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Episode 14


*🎢 Friends say I’m stupid and I’m out of my mind.

But without you, boy

I’d be bored all the time.

No I don’t really care for the same conversation.

Got everything I need, and I’d rather be chasin,

Chasin love, with a monster…🎢🎢*




Alexander stared at his ‘ wife ‘ for a moment before asking.

” You’re getting a job, or you want to get a job?” He furrowed his brows.

” Both. I already have a place in mind.” Olivia shrugged, looking down at her food.

” And where would that be?” Alexander quirked a brow.

” At a bakery shop called Rita’s Treats.” Olivia told him.

Alexander looked at her sceptically. Was she really serious? How would she, the wife of a billionaire be working at a bakery shop. Was he not feeding her enough? Did he not have the money to meet her needs?

” And why would you need a job? I have enough money to take care of anything you need. ” He gritted.

” That doesn’t mean I’ll ask, or use it.” Olivia deadpanned. /So not only was his wife basically a sassy loner, but also independent? Such wife material./ Alexander humoured.

” And what is it you’ll use your pay for that I can’t do for you?”

” Like I said, I’m not going to ask you for money. So it’s not about your capability. I want to be the one to take care of myself. Like I always have.” Olivia frowned.

Alexander relaxed in his seat and played with his spoon as he gave her words a thought.

” Your father didn’t do much for you?”

” That’s not the point.” Olivia nearly snapped. Alexander hummed.

” When will you start?”

” Tomorrow morning.” Alexander sighed. He knew staying at such a huge place would be boring. Letting her work was the least he could do to kill her boredom.

” Fine. But Benjamin shall take you there and bring you back once you’re done. I don’t care what happens there, you must be back before dinner time or you’re quitting that job.” Alexander said before returning to his food.

” That’s not a problem. Thank you.” Olivia smiled. Not only was she getting a job, but her workplace was quite close to her mother. She quickly ate her food and made her way up the stairs and towards her room. Tomorrow will go well for her.

Alexander met Olivia in the dining room adjusting her baby pink skirt around her waist. She had on a white, sleeveless turtle neck and matched her outfit with white sneakers. Her hair was held in a high ponytail and he could see her unique blue eyes shine with delight. She was beautiful, a fact he had to admit to himself.

” Morning Alexander.” Her soft voice contrasted with the deadpanned expression on her face. / Would it kill to smile once in a while?/ Alexander mused.

” Is Benjamin ready for you?” He asked taking a seat and helping himself to the breakfast already served on his plate.

” Who made this?” He hummed at the deliciousness of his chicken and waffles. Esmeralda could never make this. Not that her cooking was bad.

” What’s wrong with it?” Olivia side-eyed him as she raked her hands through her tail.

” Nothing.” Alexander said taking another bite of his food.

” I did.” She said, nearly making him choke on some chicken. /She made this?/ Alexander wondered to himself as he stared at her back. / Damn. He sure loved himself a good cook./ He smiled inwardly as he finished his breakfast.

” Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to work?” Alexander frowned as he stood up and grabbed his briefcase. Olivia cleared the table and washed his plate.

” I’m waiting to see your departure first.” She shrugged, walking beside him to the door.

” What happened to Esmeralda anyways?” Alexander asked , stopping outside.

” I noticed she has been extremely fatigued lately. It’s not good for someone her age. So I told her you said she could leave for some days. ” Olivia replied.

” Oh. So you’re lying with my name now?” Alexander snorted lightly.

” At least it’s your name she’d praise when talking about great employers.” Olivia shrugged.

” Plus, I already decided to take on her job for the meantime so it’s nothing serious.” She added.

” Well, dinner better be ready before I come back, Miss.” Alexander said walking towards the backseat which Raphael had opened for him.

” I’m not making any promises, Mr Payne.” She said getting into one of his other cars which Benjamin had opened for her.

Alexander half groaned and chuckled at the name. He was starting to suspect she knew how he felt whenever she called him that. He drove off to work with a small smile plastered on his face. A little part of him was excited to eat what she was going to make for dinner. Now not only her looks, but her food was a feast for the eyes.


At the bakery….



” Welcome back, Rosa.” The chubby owner, Rita, cheered once she saw her favorite employee.

Olivia smiled warmly as her second mother enveloped her in a hug. She sure did miss her old work place.

” I heard you got married. Tell me all about it.” The woman giggled dragging her to a nearby table.

” You heard about that.” Olivia had expected it though. It was either her father bragging about her marriage to a millionaire, or Alyssa bad mouthing her because of her jealousy.

” Both bad and good things. But I’d rather hear from you.” Rita said propping her elbows on the table and resting her head on her two fists.

” Can’t we at least wait till work’s over?” Olivia sighed.

” What work, this place is practically deserted!” Rita frowned. Olivia’s eyes scanned the bakery which was packed with people. Some of which were staring at her.

” I would like to know what your definitely of Full would be then Aunt Rita.” Olivia shook her head. The things this woman would do for gossip. She didn’t mind it though because, Rita had a heart of gold and she reminded her of her mother. Of course not physically.

” I don’t know where they came from.” Rita grinned with a shrug. Olivia sighed before walking into the changing room to her old locker. It was just the way she left it. Tidy, but empty. Besides the uniform she had to wear which was only a burgundy apron and yellow facing cap, there was nothing there. She dusted the apron and smiled when she put it on.

” Oh come on Rosa. Tell me. I heard your husband is the stuff.” Rita wiggled her eyebrows.

” Do you really want to know what my husband is like?” Olivia said turning to her childish boss.

” Oh you know it, my dear. All ears.” Rita said eagerly.

” Then back to work. Or you’ll never know.” Olivia said shooing her off with her hands.

” Oh yes I will. Gossip never leaves my ears. And you’re the neighborhood topic.” Rita frowned walking off.

” But you like hearing from the source, don’t you?” Olivia smirked making her boss groan.

” I hate you so much.” Rita grumbled. Olivia chuckled and walked back to the counter where she greeted some of her fellow employees and went back to work. Just like the old days.




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