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‘I am very sure have seen her somewhere’ I said looking confused


‘Hello’ Devika waved at me with a smile as she walked into my office


She kissed me on my cheeks and I smiled at her as she sat down next to me

‘You do not look so excited to see me Xander ‘Devika said


‘Come on Devika ,who wouldn’t be excited to see you’i said as I pulled her cheeks playfully


‘Then why do you look so depressed?’she asked


‘Well you know Lady R right ‘I asked and she smiled

‘Everybody knows Lady R’she replied


‘Well I feel like I know her’I said


‘Everybody knows her she is a popular artist ‘she said


‘No not like that, I feel like I know her personally, like have seen her somewhere ‘I said

‘Maybe she has something to do with your past ‘ she said


A little introduction


My name is Davies Xander popularly known as D.x


I really don’t know alot about myself but all I know is that I woke up in the state hospital in Korea seven years ago


The story I heard was that Devika was the one who found me by the roadside


I was brought to the hospital with no recollection of who I am,I do not know my pastor who iam

Devika and I became best friends ever since then


She was the one who gave me the name Davies Xander


She Is not Korea she is an American girl

Beautiful talented and very nice


Am just so glad to have a friend like her


I started working at a company where I made lots of money


I also decided to set up my own company and it one of the best

Am a rich man today


And also my wierd interest in art made me paint and post it online


Am a popular online writer that why A great artist like Lady R wants to see me

‘Have already told my secretary to fix me a meeting with lady R ‘I said


‘That great, it will be sonice for you artist to talk to each other…but I really wish I am the one who gets to see Lady R,She is not just any artist you know ‘ she said and I smiled


‘Do not worry at all my dear …am sure once lady R and I become friends you will get to see each other soon’I said and she smiled


‘Okay cutie ,whatever you say’I said



‘Well D.x responded to my meeting ,am going to see him tomorrow ‘ I said while holding a glass of wine


Haize sat down on her bed also holding a glass of wine

‘That great finally we will know who this D.x is’she said


‘Mummy mommy mummy’Logan called haizeas he ran into the room and hugged her


‘Hello my little champion’she Said with a smile

‘Hey aunt Logan ‘


‘Hello handsome ‘ I said with a smile


‘Mum,I made a new friend in school no actually I made two friends….one is my classmate and the other is her uncle ,he is about your age ,very handsome, extremely handsome…and I think we look like each other’he said


‘Really ‘haize said


‘What his name ?’ I asked


‘Ummmmm…kr…kris ,yes his name is kris’ he said and the wineglass fell from haize hand


‘Kris’ she muttered

‘Kris’ I said


Haize grabbed Logan by the arm ‘that kris I do not want to see you anyway around him again ‘

‘Mum you hurting me’he cried


‘Shut up and listen to me’


‘Haize ‘I called her name az I walked towards her

I removed her hand from his arm


‘Logan you free to befriends with kris…do not mind your mumshe is just stressed ‘

‘But Rose’


‘Enough haize … Logan goto your room’ I said and he obeyed immediately

‘Look here haize what was that for ?’I asked


‘You heard what he said ,he is handsome, he is my age ,he and Logan looks like each other ,his name is kris’ she said


‘So what uhn?….what if it a coincidence, and beside kris is not meant to be here in America, what your process that he is truly kris,stop being paranoid and do not hurt the little boy like that again ‘I said and she sighed


‘I have to apologize to him’she said


‘You better ‘I replied

He might be kris


I want him to be kris


It will be good of kris knows his ownson


I just want them back together because for some reasons I believe kris has a strong reason for betraying haize like that


The next day was a Saturday ,baize was not around and I got prepared for my meeting with D.x

I walked into Logan room to say goodbye


He was sleeping on his bed

That wierd


He is suppose to be playing videogame by now


I placed my hand on his head and he was running serious temperature

Oh no



I called the doctor and she told me she will be here in a hour


I do not want to bother haize because she has an extremely Important meeting

I am sure she will drop everything if she findsout her son is not feeling too good


I have to wait a hour with him

But what about D.x


No Logan is more important



I sat down in the high class coffee shop waiting for lady R

This is the problem with celebrities


They are hardly punctual

What going on?


I waited for one hour


I got a phone call and picked it


‘Hey Xander , Mr Riks is waiting for you at the office ‘Devika said

‘Okay will be there right now ‘I said


I waited extra 30 mins


And she still did not come


I decided to pay for my coffee and leave

Maybe some other day



I walked into the



Logan doctor arrived pretty help

Just hope D.x is still here


I Walked into the coffee shop and looked around

‘Waiter’I called and he walked towards me


‘D.X…he was here right ‘I asked

‘Ma’m you lady R right…’


‘Yes I ama man was here earlier right ‘


‘Yez but he left about 30 minutes ago…he waited for a hour and 30 mins ‘he said and I sighed

And I wanted to see him




Maybe another day


I said as I walked out of the coffee shop



Now see


D.X and Lady R did not see each other


So sad ③

❤KISS 2❤

令(Do I know her )令




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