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‘What the heck is this,why is rose and kris getting married…and it even today something is definetly wrong here, why will kris get married to Rose?’


I got dressed quickly and dashed out of the house


I got to kris house and ran up his stairs after I have been interrogated by the helps and securities


I slowly opened the door to his room but he was not there

I have to find out why he wants to marry my cousin


I still feel like am dreaming


I find this very hard to believe


I was about to turn my back and leave when a video came on his laptop

For some reason I clicked on the video and kris appeared


I sat down on the chair to watch the video


*Hello,so this is my personal diary* he said in the video


I payed all my attention on it * so I love this girl very much ,she was the best…she made me smile and seeing her pretty face alone always light up my world ….but then something happened, I needed to protect her ,by doing that i had to break her heart beyond repair….back in highschool ,we were intimate with each other, I was like her first man…I didn’t know a friend of mine actually took her naked pictures that day ,he threatened to upload it on the internet, and she was the daughter of an influential man I was afraid that the little video might ruin her reputation…..he kept on threatening me with this little picture….I found away to get rid of him but when I finally went looking for her to patch things up with her, it was just too late * he said as he explained the whole ordeal

Tears rolls down my cheek as I ran out of the building


That was what really happened

I really ama bad person


I did not even know that was what happened


I have to find out why he wants to marry my cousin all of a sudden


When did they suddenly develop feelings for each other

I do not understand this at all



‘So you did all of this just to get to me …just to have me for yourself ‘ I said looking shocked


‘I know am a terrible person, ama very bad person,I really didn’t think back them before making mistakes like this but thankfully lady R made me realise my mistakes so you really have to forgive me Xander you have to, you know what forgiving me doesn’t really matter but the least you can do is go get the lady of your dreamshe is getting married today you have to stop it ….lady R is your lover from your past life, she is the woman you truly love but sadly you can’t remember her again …she is your lover ,she is rose you have to remember who she is ‘she said and I stoodon my feet




Do I know rose

I feel like I do


I ran my hand through my hair as I tried my best to remember something



I started having blurry memories of the past


There was awoman but I couldn’t see her face properly

I fellon my knees when I felt a sharp pain in my head


‘Xander ‘ devika called my name as she ran towards me to help me up


I slowly stood on my feet myself still holding my head trying very hard to remember no matter how much it hurts


The pain tookover as I fellon my knee again but that was when the blur memory became clear





My rose


I can’t believe I couldn’t remember my rose

I ran out of the building and got into my car


I must stop rose from getting married to kris


Why does she want to get married to him for goodness sake



I walked into the wedding hall dressed in one of the most beautiful gowns

I was nervous


Very nervous


Kris was standing at the altar with the priest

$Here comes the bride $


I slowly walked towards kris and I looked at nervously while he smiled at me

What if this does not workout for both of us


What if


Noooo rose


You do not have to be so negative right now


I know something good is going to come out of all this

I just need to believe


The boring priest sermon went out for what seems like forever


‘Is there anyone who is against this lovely union now should speak or forever hold their peace’

Kris and I looked around for awhile but there was noone


Crowd just stared at us


My mom, dad and brother looked at me although still very confused about the fact that am getting married all of a sudden


‘I do’a voice said and everyone turned to see who it was

‘Haize ‘ kris and I muttered


‘Me too ‘ Cheng said as he walked into the church

I really do not know what am feeling right now


Is it shock or excitement


I wanted to jump on him and liberally eat him up


But that very wierd



‘Kris’ haize called his name as he raised his head to look her in the eye


‘Kris, I do not know if you can forgive me but I should never have doubted your love forme… i was so stupid to have done that and I’m really sorry Kris.. i’m sorry for everything I put you through…Can you have it in your heart to forgive me?’


‘Rose,I must be the most stupid lover in the world,I can’t believe I couldn’t remember you and I was even willing to marry someone else.. I’m apart of you.. I made you wait for so many years and I couldn’t even remember you when I finally came back… Please forgive me Rose’ Cheng said.


‘It’s fine if you still want to get married to my cousin,as much as it hurts,I will learn to move on but I can never love any other person apart from you Kris…that just proves how much I loveyou…If Rose makes you happy, then it’s okay’ Haize said as she wiped her tears


‘I can’t live without you Rose….I just can’t… Please forgive me for all the things I’ve done and do not punish me this way, I just want my Rose back, Please do not punish me like this’ Cheng said


Kris and I looked at each other and we started laughing uncontrollably

Haize and Cheng looked at each other clearly confused


Kris walked towards haize ,pulled her close and kissed her on the lips


He broke the kiss and haize looked at him obviously confused


I walked towards Cheng jumped on him and kissed him on the lips

He actually kiss me back


I could feel my Cheng again

My Cheng is backkkkkkkk


I broke the kiss and he looked in my eye obviously confused

I smiled at him and said *I loveyou cheng*


‘What going on?’ Haize asked while Cheng fixed all his attention on me obviously confused


‘This was a plan to get haize to open up and finally comeback 0to her senses….the video everything you saw was a plan….am sorry haize but this is the only who could get to you ……guess this plan worked better than expected my Cheng is back ‘


Haize glared at kris and then she slapped him really hard across the face


Everyone of us looked shocked

Why did she do that


‘That is for not telling me about the blackmail and letting me think you a bad person ‘ she said and

then she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close for a deep kiss


We all smiled watching the little scene ,i know i have the craziest cousin


‘So what we waiting for ,let get married right now ‘haize said and we all smiled

The two bestfriend getting married at the sametime


Logan was brought to the church and he was really confused about this whole thing

It Really took lot of time to explain to the little guy that kris is his dad


The happiness on his face knew no bound as he hugged his parents really tight


Wedding vows were exchanged that day and finally we found our happily ever after

The two friends were finally married


It all happened like a dream


The wedding night for Cheng and I finally came

And I was kinda nervous


My husband ain’t gonna say nothis time

He is surely going to want it


Cheng walked into the room and I looked at him for awhile


‘Uhnam gonna change and washoff my makeup’ I said and he nodded


I walked into the bathroom and decided to shower and put on a black lingerie lingerie dress


I was kinda nervous


No I was very nervous


I.walked out of the bathroom and Cheng was standing in front of the mirror wearing a shorts


You need to take a look at my husband sect man body

It seems he spends alot of hours at the gym


He was about to put on his shirt but istopped him by hugging him from the back


He turned to face meandi looked into his eyes

He smiled at me lightly and i was puzzled


‘what’s so funny?’ I asked


‘Nothing ‘he said as he put his hand around my waist and pulled me closer


‘Am just so excited to have you back in my life ‘ he said as he planted a soft kiss on my lips

Yea he is in the mood tonight


I pulled him closer and kissed him passionately on the lips


He tightened his grip on my waist and pull me closer like he couldn’t get enough of me

He slowly spun me around and my back rested on his body


He tossed my hair to the side and planted soft kisses on my neck as i closed my eyes and moaned softly


His hand gently caressed all my body while kissing my neck


He slowly loosed my robe and pulled it off my body revealing my s£xy lingerie


He pulled me close again as he placed his hand on my bare tummy

And slowly caressed my entire body


He turned me to face9 him while i slowly used my hand to caress his s£xy well built man body


He pulled me close using my waist as he lifted my face

I closed my eyes as ifelthis lips on mine


He carried me in his arms as he gently placed me on the bed and kissing continues

He bit my lower lips and i slowly moaned


He kissed my entire body down to my abdomen as he pulled down my panties

I was kindashy


Having myself naked like that in front of him


The making out went on and on until he qas finally about togo in

The pain was extreme but after trying for sometime he went in


We made move to each other for hours before we finally went to sleep

This is what it feels like to love a stone man


*3 Years Later*

‘ oh coochie coochie coo* haize made baby like sounds as she played with rose baby in the cradle

She was also very heavy


Logan is about to have a little bro


‘Hey guys ‘ Davika greeted as she walked in the house with her fiancee


‘Ohhhh rose your baby just the cutest….such acute baby girl’ she said while rose smiled

‘Yea,as cute as her mum’ rose said


‘I believe she looks more like me her handsome dad’cheng said with a smile on his face

Rose hit him on the shoulder lightly and everyone laughed


‘You two are just so romantic, unlike my husband over here …ever since he did this to me for the second time he has stopped being romantic ‘ haize said


‘Not romantic, who runs around in the middle of the night when you have cravings for wierd foods like icecream ,pies,pomegranates ‘ kris said


‘Well you should be able to get me foods ,you did this to me’ she said pointingat her tummy

Kris ran his hand through his head and we all couldn’t control our laughter


Haize hugged kris really tight while he hugged her back as he planted a kiss on her forehead

How cute


Rose wrapped her armaroud chengs neck and kissed him

‘I loveyou rose ‘ Cheng said


‘And i loveyou too Cheng ‘ she said as they kissed again

This is how it feels to be in love with a stoneman



*The end*


*An invisible string connects two people who are meant to be ,the string may stretch or tangle but

it can never be broken*


So guys that’s the end of kiss

Thanks so much for reading


God bless you all


That is the end for now






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