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Episode 18


*. ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ Soso – Omah Lay๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽถ*.





Olivia squinted her eyes as she ran her fingers over the portrait. It seemed normal. But that little thing kept standing out. She wondered whether the family was aware of this. Then again, if they weren’t, she wouldn’t be surprised because it blended in with the rest of the picture. It was almost invisible.

” Hey.” A voice called snapping Olivia out of her thoughts.

” Nice portrait isn’t it?” Sarah chuckled. Olivia gave her a small smile and nodded.

” It took a lot of bribing to get my brother to come with though.” Sarah giggled at a recollection.

Olivia nodded and went back to staring at the portrait.

” You do like my brother. Don’t you?” Sarah frowned, worriedly gazing into Olivia’s eyes.

” If I didn’t I wouldn’t have married him.” Olivia smiled lightly.

” That’s nice. Many women only want him for his money and looks. And well my brother hasn’t really been into girls after his first lover disappeared.” Sarah admitted solemnly. Olivia hummed. Alexander had a lover.

” Just like that.” Olivia added, hoping to get more details.

” No. She was really in love with him. And to be honest she was like you. Dark hair, blue eyes, her skin was paler though. Alex and skye loved each other so much. They even wanted to get married even though they were just in 9th grade.” Sarah chuckled at the last part.

” Until one day, she ditched him at a school dance. She disappeared. We couldn’t find her, her parents couldn’t, not even the police.” Sarah shook her head sadly. Olivia hesitantly patted her shoulder lightly and nodded.

” So you should understand if Alex is cold towards you. He can’t take another heartbreak. His last one broke him.” Sarah continued.

” It’s okay. I sorry for you loss though.” Olivia smiled.

” Forget that. Let’s eat.” Sarah shook her head with a small smile and dragged Olivia towards the rest. The food was already served so Olivia sat next to Sarah, across Alexander.

” So Olivia. How was your honeymoon?” Nicolas asked as they all dug in. Olivia and Alexander shared a look before she answered.

” It was quiet and peaceful. Italy was also very beautiful. Thank you for the gift,Mr Payne.” She smiled.

” My dear we’re family. You can call me, Dad. And you’re very welcome. ” Nicolas chuckled.

” We met Matteo though.” Alexander added.

” That boy is too troublesome. His mother called me last week and told me how he’s been avoiding them like the plague because of his marriage.” Isabella shook her head while Alexander rolled his eyes.

” I can’t blame him.” Alexander added lightly.

” Of course you can’t. You’re both cowards.” Isabella joked making Alexander grumbled.

” I’m glad you didn’t take that dirty woman with you too. You’ve parted ways, haven’t you?” Isabella raised a brow.

” Not quite, mom.” Alexander frowned, earning a glare from both his parents.

” Well I hope you didn’t take her anywhere near Olivia, did you?” Nicolas asked.

” Did he dear?” They all turned to Olivia who didn’t care much about the conversation.

” I honestly have no idea who you’re talking about. Certainly not someone I should worry about, right?” Olivia frowned, feigning jealousy. Her words made them all relax including Alexander.

” Of course not, my love.” Alexander smiled.

” I’m glad my son has finally learned the value of what he possesses.” Isabella smiled proudly. / If only they knew/ Olivia thought.

” So, when should I be expecting a niece or nephew?” Sarah started after a moment of silence, making Olivia choke on her drink.

” Here.” Alexander helped her with a glass of water which she was grateful for.

” Did I say something wrong? It’s bound to happen. And I’ll be waiting.” Sarah chuckled. Olivia cleared her throat and attempted to brush the question off by taking another sip of her drink.

” Hopefully soon enough. I can’t wait to have such beautiful grandkids.” Isabella cooed.

” Uhm… excuse me everyone.” Olivia said and headed down the hall. She opened the bathroom door and locked it immediately she was inside.

She knew some day this conversation would come but she didn’t think it would be in less than a month of her marriage. The last thing she needed was pressure over it and here she was. Olivia knew the world was cruel and she wasn’t sure she wanted her children to face it just yet. She could only imagine the ways her father would use to manipulate them or hurt them. Just they way he did to her and her mother. Her head began to ache as all the screams, pain and torture came flooding back in memories.

Alexander, on the other hand, didn’t seem to be a responsible father at the moment. He had potential but she wouldn’t take any risks. Kids should never go through what she did and Olivia would make sure her’s won’t. Olivia fell on her knees and stared at her shaky hands. The ones that used to be soaked in blood and torn by whatever object her father would find. That statement had awoken a vulnerable part she never wished to reveal. But there was no way she would let it get to her.

She heard a soft knock on the door and took in a deep breath. She blinked back the tears that threatened to escape and straightened herself before opening it. Her head felt heavy as she stood up.

” Are you alright?” Alexander frowned once he noticed how drained she appeared. He noticed how she leaned on the door to support her weight before straightening up.

” I’m fine.” Olivia’s voice was strong. Just the way she wanted it.

” You were taking so long. Let’s go.” Alexander cleared his throat as he guided her back to the dining room.

” Olivia dear, are you okay?” Isabella asked worriedly.

” Yeah you look sick.” Sarah frowned, checking her temperature.

” You’re burning up!” Sarah exclaimed hurriedly getting up.

” I’m fine. It’s just headache. I’ll take some pills before I go to bed.” Olivia reassured her.

” Okay. Well, Xander make sure she takes those pills. Right now she needs to eat some more.” Nicolasย  agreed.

Alexander nodded and glanced at Olivia who had already lost her appetite. He began to wonder why she was suddenly feeling unwell. Was she sick? If so, he hoped it wasn’t serious.

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