia placed the plastic tray with coffee on his table and turned to leave when he didn’t answer. She abruptly stopped when she remembered he hadn’t eaten anything this morning. She wasn’t sure if he did the night before either because she didn’t see him too.

Olivia took out the apple with her and placed it on his tray before turning to leave.

” Coffee and apple? That’s new.” His voice stopped her.

” Eat it up, Mr Payne. I’m in a generous mood.” Olivia sighed. She had hoped to eat it before their meeting but now it didn’t seem so.

” You didn’t eat breakfast.” He said. Olivia’s back was turned to him so she didn’t see his expression buy she could hear the frown in his voice.

” I can survive before 1:00pm.” She shrugged.

” Is the conference room ready?”

Olivia frowned at his question. They just arrived, did he expect her to have set it up in minutes?

” If I keep speaking to you it won’t be.” She turned to him. His attention was fully on her.

” You may leave.” He sighed, returning to his work. Olivia nodded and went back to the cafeteria to get the water.




” Those look heavy.” A male voice chuckled as Olivia lifted the two plastic bags in her hands.

” I’ll get used to it.” She grunted lightly, not taking her eyes off the bags.

” How about I help you?” She turned to meet the person speaking to her and smiled when she really it was Ray.

” Ray.” She said softly.

” Morning Olivia.” He grinned.

” So, can I help you?” He raised his brows in amusement.

Olivia shook her head. She could do this herself.

” What type of gentleman would I be if I didn’t help a woman out?” He pouted.

” The one who minds his business.”  Olivia lifted the bags and headed towards the elevator.

” Yikes.”

” Shouldn’t you be two floors below?” Olivia squinted her eyes when she noticed she was being followed.

” I should. But I came to get some water.” Ray shrugged, grabbing a bag out of her hands. Olivia gasped at his action.

” Oh, so that’s why you’re following me.” Olivia rolled her eyes.

” I didn’t expect you’d be this sarcastic.” Ray chuckled. Olivia shook her head as they entered the elevator.

” You know who I am.” Olivia hummed, leaning against the wall as they travelled higher.

” How could I not after that day?” Ray chuckled.

” And you’re no longer afraid of my husband?” She raised a brow.

” Terrified.” Ray admitted with a cringe. The elevator dinged and they got out.

” What if he sees you?” Olivia raised a brow.

” What? I’m just helping his wife-”

” Personal Assistant.” Olivia corrected.

” What?” Ray asked incredulously.

” I’m his personal assistant at work. Not his wife.” She said as they approached the conference room.

” Stay here. Give it to me.” Olivia took the other bag and went to arrange the bottles of water just like she’d been doing for the past few days.

” Done?” Ray smiled when she walked out. Olivia disposed the bags and dusted her hands.

” Yes. Thank you. But I won’t let you help me with that ever again.” She crossed her arms.

” That’s stubborn.” Ray frowned. Olivia shook her head.

” I need to get back to work.” She turned away.

” How about I see you during lunch break? In the cafeteria of course.” Ray smiled. Olivia thought he was adorable. His cheeks were pink as he spoke.

” We’ll see. No promises made.” Olivia shrugged, walking into her office. She had deduced that Alexander didn’t like the guy very much, and since she mostly had lunch with him, there was no chance of that.

Olivia returned to her seat and continued with her work. In no time at all, their meeting was on.

After the meeting…..


Alexander shook hands with the CEO of Crowns Enterprises. The meeting had gone quite well and they had just signed a contract worth billions with him. Olivia felt satisfied with the outcome. She felt satisfied as his assistant. However, she noticed that Alexander still seemed exhausted. Even more than this morning.

” You need rest.” She told him as they walked out of the conference room.

” I’m fine.” His voice was cold and he seemed livid. Olivia shrugged her shoulders. At least she told him. She went straight to her office and dropped her notepad. There were some files she needed to take to him but before that, she had to reprint them. Then her lunch break starts.

Olivia took her time to reread the files before printing them out. She stacked them neatly and approached Alexander’s office. She knocked softly but frowned when she heard strange noises coming from within. It sounded just like the noises she heard when Alyssa invited her boyfriend over. Olivia’s brows shot up in surprise and her nose scrunched in disgust. Was he….? No. He wouldn’t. At least… not in his office.

She knocked again and heard shuffling before the door opened.

” You have got to be kidding me.”








” It’s good to see you too, Sandra.” Olivia said, pushing past her and into the office. She ignored Alexander’s stares but could confirm he suspicion when she noticed his unbuttoned shirt and rough hair. Even Celine’s ‘ perfect ‘ blonde hair resembled a bird’s nest.




” Here are the files you asked me to proof read. I’ve reprinted them and made sure all the errors have been eliminated. I’ll be on my lunch break now. If you need me, I won’t be available.” She said, not looking into anyone’s eyes. She brushed past Celine in her hurry to leave. She wouldn’t witness any of that.

Olivia sighed as she closed the door to her office. Now she wished she brought two apples instead of one.  She had no money and there was no way she was letting someone buy her food. She took her purse and decided to speak to her mother.

” How?” She gasped when she saw a bundle of $100 notes. How did she get this?



” Have you seen my purse by any chance, Alexander? I think I forgot it at work.” Olivia frowned as she searched the living room for her purse.

She hadn’t seen it since they got back from work and not only did she need it for work, but it was the only cheapest thing in her closet. There was no way she’d go to work with a Gucci hand bag or whatever.

” This it?” He frowned, eyeing her black leather purse. Olivia walked over to him and sighed in relief. It felt heavier than before but she just placed  it on the laundry she had just took from Esmeralda. It was her clothes anyway.

” Thank you.” She said and carried the basket to her room. Since then, she never really opened it.


**** End of Flashback***


Olivia sighed. So that’s why he was with her purse. Well, she didn’t have any option. Her stomach was rumbling so loud it was painful.

She’d just use one note. Not all of it of course. But as soon as her salary came, she would pay him back. She stood up and headed to the cafeteria,where she met her brown haired colleague.

” Hey. I didn’t think you’d show up.” He smiled.

” Neither did I.”



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