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Episode 22


Alexander adjusted the black tie. Today he would go to work with his wife. Nothing special there. He put on his black suit jacket and headed downstairs. Esmeralda had already made breakfast and just finished setting up the table.

” Olivia isn’t here yet?” He frowned.

” I am.” Her soft voice got his attention as she presented a tray of pancakes.Β  The food smelled delicious. But that wasn’t the what got his full attention. It was his wife.

Her long hair fell down her back in a high ponytail and the red that coated her plump lips highlighted her eyes. The white button up shirt she wore was tucked in nicely, revealing her slim waist. She walked so majestically in her black pencil skirt, and her heels clicking the marble floor as she swayed her curvy hips side to side. She was breathtaking to say the least and she didn’t even know.

” Sir?” Esmeralda’s voice snapped him out of his trance. Alexander cleared his throat.

” Would you like me to add more syrup?” She raised her brow expectantly.

” It’s fine, thank you.” Alexander replied as he began to eat. Olivia soon joined him, sitting right across the table with her plate of pancakes. She tucked one of the locks of hair she had let loose behind her hair as she did so and Alexander held in a breath.

” Do I get my own office?” Olivia asked, finishing her breakfast.

” Yes. It’s right next to mine.” Alexander nodded.

Olivia hummed in understanding. She was glad she didn’t have to be with him all the time. His mood swings was something she didn’t have the strength to deal with all the time. Not that she ever bothered. She cleared the table once they were done and washed the dishes.

” Shall we, Mr Payne?” She asked as she handed him his briefcase. Alexander scowled.

” I told you that’s not my name.” He stood up and collected his briefcase. They walked out the mansion, where Raphael was now waiting for them with the backdoor open.

” No, it’s not. But once we’re in front of your company, you’re my boss. Nothing else. You said it yourself, didn’t you?” She reminded him as she walked into the backseat of the car. Alexander pursed his lips. Maybe he should have let her stay back.

They were silent for most of the drive. It took longer to get there than when Olivia worked at the bakery so she thought it was quite a long ride. Alexander explained some things to her about her job but that was pretty much all that was said.

” Here we are sir, madam.” Raphael said as he stopped the car.

He opened the car door and Alexander walked out with his briefcase. Olivia took in the length of the building and awed at the sight. It was very large. She felt as though it was her first time seeing it even though she was here yesterday.

” Let’s go.” Alexander’s voice cut her off. She took in a deep breath and walked by his side as they entered the building.

Olivia noticed how the employees snuck glances at both of them but didn’t think much of it. She followed Alexander into the elevator which was filled with employees and lightly chuckled when she saw some of them trembling. Was her husband really that terrifying? Her amusement however vanished when she felt the elevator moving upwards. It felt like her insides were being lifted from, well…her inside.

Subconsciously, she held onto Alexander’s left arm, an action which caught him off guard. Alexander noticed the slight panic in her eyes and sighed. Women . He pulled Olivia to his front and held her close. He wasn’t fazed by the stares they were getting but he was by the their proximity. Olivia’s strawberry scent was clouding his thoughts and it didn’t help when she’d look around.

His employees all got out the elevator as their offices were below his, leaving only the both of them inside. / Just one more floor./ Alexander reasoned with himself. The elevator dinged, meaning they were already at the top floor. Alexander quickly walked out, almost bumping into his secretary in the process.

” Sorry sir.” Claire apologized.

Her eyes quickly found Olivia’s and she held her hand out.

” Welcome, Mrs Payne. I’m Claire. Mr Payne’s secretary.” She smiled. Olivia shook her hand and smiled.

” Thank you.”

” Claire, Olivia will be my new PA. Please show her her office. I have something I need to do right now.” Alexander said and with that, he walked off.

” Right here Mrs Payne.” Claire smiled. Olivia followed behind her as she was led to a wooden door. Claire opened it, revealing a spacious room, with a desk at the center. There was a computer on her desk, along with some files and seemed to be an intercom.

” This is your office from now on Mrs Payne. You will be in charge of Mr Payne’s schedules and going through his files for errors and the likes. I usually take Mr Payne his coffee every morning but now it will be your job. If you need any help I’m down the hall. Here’s his schedule for today. ” Claire handed her a clipboard. Olivia looked through it.

” He has a meeting at one.” She noted.

” Yes. A very important one too. So the conference room must be set before the guests arrive. You must have a bottle of water placed by each seat and make sure to be note every detail while the meeting takes place. Mr Payne will always goes through your notes after the meeting.” Claire explained. Olivia nodded. All this sounded okay.

” Would you like a tour before you start?” Claire suggested. Olivia nodded her head. For this job she needed to be fast. A tour sounded perfect.

” And this is where you’ll be getting Mr Payne’s coffee every morning. It’s also where you’ll get the water for the meeting.” Claire said as they approached yet another room. Olivia noticed some employees sipping at their coffee and chatting together. Once they saw her, however, they scurried away.

” Am I really that scary?” She frowned as she opened the huge refrigerator beside her to grab some bottles of water.

” No. But your husband is so don’t be surprised if everyone avoids you like the plague.” Claire added. Olivia nodded.

” How many seats are there in the conference room again?” She frowned as she eyed the unlimited number of bottled water.

” 17.” Olivia frowned. So she was expected to carry 17 bottles of water to the conference room which was about two floors from where she was.

” Any plastic bags here?” She asked, looking around.

” What for?” Claire turned to her confusedly.

” Are there?” Olivia raised a brow. Whatever they were for she’d find out.

” They’re right behind the coffeemaker.” Claire pointed. Olivia nodded and took two big bags. She began filling them with bottles of water till they reached 17.

” Can you carry that all by yourself?” Claire’s brows shot up in surprise as little Olivia lifted the bags with a grunt.

” It’s better than going to and fro.” Olivia shrugged, dragging the bags towards the elevator. She pushed herself against the wall. An elevator something she was not used to.

” Are you alright?” Claire glanced at her worriedly.

” Of course.” Olivia breathed.

The elevator dinged and Olivia carried the bags to the conference room, denying Claire’s help all the way. She was used to doing things by herself. Getting help was not something she was used to.

” Is this how you’ll carry these plastic bottles everytime?” Claire frowned as Olivia began to arrange them on the huge table just like she was told.

” I’ll get used to it. You can go now. Thank you.” Was Olivia’s reply. Claire nodded and left.

Olivia disposed the plastic bags and checked the time on her phone. 12:50pm. Just 10 more minutes before the meeting. She adjusted her shirt and patted her hair before making her way to Alexander’s office.



” Come in.” Alexander replied when he heard a knock on his door. Olivia walked in.

” Mr Payne. You have a meeting in 10 minutes. ” She said.

Alexander lifted his head to meet his wife’s gaze. He couldn’t tell why? But all his stress vanished when her scent filled his nostrils.




What was happening to him?

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