Wed. May 29th, 2024

Episode 21


* Oh the misery, everybody wants to be my enemy *




” O-Oh, My mistake sir.” Ray stuttered, quickly withdrawing his hand from Olivia’s.

” You were supposed to be in the car.” Alexander all but gritted.

” I needed to use the bathroom.” Olivia deadpanned. She wasn’t fazed by the deadly glare he was sending to both of them. Ray, on the other hand, was basically trembling.

” Excuse me sir.” Ray rushed away.

” We’re leaving. Now.” Alexander’s nose flared as he pulled Olivia by her waist, almost crushing her frame against his and left the building.

Olivia didn’t utter a word as they drove back home. She could practically feel the anger radiating off Alexander. / What’s got him so angry?/ She wondered. Either way, she wouldn’t let him ruin her mood.

” Welcome home madam, sir.” Esmeralda greeted, immediately they got in. Alexander nodded before heading to his office.

” Esmeralda. I thought I told you to stay till you felt better.” Olivia tilted her head with a frown. The middle aged woman smiled warmly before nodding.

” I assure you madam. I am well.”

” Well, that’s good to hear. What’s not however is you calling me madam. It makes me feel…old.” Olivia frowned. She was used to calling her sister that sometimes, but when called, she felt it wasn’t necessary.

” My apologies, Olivia.” Esmeralda corrected. Olivia nodded with a smile before leaving for her room.





” I need to talk to you.” Alexander leaned against the door to Olivia’s room.

She was reading a book she had gotten from his library and for some reason Alexander couldn’t help but admire the view. She was breathtaking even when doing the simplest things, like reading. She even made thinking beautiful. But he would never admit that.

Olivia closed her book and turned to him. Her blue eyes contrasted greatly with the deep blue dress but it only made her appear angelic.

” What about?” She blinked. Alexander wondered if she was aware of how her face formed a pout whenever she frowned. It honestly made her appear adorable even when she was angry.

” I need you to stay away from work for the meantime.” He straightened up when he noticed her thin brows crease.

” Why?” She pushed. Alexander inhaled deeply. If he said his wife’s curiosity and audacity didn’t tick him off ,it was a lie. But there was nothing he would do about it. It was cute.

” Because I said so. I need to keep an eye on you from now on. It’s not safe out there for you and now that everyone knows you’re my wife, you’re going to be the next target for my enemies.” Alexander sighed.

He was convinced someone was after him. The same person that’s been sending his threats for almost two years. He’d been trying his possible best to find this person but it’s more difficult than he thought. Liam’s convince this person in question is one of his business rivals but the stories just don’t add up. He’s still digging, but before he finds this person, he has to keep his wife safe. The last thing he wanted was his mother breathing down his neck or practically disowning him.

” No.” Was Olivia’s simply reply.

” It seems you’ve forgotten whose in charge here. I’m not only your husband, but I own you. And what I say goes. So don’t be stubborn. I’ve been tolerating shit this week and I don’t think I have the patience to tolerate yours.” He gritted. Why couldn’t she just agree with him for once?

/ His mood switch just had impeccable timing./ Olivia thought. She inhaled slowly and returned to her reading.

” I’m going to need something to do. I can’t just stay here all by myself. If your enemies really want to take me then don’t you think keeping me all alone in this house just makes things easier? There really is no way to avoid it because you don’t know who is your enemy, Mr Payne.” Olivia’s face remained stoic as she flipped through her book.

She didn’t want to stay all alone in the mansion. She wanted to save enough money to take care of herself and her mother and she knew that staying in the mansion would do nothing to help her.

” You studied business administration in college, didn’t you?” Alexander frowned. His words made Olivia pause. So he knew much more about her than she expected.

” What’s it to you?”

” If you stopped with that attitude, maybe I’d take you as my new personal assistant.” He continued. This made Olivia straighten up. Personal Assistant?

” What attitude are you referring to?” She turned to him.

” You wouldn’t know.” Alexander rolled his eyes.

” When do I start?” Her attention was now fully on him.

” Tomorrow morning.” Alexander turned to leave, but paused.

” But I don’t want any funny business. It’s my company so I won’t tolerate any mess up. Your job is simple. Look through my emails and files, schedule my meetings and report the important things. I don’t care who you are. My job matters the most.” With that, he left.

Olivia scowled at his words. How he managed to be successful was clear to her. But how Celine tolerated him was still a mystery. She closed her book and walked into the huge closet in her room. It was honestly like the malls she went with Alyssa. It had so many clothes for different occasions. So many expensive clothes. She grazed her fingers over the collection of pencil skirts and blouses at the end of her closet. They seemed professional enough.

Olivia wondered why she had those kind of outfits though. / Did he know she would work with him?/ She picked a black pencil skirt and white button up shirt with long sleeves. She’d work with that tomorrow.

She heard a soft knock on her door as she laid her clothes on her bed.

” Come in.”

” Dinner is ready ma- Olivia.” Esmeralda informed.

” Thank you, Esmeralda. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Olivia nodded as the maid walked out.

Olivia took out her phone and called Rita. She narrated the sad news to her, making sure to give a little detail so as to please her. She felt truly sad about having to leave her second mother again but it had to be done. Besides, being Alexander’s assistant meant she would get more money. Rita wasn’t quite happy, but she understood. She made Olivia promise to keep in touch and Olivia agreed. She would visit her whenever she went to her mother.

They chatted for a while before Olivia decided to go eat. Alexander was nowhere to be seen and she couldn’t be any happier. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to him anymore.

Olivia finished her meal and helped Esmeralda with the dishes. Of course, Esmeralda was against it but there was nothing she could do about it. Whatever Olivia said was final.

” Good night, Esmeralda.” Olivia smiled as she headed upstairs. Tomorrow was her first day in an office as an employee. She was excited. She just had to cope with the fact that she would be seeing Alexander more than she’d like to.

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