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I feel like have seen this Hannah wu somewhere ,and the way she was looking at me, am sure she has also seen me somewhere…she knows me ,maybe she knows something about my past and who I truly am


‘And to my good friend Devika Hailstorm this award wouldn’t have been possible without you’ I

said aso dropped the mic and walked down the stage

Devika looks absolutely pleased with what I just said


I sat down next to her and we smiled at each other



I hope maybe one day you can love me as much as iloveyou


I am willing to do absolutely anything to make you mine Xander


You must belong to me because mere words can not Express just how much I loveyou Xander






This is definetly one of my imaginations


I ran out of the hall of ignoring the wierd stares people were giving me

I walked out the hall hitting my head


No rose that is not Cheng

That can’t be Cheng



You imagining things


Get yourself together woman


Tears rolls down my eyes but I cleaned it with the back of my hand

Fee minutes later I saw people coming out of the hall


It seems the show is over


Then I saw Cheng again coming out with a woman

It was then I knew that I wasn’t hallucinating


This is damn real


This is f**king real


The happiness on my face was priceless as I ran towards him with my heels almost touching the back of my head


I jumped on him like a lion attacking his prey and hugged him very tight

This is real this is Cheng


I know from that hug that he is truly the one


For the first time in seven years my heart was beating very fast again

Extremely fast




I walked out of the hall when someone called my name



I stopped walking


I know the person that called my name

I was a little scared to see it face


Will I breakdown when I see him


Will I totally forget about everything and melt in his arms again


I slowly turned my back and when I saw him my heart skipped a beat

I was going to melt


I am sure he was the one Logan saw that day


‘Haize it really you’ he said as he walked towards me and hugged me so tight I was almost suffocating


‘You have absolutely no idea how hard have been trying to find you, I looked everywhere ‘ he said with tears in his eyes ‘I can’t believe am going to see you again haize ‘he said as he cupped my face in his hand ‘I am just so happy to see you here ,extremely happy ‘ he said


I was almost melting


But then I remembered

The pain


The torture


What made me go through


For a second or two I was the former haize when he hugged me like that

But then i regained my senses and pushed him away lightly


‘Hello Mr kang,itso nice to meet you again ‘ I said in a very formal way

He looked at me with a puzzled face


He is acting all friendly with me


Like he didn’t hurt mein the past

Like he didn’t betray my feelings


Like absolutely nothing happend


‘Haize I know you still very upset with what happened in the past I can explain it all to you if……’


‘Please’ I said as I raised my palm signifying stop ‘that was in the past Mr Kang,we were practically kids back then, I was twenty and you were also twenty, weren’t thinking straight back then,but the past all in the past kris oh sorry my bad I mean Mr kang’ I said as I turned my back to leave


He was totally dumbfounded

He couldn’t say a word


Tears rolls down my eyes but I cleaned it with the back of my hand

No haize you have to be strong


You should be strong


And I definetly wouldn’t tell him I have ason for him

I never will


He decided to leave my life so let him leave it completely

Logan will never find out he has a father


I already told him his dad is dead so let it remain that way



I know you are still very upset about what happened 7 years ago


But no problem now that have seen you I will make everything right

I.wouldn’t let you out of my sight anymore


I already realized that kris is nothing without you haize



Absolutely nothing without you



I slowly disengaged from the hug and looked in his



‘Cheng….I can’t believe this is you…i… I can’t believe am seeing you again, I feel like am dreaming maybe if I pinch myself I will wake up from this dream ‘ I cupped his face in my hand ‘you have no idea how empty I was without you,I was absolutely empty…just look at you ,you look different, am just so happy to see you Cheng, am so happy ‘ I said with a big smile on my face


‘Ummmm Xander what going on?’ A woman standing close to him asked and he shrugged

‘Sorry you Lady R right ‘ he asked politely


‘Yes I am lady R and am also your rose ,you don’t look so excited to see me why?’ I asked with a sad expression


‘But lady R you talking like you have known me for long I hardly know you’ he said with that same gentle and innocent tone



I stepped out of the hall and somebody jumped on me and hugged me very tight

At first I was going to push her away but then i couldn’t


The kind of feeling my heart got having her this close to me was wierd

I couldn’t help it


My bodygaurds moved close to take her away from me but I signalled them to stop

She slowly disengaged from the hug and it was lady R


She was crying and calling me Cheng telling me how happy she was to see me

My heart was beating very fast seeing her


I just can’t explain this feelings



It extremely weird

It just too wierd


‘But lady R you talking like you have known me for long I hardly know you’i said

‘What are you saying Cheng don’t you remember me anymore ?’she asked


‘My name is not Cheng , I am Xander…and I really do not know you Lady R’ I said and she sighed

She reached for the back of her neck and unhooked her necklace


‘Take a look at this,don’t you remember this …you gave this to me that day you confessed your love …have you forgotten all this ‘she said and I started having blurry memories


It was all unclear


I tried hard to remember something but i couldn’t


Suddenly my head hurt so much that I held it in pain

I fellon my knee as I held my head in pain



I do not know what happened


Immediety I showed him the necklace he fell on the floor holding his head in pain

‘CHENG !’ I shouted as i dropped to a squat to help him


‘Leave him alone please ‘that woman whose name is Devika said

‘What’I said with a puzzled look


‘I do not know who you are or how you related to him but I really think it for his safety if you stay away from him’she said as she helped me up along with his guards


Okay I have alot to say to this woman but I won’t say anything yet due to Cheng’s present condition


He was taken into his caras they drove off


Haize came close to me and placed her hand on my shoulders

I hugged her and cried my eyes out


‘After all this years am seeing Cheng again but I feel like he is a different person now’ I said while crying


‘It Okay rose ,now you have seen him all you have to do is have him back in your life ‘ haize said and I tightened my hug and cried my eyes out



‘Doctor how is he’ I asked


‘Has Mr Mr Davies loosed his memory of the past you know Amnesia ‘ he asked

‘Yes ‘


‘You see he tried to hard to remember the past which affected his brain but I advise you don’t force him into remembering his past he might just affect his brain permanently ‘ he said


‘Okay sir ‘I said and he walked away


I called my secretary and she moved close to me


‘Tell Lady R that i want to talk to her ‘I said and she nodded and walked away

I must clear things with that lady R


I walked into the hospital and hugged Xander


‘Hey dont start with me now am.fine ‘he said and I smiled

‘ am glad you are’ I said


‘But Devika don’t you think that Lady R has something to do with my past’ he asked


‘I personally do not think so, maybe she has s long lost lovers who looks like you ‘I said and he looked at me for awhile before he shrugged



I definitely know Xander ain’t gonna let this matter slide


He is definitely going togo back to Lady R

I personally think Lady R knows him


What if he is her long lost lover


What if he is the Cheng she is talking about


Then if Xander regains his memory

That is it


Due to the way Lady R was talking I feel like they really loved each other before the accident

If he regains his memory then he is going back to her


And I will be left with nothing

No that cannot happen



Seeing Kris today was a bad thing


He stil keeps bothering me

This ain’t fair at all


Why is life not fair tome

Why did I have to see him again


‘I can’t believe it Haize, my Cheng he is truly back haize …I can’t believe my haize is really back ‘

I must say it been years have seen her this happy


Have never seen her this happy before


‘But don’t you think Cheng is a little different ‘I said



‘It seems he has lost his memory or something ‘ she said

This is all so confusing ..


‘Haize what am I going to do?’she asked


‘We will figure something out but I don’t think Cheng is Cheng anymore ‘ I said as her P.A walked in


‘Ma’m Devika Hailstorm want’s to see you tomorrow ‘she said and walked out of the room

‘That Devika I have a bad feeling about her’ I said


‘I thought I was the only one ‘



I walked up to this Devika in a coffee shop

I sat down on a chair and crossed my leg


I ordered a coffee


‘I am sure you know am nothere to make friends with you ‘ Devika said


‘I think that makes two of us’ I said while sprinkling sweetener in the coffee


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‘I am just here to tell you to stay away from Xander ‘ Devika said


I smiled and asked


‘Do you love Xander ‘

She sighed and said


‘Yes I do ,alot’


I smiled and said



‘So ama threat right ‘


‘Exactly…whatever you and Xander had is all in the past ,he lost his memories and I believe he shouldstart a new life with a new girl,I do not know how you related to his Past infact I dont want to know but I am just here to warn you stay away…you have no idea how much I love Xander,neither can you love him as much as I do’she said


I smiled lightly eventhough I was burning inside


‘Have you ever waited seven years for someone and still be willing to wait till eternity for that person’


‘No I haven’t ‘


‘Then you dont know what love means, have you ever seen a love so strong,have you ever love someone so much that getting close to other Man even after his death is so hard for not ever compare your petty Infatuation to the love I feel for him’ I said


‘My love for him is not Infatuation ‘


‘Look Devika, let me be honest with you….I might love Cheng, you might love Cheng but at the end of the day it is who Cheng choses that really matters’ I said as istoodon my feet


‘You speak with so much confidence, what If he ends up with me ‘ she asked


‘The love Cheng and I shared is so strong nobody can come between us…. If he ends up with you Devika then he is not my Cheng ‘ I said as I turned my back and walked away


You think you can play a game Devika

You think you can play with my mind


No problem I will let you know who rose really is




❤KISS 2❤

(Do I know her )



. ”ON GOD ”





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