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We slowly kissed each other as he wrapped his hand around my waist



I slowly broke the kiss and look into his eyes

I wonder if I should forgive him just for Logan atleast

I closed my eyes and then the kiss continued again


It all happening just like that day


I broke the kiss and stood on my feet

‘Where is my cloth?’ I asked


‘Haize ‘


‘Please kris ,please, not today ‘ I said and he sighed

He stood on his feet and opened his wardrobe


He gave meanother clothes and I collected it from him


‘All I ask for is just a chance to explain…I know you still love me haize ,just let me explain it all and give me a chance to rectify my mistakes….please ‘ he said and I sighed before walking into the bathroom to change my clothes


I couldn’t help the tears


And should I just hear him out

No I do not want to


I hate him

Yes I do


Awnnnn who am I kidding

I love him alot


Why do I keep lying to myself


I hate mee for lying to myself e



I walked back into my room and sat down on


‘Where were you’a voice said and I turned to see who it was



My mind went back to what happened yesterday before I blacked out

‘None of your buiz’


‘You were coming out of that lady R room right ‘

‘Why did you do what you did?’ I asked


‘Do what?’


‘What you did yesterday….you drugged me ‘ I said

‘Do not change the topic ‘ she said


‘Am talking about the real topic here,why the hell did you drug me ?’ I asked

‘I do not have to answer anything to you’she said


‘Do you think am in the mood to joke around ….answer my question right now ‘


‘Cause I loveyou, and from the look of things you do not think of me as more than a friend ,I have seen the way you stareat Lady R…it is obvious you like her ‘ she said


Devika loves me

What the hell


‘Stop this…you are just my friend you know …please do not ruin a beautiful friendship like this,’ I said


‘See I tried my best to see you as just afriend but I can’t…I just can’t….I really love you I can’t help it ‘ she moved closer tome and placed her hand on my chest



‘Just look at me and tell me you love me’

‘I do but as a friend ‘


‘I do not want that kind of love ,I want us to be more than just friends…..please just tell me you love me ‘ she said as she tries to touch me but I held her hand and pushed her away as I walked out of the room.


‘Hey listen tome ‘ she said as she followed yelling my name but I just ignored her


‘Xander what your problem ,are you going back to her now ‘ she said

‘Stop this ….don’t make a scene here Devika ‘ I said


‘Nononono…..please Xander just look at me the way you look at lady R for once can’t you just do that ‘ she said


‘Stop this ‘ I said as I pushed her away lightly


‘Stop this madness ‘ I said as I wanted to walk away


‘Xander ‘ Devika said as she wanted to follow me but she missed her step and rolled down the stairs


‘Devika ‘ I shouted as I ran towards her unconscious body on the floor

I quickly dialed a number on my phone as I screamed for help


‘Hey what wrong here…devika ‘lady R said as she saw Devika unconscious body covered with blood

‘She fell off the stairs ‘ I said


She picked her phone and called the ambulance I called earlier


It was only a matter of time before they came and Devika was rushed to the hospital



So there was a little international dance competition being held in Lucy’s school today


‘Uncle how do you like my outfit ,am going to be the best dancer today and am going to be the prettiest ‘ she said and I smiled


‘Oh where is your friend logan?’


‘Logan’she looked around and said ‘I will go and look for him, you wait right here ‘ she said and I nodded



‘Now look at you Logan, you looking so handsome today ‘ I said and he sighed

‘Thanks mum’


‘Tell me what with the sad look?’


‘See alot of people have their dad here,I wish my dad was here’ he said and I almost cried


‘Come on cheer up honey, am here aren’t i… tell me don’t you love your mum ‘ I asked and he smiled lightly


‘I loveyou mum ‘


‘Hello aunty..hey Logan’one of Logan friend Lucy greeted

‘Hey baby doll ,how are you ‘ I said as I hugged her


‘Am fine aunt…. Logan a friend wants to see you come with me ‘ she said and he nodded

He looked at meand I nodded telling him togo


He should play with his friends


Maybe that will get his mind off his dad



‘Hey uncle kris ‘ Logan said as he walked towards me and hugged me

‘Hey champion ‘ I said as I carried him up and hugged him


‘Hey come with me you have to meet my mom today ‘ he said as he dragged me along


‘Okay’I said as my phone started ringing

I picked it up


‘Heloo…you called …

You want me to come to the office right now…okay will be there ‘ I said as I cut the phone. ‘Logan i have togo’


‘Not before you see my mum ‘ he said

‘But ‘


‘Please,please and please let go ,I want you to see her ,please just for a minute ‘he pleaded and I sighed


‘Okay let go seeyour mum ‘ I said and he was really happy.

We went to the school hall together


‘Okay where is your mom ‘ I asked


He looked around and said ‘ oh there she is ‘



‘There’he said pointing but I still did not see the person


‘Okay let move closer ‘ he said as he grabbed my hand and we walked towards a woman whose back was facing us


‘Mum’ he said as he hither


‘Yes logan ‘ she said as she turned her back and my phone fell off my hand again


‘Mum meet my friend kris ‘ he said and haize looked at me and flinched as her mouth dropped wide open


‘Kris meet my mum Hannah wu,mum meet uncle kris ‘ he said



‘Doctor how is she now?’ I asked

‘Well sir she has regained consciousness, but unfortunately her spine got damaged I do not think she will ever be able to walk again ‘ he as he walked away




Devika wont be able to walk again

I was shocked


I walked into her room and sat down next on the chair beside her

‘The doctor said I won’t be able to walk again…am ruined ‘ she said


‘No Devika do not say that ‘


‘Let face reality am ruined ,my dreams are tarnished now ,have always wanted to be a good mother ,with lovely children and her own husband that loves …. BUT TELL ME WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO MARRY A WOMAN WHO CAN’T WALK …WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO DO THAT’ she shouted as she started crying


‘Devika you have to calm down ‘ I said


‘No I can’t…nobody wants me now am ruined …nobody wants me now ….nobody.. I will never get married ,I will never find the perfect guy’she said still crying


This is all my fault


I should not have argued with her like that


‘I want to die please just let me die, I want to die …nobody wants me now

..I want to die ….let me die ‘ she said as the doctor rushed into inject her


‘Devika calm down I will marry you’i said and she calmed down



Devika was throwing tantrums


Until Cheng said he is willing to marry her



Tears rolls down my eyes and I almost went crazy

He is willing to marry her


‘You will what ‘ she said as she calmed down

‘ I will marry you’


‘Stop it Xander you only saying that cause you pity me ‘ I said


‘Noam saying that cause you my friend and I do care about you alot ,remember when we said we will standby each other no matter what …I haven’t forgotten all that, and am fulfilling my promises now please …I am willing to be with you devika’ he said and she wiped her tears and hugged him


Tears rolls down my eyes


‘I am so lucky to have a friend like you ‘ she said as she tightened her hug

I turned my back and walked out of the hospital crying


Am I really going to lose him again


Jisoo took him from me the first time now Devika







But Cheng wants to marry Devika Aka devil daughter

So sad


Finale is coming soon

Stay tuned


Kiss is coming to an end already


The story on it is going to keep you occupied until I bring another story to replace kiss once it ends finally


Thanks for reading



❀KISS 2❀

(Do I know her )




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