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Episode 17


Olivia stared questioningly at the man before her. What was he doing here? And why exactly did he seem so angry? All attention was now on she and Alexander and Olivia didn’t like that. At all.

” What do you mean by that?” Olivia frowned as Alexander grabbed her hand rather tightly. She bit her tongue at the feeling of her skin stinging and quickly yanked her it from his grip.

” I don’t have time to waste Olivia. Just do as I say.” Alexander gritted, not once sparing a glance at the people who seemed intrigued by him. Olivia rubbed her sore hand, still maintaining eyes contact with him before excusing herself. She went into the changing room with Alexander behind her and took off her apron and hat.

Without a word said, she walked passed him and towards the sleek grey car she identified as his. Raphael walked out of the driver’s seat and opened the backdoor for her. Olivia slid in, ignoring Alexander who had joined her soon after.

They drove in silence which Alexander began to find very uncomfortable. He noticed how Olivia constantly rubbed her hand, the one which he had grabbed a bit too tight. He felt his insides claw at him for hurting her but he never knew how to control his anger. He remembered how the red-haired boy had flirted with his wife – right in front of him, and he felt himself getting furious all over. Maybe letting her work was a bad idea.

Olivia looked out the window, now relieved that the stinging pain in her hand had disappeared. For someone who had been abused in the worst ways imaginable, she knew very well how to hide her pain. She frowned when she noticed they weren’t headed home but some other direction.

” We’re going to meet my parents.” Alexander said, answering the question in her head. Olivia didn’t bother answering. She thought what he did earlier was quite childish and very inconsiderate of him.

They approached the castle like building and met with a cheerful Isabella and beaming Nicolas.

” Olivia my dear! How have you been?” Isabella smiled hugging Olivia warmly.

Olivia flashed a small smile and hugged her back.

” I’m fine, mother. It’s nice to see you.” Olivia replied. She greeted her father-in-law, who also hugged her and took a seat in the living room.

” I hope Xander hasn’t been treating you too badly. He doesn’t know how to treat his ladies.” Isabella chuckled making Alexander huff.

” He’s not so bad.” Olivia deadpanned with a shrug.

” That’s an improvement. There’s some tea in the dining room for you if you want some. Help yourself dearie.” Isabella smiled.

” It’s alright, mother. I’m just going to the bathroom.” Olivia declined politely, as she stood up and walked down the hall.

As she headed for the bathroom,she felt her phone vibrate and smiled when she saw it was a message from her mother.


I hope my princess is doing well today. Mother misses her so much. –Β  M


Olivia smiled and quickly sent a reply.


I’m doing fine mother. I miss you too. I hope you’re eating well and taking your medicines. My regards to miss Elle. I love you. – O


Just as she tucked her phone in her dress pocket, she bumped into someone.

” I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” Olivia looked up to meet a familiar pair of golden orbs. However, it was a woman. She seemed only a few years older than her. Her skin color was just like that of Alexander’s. She had wavy brown hair, and was breathtaking.

” I’m fine. My apologies.” Olivia shook her head.

” I’m Sarah. You are…” She trailed off, extending her hand.

” Olivia.” Olivia replied, shaking her hand.

” Olivia? Oh you must be my brother’s wife! Mom’s been talking about you non-stop.” Sarah giggled. Olivia nodded her head in understanding. So Alexander had a sister. This was probably why he decided to come.

” I’m Sarah. His twin sister. Nice to meet you by the way.” Sarah smiled brightly.

” You too. Excuse me. I need to use the bathroom.” Olivia smiled lightly and walked away. Sarah seemed nice, she thought to herself.

She finally found the bathroom and took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. Her loose hair was slightly disheveled so she raked her hand through it a few times. Once she was satisfied with her appearance, she made her way back to the living room. It wasn’t like she actually needed to use the bathroom anyway.

” Olivia you’re back!” Isabella beamed.

” This is Sarah. My favourite daughter and Xander’s twin sister.” She smiled.

” Mom, I’m your only daughter.” Sarah chuckled.

” I believe Sarah and I have already met.” Olivia nodded with a smile.

” Yeah. She really is stunning, big brother. You really do like the finest things in life.” Sarah nudged her brother who was busy staring at Olivia.

Olivia hummed, ignoring his gaze and smiled at a waiter who handed her a glass of water.

” Come on guys. I have so much to show you from my tour. France is just beautiful.” Sarah gushed dreamily, dragging her parents to the kitchen.

Olivia dropped her glass of water on the table beside her and rested her head on her fist, staring at a family portrait hanging beautifully on a wall. /This family was beautiful/ She thought.

She felt the sofa dip but didn’t give it any attention. At least, not until a hand gently tugged at hers. She turned to see Alexander inspecting her slightly bruised hand carefully.

” What are you doing?” She frowned, releasing her hand from his hold.

” I’m looking at the damage I caused.” Alexander sighed.

” I’m…. sorry for hurting you at the bakery. I didn’t realize.” He added after a moment of hesitation.

” Don’t be. The deed is done.” Olivia shrugged, using her other hand to cover the redness on her skin.

” You’re not making me feel any better.” Alexander frowned.

” I wasn’t trying to.”

” I… really am… sorry.” Alexander repeated.

Olivia turned to him with a raised brow.

” Hmm, I can see your ego is at risk here. So don’t worry, you are forgiven.” Olivia sighed.

” Can I see it then?” Alexander asked after a moment of silence. Olivia stared into his orbs confused by the concern she thought she saw in them. She reluctantly handed him her hand and watched as his fingers grazed over the red skin.

” I really am sorry.” Alexander sighed.

” What matters is that you regret it. I don’t need your apologies.” Olivia sighed withdrawing her hand from his hold once again. Alexander nodded and went back to his parents who were too busy chatting happily with his sister.

Olivia turned back to the family portrait and sighed. If only she had a perfect family like this. Her thoughts began to conflict when she noticed something in one of their eyes. Olivia curiously walked up to the huge picture and took another good look. Her frown deepened when she realized…it was camera.

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