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‘Lady R’ Devika called my name immediately after i walked out the coffee shop



‘His name is Cheng ‘ I said

She sighed and said


‘I believe Xander is not your Cheng but if he is please do not try to make him remember anything from the past,if you love him then you will believe me when I say forcing him to remember is very dangerous for him ‘ she said


My mind went back to what happened that night

She isn’t lying


‘I do not need to force him into recollecting his past memories…he has seen me ,it wont take long at all for him to remember me…good bye ‘ I said as I walked away


I have to make him know who I truly am


I know he is Cheng but i still need strong evidence


I have to prove that he is truly Cheng

But how am I going to do that


How exactly am I going to do that



I walked into Logan room and saw him sitedon the bed drawing on his sketch pad


‘Hey honey ,what are you drawing ‘I asked as I sitted next to him



‘I am drawing my dream family ‘ he said as he showed me the picture


‘This is you,this is me and this is dad’he sighed and said ‘too bad he is in heaven now ,I wish I knew him before he went to heaven ‘ Logan said and tears rolls down my eyes and wiped it off immediately


‘Come on, it late already ,you have school tomorrow ‘ I said as I placed his head on his pillow and slowly brushed my hand through his hair till he went to sleep


I could not control the tears

This is really bad


How do I tell your dad is still alive and he betrayed me and left me

You not going to understand if I tell you all that


And you just going to hate your dad

I really do not want you to hate him


I do not want you to hate your dad for any reason


Am really not one of those woman who tells their children horror stories about their dad just because I was betrayed by him


I can’t really do that




‘Ma’m you have been invited to Hong Kong to judge a young talent show ‘ my P.A said



‘BFR and D.X are also one of the judges’ she said and immediately I was interested in the show


‘D.x is going to be there….Tell them I will definetly goto the award show ‘ I said and she nodded before walking out of my office..


This is a great opportunity for me to finally move closecloser to D.x

I can finally move closer to him with this



‘I can’t believe this Kelly, what am I going to do now ,I have a feeling Lady R has an important role in Xander’s life ‘ I said


‘Well maybe the best thing to do is leave him for lady R ‘ she said


‘No Kelly I can’t…I just can’t…you have no idea how much I love him, you just don’t ‘ I said


‘Well there is something you can do to make him yours’

‘Which is?’


‘You will have to do something that will make him stuck to you forever ,eventhough he tries to leave you he won’t be able to’ I said


‘And what is that?’


‘Here have this’ she said giving me a small bottle ‘when you and Xander get to Hong Kong ,you should spike his drink with this ,he surely wouldn’t know what he is doing …he will be s£xually active he wouldn’t know what to do…then you can take him into your room and have your way with him….the next morning he wouldn’t remember what happened the last night so you can make him think he got drunk and took advantage of you…then Xander will have no other choice than to be stuck with you…he will feel like he betrayed your friendship…he will always want to be around you and will not want to leave you for a second…if you want to make him stuck to you permanently just tell him you avirg before he raped you ‘


‘Okay first and foremost am not a virgin, I mema I am 28 why will I be one so stupid. But Kelly doing stuffs like that is like betraying our friendship ,do you think this is the right plan ‘I said and she sighed


‘Come on girl, sooner or later Xander will remember and go back to that Lady D or R R Whatever then you will be left alone but If you do this ,be rest assured that Xander is definetly yours forever and ever ‘ she said and I sighed



I will definitely do that



I arrived at the hotel in Hong Kong with Devika

At first I had no interest in this show.


But when I heard that lady R was going to be there I was suddenly interested In it

I want to see Lady R


I want to know why my heart always skip a beat when i hear her name


I want to know why my heart was beating so fast when she hugged me that day


I want to know just why I haven’t been able toget her off my mind ever since I sawher that day


‘Hey re you Okay?’ Devika asked

‘Yes,yes I am Okay ‘ I said


‘Hello’a voice greeted Ndi turned my back to see who it was

‘Lady R ‘ I muttered


I do not know why I am so extremely happy to see her

I am just so happy to see her


‘Hi ‘ i said with a light smile on my face and as she stretches her hand and I shake her


I must say it took me alot of energy to let go of her hands

Should I say I haven’t felt this way towards any lady before


Should I call this love at first sight or what


‘Hello Lady R’ Devika said as she waved at her


I can say from the look on her face that she is not so pleased to see her

She faked a smile and waved back at her


‘So I am really tired that was a long journey, will see you guys later in the night ‘ rose said as she walked away


I smiled to myself


‘Let go’ I said to Devikaas she nodded and walked away



I went to the club that day


Is not something I do but the way Logan constantly talks about his dad this days really get me worried


I just want to get my mind offall this stress

I started drinking


I could not control myself


‘ somebody walked towards me and collected the drink for me ‘

‘Hey what are you……’


I could not complete what I was about to say when I saw the person



‘What are you doing here ‘ she asked


‘Why are you drinking so much ‘ I asked


‘None of your business ‘ she said as she wanted to collect the drink from me

I threw it away and said to the barman


‘You give her another drink and you fired ‘ I said and he obeyed immediately


I own this place


Am sure haize doesn’t know that

She was already drunk


She stood on her feet while staggering and walked out of the club while I followed her

‘Haize we need to talk’ I said


‘Leave mealone ‘ she said while walking towards her car

‘Haize you can’t drive in this condition ‘ I said


‘Just leave mealone will you ‘ she shouted as she fell on the ground

‘Haize’I called as I ran towards her


I helped her up and her body and face was covered with mud


‘What exactly do you want from me ,haven’t you done enough damage in my life why won’t you

let me be kris , why won’t you just leave mealone ‘ she said crying

‘Haize please just listen tome ‘ I said as I held her by the wrist


She grabbed my collar and started hitting me nonstop


‘I hate you ,I hate you kris ,I hate you’


‘Hit me all you want, hit me ,if it makes you feel better just do it’ I said and she continue hitting me until she fainted and I caught her in my hands preventing her from falling on the floor


I carried her in bridal style and gently placed her in my vehicle


I got into the car one more time before I drive off

I gently placed haize muddy body on my white bed


She can’t sleep with all this dirt


I ran my hand through my hair as I slowly unbuttoned her shirt



She mumbled some words as she held my hand with her eyes closed

She fell asleep again


I removed her shirt revealing her bra

I pulled down her skirt too


I know haize will kill me for this the next morning but I really can’t let her sleep like this


Even her underwear is filled with mud water


I removed all her clothes including her underwear

If she is going to kill meso be it


I gently cleaned the mud off her body with towel and water


But something is really wierd about her tummy

It looks like she has been operated on here


But what operation could it have been


I walked towards my wardrobe and picked out one of my oversized shirt and put it on for her


Have seen enough of her body


It still looks as beautiful as ever


It even more beautiful than before


Rest in peace for me when she wakes up tomorrow

I caressed her face with my hand


Heaven knows just how much I loveyou haize


I do not think I can love anyone else apart from you haize


Please just give me a chance to explain things to you


I said as I kissed her on the forehead before walking out of the room



Later in the night I heard a knock on my doorand I walked towards it to see who it was


I slowly opened the doorand I saw Devika dressed in one of the s£xiest outfit while holding a bottle of wine


‘Devika what are you doing here?’I asked


‘Atleattell me to come in ‘ she said and i smiled as i allowed her into the room

She sat down on my bed and poured me a cup of wine


‘Thanks ‘ i said as i collected the wine from her

But what she is wearing is a little odd


Her cleavage and thighs

What the heck


Anyway it not her first time wearing stuffs like this


I had asip of the wind before Devika started talking to me about random stuffs

Few minutes later I started feeling awkward


My head was spinning

Was kind of dizzy


‘Hey are you okay?’ Devika asked


‘Yes I am fine ‘ i replied




I knew it was go time already


Xander wasn’t exactly himself anymore

I stoodon my feet and smiled at him


He held his head


He was not himself


I pulled of my s£xy gown revealing my s£xy lingerie


‘Hey look here dont you like what you see’i said with a flirty smile on my face

He stood on his feet and picked up my cloth and threw it on me


‘Put that on ‘ he said while staggering

‘What …why’


He fell on the chair


I am sure he is very dizzy


I moved close to kiss him but he moved his lips away

How can he be so stubborn when he is intoxicated


I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and started kissing his chest but he slowly pushed me away as he stood on his feet staggering


‘I….wa…..I will be rig…

Right back ‘ he said as he stood on his feet and walked out of his room

What the heck


What kind of a man is he

He resisted me


I mean I was almost naked in front of me



That man



I stoodon my feet


What the heck is Devika doing

And why am I dizzy


Why the heck do I feel so awkward


I walked towards the door and opened it

I walked out of the room for air


This is not right


I was on my way back to my room

Room nine


That my room


I couldn’t see properly


I just walked into one of the rooms



They really need to change this room number

The nine keeps turning upside down forming six


I went to the bathroom and soaked myself in the bath before I walked out with a towel around my chest


I stoodin front of the mirror and stared at my beautiful slim figure

I felt a strong warm hand hugged me from the bag


I screamed as I turned my back and lifted my hand to slap the person but my hand froze in midair

‘Cheng’ I muttered


From the look on his face I can say he was drunk

Like really drunk


Something keeps telling me that Devika was the one who got him drunk to have her way with him

I saw her going into his room with a bottle of liquor


She wants to have her way with my Cheng

Cheng I know never drinks alcohol


‘Cheng are you Okay ‘ I saidas he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me closer

Seven years


It been seven since I last got this feelings

This feelings of being close to him


Our face slowly came close to each other as I could feel his breath on mine

Our nose rubbed each other as I closed my eyes and his lips slowly met mine


Now am going crazy


This of the first time in seven years am also kissing him

He kisses just like Cheng.


Slowly and even better than before


I wrapped my hand around his neck to get the full feeling of the kiss

I have been damn hungry for a kiss like this


I feel my back slowly touch the wall as he broke the kiss and stared at me



I know he is doing this due to the effect of the alcohol he drank but I still do not care

I just want him to touch me as much as he wants


I do not care if he wakes up tomorrow and he is Xander again

But as for now he is still my old Cheng and am happy


His hand slowly ran his hand up my smooth thighs and my stomach had wierd tingles

Yea those her butterflies


Now I should have put on something else


This towel I have around my waist is going to falloff anytime soon


I felthis hot breath on my neck and my body produces love hormones as his lips touched my neck


His lips slowly kissed my neck and went back to my lips as he kissed me passionately as the towel

fell off me revealing my naked s£xy body and we both fell on the bed

The kissing continued on the bed as his mouth went to my nipples


He slowly sucked them and then something hit my mind


I have never done this before even till now


Yes I know am doing it with the man I love my than my life but no

He is drunk


I can’t do it like this


It took me all the strength in me to resist this


‘stop’I said and he stopped what he was doing and stared at me

‘Not like this ‘ I said and he moved away from me


I covered myself with the towel and stared at him



He was already asleep


I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and saw that same Mark Cheng has on his shirt

It was more like around black spot


Tears rolled down my eyes but I wiped it with the back of my hand

He is truly Cheng


But how did he end up with Devika



Why doesn’t he remember me

Cheng please


Why can’t you remember me just tell me why

Why Cheng



❤KISS 2❤

(Do I know her )







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