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Episode 16


Olivia sighed as she walked into the living room. She was glad Alexander wasn’t back yet since it meant she could keep her part of the deal.Β  She began to make some instant pot Puerto Rican Pernil , something her father loved very much. She made sure to take a quick shower after she was done and set the table.

Alexander came back only minutes after to find his wife waiting for him in the living room. He glanced at the nearly set table and nodded to himself. She really did keep her word.

” You’re back early.” Olivia noted as she met his gaze.

” There wasn’t much to do.” Alexander said shrugging off his suit jacket and dropping his suitcase on one of the seats beside him.

Olivia walked over to the dining table and began to serve dinner on his plate.

” What if I told you I have eaten outside?” Alexander crossed his arms.

” You don’t like outside food.” Olivia replied, unfazed by his words. Alexander inhaled slowly. She was right. He wasn’t a fan of outside food. Not because they weren’t delicious, but because he didn’t know how it was made. What if someone spat in his dinner? Or kept picking their nose as they made it? Before his marriage he preferred eating his mother’s homemade dishes. He had only recently gotten used to Esmeralda’s.

” But I did.” He frowned.

” It’s not enough.” Olivia said taking a seat and helping herself to dinner. She hadn’t spared Alexander a glance since he started speaking and it pissed him off for some reason.

” How do you know I don’t like that kind of food?” Alexander’s friend deepened as he sat on one of the chairs and took a bite of his Pernil. It tasted amazing.

” I have eyes.” Olivia retorted.

” Well, it’s obvious you know more about me. Why not tell me something I don’t know about you?” Alexander sighed, eyeing his wife.

” I don’t like when people make me talk while eating.” Olivia stated finally meeting his eyes, much to Alexander’s satisfaction.

” Too bad. Tell me something else.”

” Why?” Olivia hummed.

” Because you’re my wife. I need to know more about you.” Alexander deadpanned.

” Really?”Β  Olivia asked, feigning surprise.

” What?” Alexander frowned.

” Oh nothing. I thought Celine was your wife instead.” Olivia replied.

” Jealous?” Alexander smirked.

” On the contrary, I love that you have someone to entertain you. Makes things much easier.” Olivia shrugged. Alexander could see the side of her plump lips curl up and he felt his insides burn. He has never met a woman who didn’t want him as much as Olivia. It was like she didn’t find him attractive at all.

” So you like Celine?” Alexander rested his head on his fist as he took another bite.

” Isn’t it obvious?” Olivia deadpanned, making Olivia chuckle.

” You don’t show it.” He pointed out.

” I treat people the way they should be treated. You girlfriend does not deserve my respect.” Olivia sighed, running a hand through her hair. Alexander thought it was attractive.

” Why not?” Alexander squinted his eyes.

” For starters, you aren’t even mad about what I’m saying about your girl.” Olivia said taking a sip of water.

” That’s because she’s not my girl.” Alexander shrugged.

” And that’s why men don’t impress me.” Olivia shrugged.

” What if I changed my ways. Would you be impressed?” Alexander frowned.

” You won’t need to. My mind is already made up about you.” Olivia said as she stood up and began clearing the table.

” And what do you think of me?” Alexander turned to her.

” I think we’ve spoken enough for one day.” Olivia replied not turning to meet his eyes as she washed the dishes.

” Alright then. I’ll see you tomorrow, Olivia.” Alexander stood up and left for his room.

Olivia didn’t bother to reply as she thought it wasn’t necessary. She dried her hands and made her way upstairs for a much needed rest. Working at the bakery could be enjoyable, but tiresome as well.

The next day…….


Alexander stared at the closed curtains in his office. His mind travelled to what his wife had told him the night before and he was troubled. What did she think of him? Alexander let out a frustrated grunt. He didn’t understand why Olivia’s words bothered him so much. Did she think of his so lowly? Did she even like him? Maybe she had someone in her mind already.

He hadn’t been able to do alot since he arrived this morning because of his wife. He remembered how stunning she looked in herΒ  knee-length purple dress and loose,wavy hair. She didn’t need to apply anything to look good. Her french toast this morning was amazing too and Olivia was starting to make him contemplate on firing Esmeralda. But she wouldn’t like that.

Alexander rubbed his face tiredly. Thoughts like these made him feel stupid. Why couldn’t he get answers? He felt his phone vibrate and frowned when he saw his mother’s name flash on his screen. What could she need now?




Olivia smiled as the old woman thanked her for the order. She was her to leave the bakery in 5 minutes but there was still a very long line ahead. She took a deep breath as the next customer came up. He was a lean, young boy about her age and a little bit taller than her. His hair was blood red and he had freckles on his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. His green eyes complemented both his hair and pale skin perfectly.

” Welcome to Rita’s. How may I help you?” Olivia smiled at him. The boy flashed a friendly smile and looked through the items in the glass container.

” I’ll have uh…a blueberry muffin and pretzel please.” He smiled. Olivia packed his orders and handed it to him before taking the money her gave.

” Come again soon.” She smiled.

” I will. Thank you.” The boy replied with a wink.

Olivia checked the time on her phone and realized she was going to be late. She opted to call Alexander and tell him she would be home late and agreed to call after taking one more order.

” Welcome to Rita’s. How may I help you? ” Her breath hitched when she met a pair of furious golden orbs.

” We’re leaving.”



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