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Episode 15


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” So how’s it going with the missus?” Alexander glanced at his best friend through his glasses.

” Don’t you have work to do?” He frowned.

” Nope. All done. I got your file too. Why can’t you just ask her about herself? You know, get to know her rather than ask me to do it. Some of us have time you know.” Liam squinted his eyes.

” Time? That explains why you’ve been busy doing nothing in my office for over thirty minutes.” Alexander tapped his forehead as if he just realized something great.

Liam rolled his eyes before placing the paper on Alexander’s table.

” A thank you wouldn’t hurt. Would it?” He said folding his arms childishly.

” Thank you, Liam. I wonder what you gained from it though.” Alexander smirked as his eyes scanned the paper.


Name: Olivia Rosaline Martinez


Date ofΒ  birth: October 17th, 2004


Parents:Β  Late Elijah, and Mia Hawkins


Sibling (s): Alyssa Martinez


Likes: Reading, Cooking, Silence.



Alexander quirked a brow at his best friend. How is silence a like?

” What?” Liam frowned.

” Silence? Really?”

” Well-” Liam raised his hands in defense.

“Not much is revealed about her or her mother, Okay!” He continued.

Alexander thought about it. Olivia had never really mentioned her mother before and she didn’t give Alexander any sign as to whether she was fine talking about it. He only learned more about her when he made mistakes. Like this morning when he made mention if her father. He saw the anger in her eyes and how she snapped when she didn’t mean to.

Alexander knew she wasn’t a daddy’s girl but know he knew she didn’t like her father. Well, it was a good considering he was going to kill him anyway. At least now he knew Olivia wouldn’t give him the silent treatment for life.Β  Alexander cleared his throat and shifted in his seat. He didn’t care what she thoughts. He would do it anyway.

” Thinking about her, aren’t we?” Liam teased.

Alexander blinked hard and shook his head to get rid of her thoughts. He ignored Liam’s question and pretended to read the other details which included her height, features, previous occupation.

” She majored in business management?” He asked when his eyes came across the piece of information.

” Yeah. But she didn’t quite finish college. She had to leave for some reason. But the funny is that she was a brilliant students throughout her academic years.” Liam pointed out, taking a sip from Alexander’s cup of coffee.

” You just live to annoy me, don’t you?” Alexander glared eyeing Liam’s untouched cup of coffee.

” Maybe. Yes.” Liam nodded.

” What of her sister?” Alexander asked.

” She was good too. But not quite up to Olivia. She graduated college with and average score and is now trying to get into modeling.” Liam shrugged. Alexander nodded. Feeling a little sense of pride.

” Her mother?” Alexander asked.

” I don’t know…dead, maybe? But I don’t think so.” Liam said.

” Why?” Alexander frowned. ” You didn’t get anything on her did you?”

” No , but I found out that after their marriage, Mia Hawkins, now Mia Martinez, wasn’t seen again after a few weeks of their marriage. People actually thought she and Olivia disappeared but that suspicion died off when all of a sudden Olivia started working at a bakery shop called…er..Roma? I don’t know. ”

” So you think Mia is still there somewhere.” Alexander nodded in understanding.

” Pretty creepy huh?” Liam smiled.

” Not as creepy as how you enjoy watching Tom and Jerry in undies. At night.” Alexander chuckled making Liam’s smile drop.

” Hey! Everyone has a weird hobby.” Liam defended.

” Right.” Alexander drawled, dropping the file inside one of his drawers.

” So, you still want to kill William?” Liam smirked. Alexander nodded, knowing how excited Liam could get.

” Yes, but it seems he also has plans for me. Let’s give him some more time. We’ll be able to find out more about his doings anyways.” Alexander smirked, leaning back in his chair, much to Liam’s disappointment.

” Okay, how did your honeymoon go? Any lovemaking?” Liam grinned. Alexander frowned at the memory.

” We met Matteo.” Alexander said staring at the ceiling.

” Turn off!” Liam faked disgust making Alexander chuckle.

” Yeah, he and Olivia are pretty close. Well, she doesn’t mind his company.” He continued. Feeling guilty all over again for yelling at her.

” Jealous?” He could practically hear Liam’s smirk.

” I don’t even know the meaning of that word.” Alexander scoffed making Liam snort.

” That’s what they all say.” Liam smiled taking another sip of Alexander’s coffee. Alexander tipped the cup almost spilling it on Liam’s clothes.

” Not cool.” Liam growled cleaning his jaw with a napkin.

” Celine went with us.” Alexander admitted.

” Oh. Still with the human flamingo I see.” Liam sat straighter.

” Dude.” Alexander chuckled.

” She dresses in pink every time. Her face is always caked with so much make up like a human Barbie doll and her fake boobs look like they’d burst any seco- how do you deal with that?” Liam exclaimed frustratedly.

” Gives me what I what, don’t she?” Alexander chuckled.

” STIs? I would be surprised. Hey! I rhymed.” Liam smiled at his amusement.

” I use protection.” Alexander frowned.

” For what exactly? Yourself or your wallet?” Liam snorted.

” You’re right. Maybe it’s time I finally find someone else.” Alexander joked earning a punch from Liam.

” It’s obvious you don’t appreciate the goddess you have. I’d be willing to take her as my bride though. Don’t worry, we’ll still visit you on weekends.” Liam smirked and it was his turn to get a punch. A not so friendly one at that.

” Ever heard of a joke?” Liam rubbed his sore arm.

Alexander leaned back in his chair, slightly pissed off by his friend’s remark. He couldn’t imagine having his wife married to his best friend because he knew Liam would treat Olivia better than be ever could. And for some reason it didn’t make him happy.

” She all alone at home?” Liam asked. He never really knew when to stop.

” No. She’s at work.” Alexander said.

” Work? Where?” Liam was shocked.

” At some bakery shop. Forgotten the name.” Alexander shrugged.

” And you’re okay with that?” Liam frowned .

” Is something wrong?” Alexander raised a brow.

” Oh nothing. I was just wondering how you’re fine with letting your wife work in the midst of different kind of guys. Handsome, cute, teenage boys that probably go there. Maybe some older men too.”Β  Liam said eyeing Alexander’s stiff posture with a smirk.

” She’s married. She wouldn’t pay any attention to them.” Alexander stated. But it was more like he was reassuring himself.

” That’s doesn’t mean they wouldn’t. Besides I wouldn’t be surprised if she did. No offense, but you’re not exactly acting like a real husband.” Liam said and Alexander closed his eyes. He knew Olivia. She would never cheat on him. No, she wouldn’t. No matter how mean…… ignorant…..and inconsiderate of her feelings he’s been. Right?

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