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‘you really think giving her space is the best idea’ I asked

‘yea totally, that what girls like rose wants’ jisoo said


‘what are you doing here’ Jenny said as she appeared out of nowhere

‘oh Jenny… Hi’ jisoo said


‘I belive that was not the question I asked you’jenny said


‘what going on here’ Mrs park Jun mi said as she walked towards us

‘ nothing ma’ m I was just talking to my friend ‘Jenny said


‘ okay… Ummm cheng ‘

‘ yea’


‘I have chosen an art tutor for you’ Mrs park said

‘art tutor’ I repeated with a puzzled look


‘yes and that art tutor is jisoo, I would have chosen jenny or rose but I think they need alot of

time to practice for the upcoming art competition’she said


‘okay ma’ m, no problem ‘I said and she walked away with Jenny

‘ guess am your art tutor now ‘she said


I smiled at her and said’that sounds fun ‘



‘ hey rose ‘kyung said as hesat down next tome.

‘ oh hi kyung ‘I said with a smile



‘ I seeyour boyfriend not with you ‘he said

‘ umm.. He is a little busy ‘I replied


‘ too busy for you, that bad ‘he said and I smiled

I saw cheng coming into the cafeteria with jisoo


Our eyes met but I looked away and focused on kyung again

I don’t know why but I just find him so annoying


‘ hey girlfriend ‘jisso said while waving her hand as she walked towards us with cheng and they both sat down on the other chair arranged around the table


‘ hey jisso ‘I said with a smile


I looked at cheng who was still staring at me innocently

I am so uncomfortable with the way he was staring at me


‘ ummm I think i have class now i will see you guys later ‘I said as I stood on my feet to walk away but twisted my ankle accidently


‘ rose ‘cheng said as he stood on his feet and held my hand


I jerked his hand off mine and said’ no need to bother yourself I will manage ‘

‘ lemme help you ‘kyung said as he stood on his feet and I held my hand


I actually allowed him to touch me but I did not allow cheng to


What am I doing


Why do I find him so annoying and clingy

I just want him gone


I want him gone forever so I can live a free life again


Maybe if I continue whatever am doing he will finally disappear



‘I told you all she needs is some space’


‘She definetly Will come around’ I said and he nodded

I kinda feel bad for cheng.


Why is rose doing this


Am not really an evil person but if she keeps pushing a guy like cheng away then she is just giving me access to him


Rose needs to come to her senses

And if she doesn’t it her lost


I willl have cheng all to myself at the end of the day



I went back home that day alone because rose refuse to let mein her car

‘Rose I need to talk to you’ I said


‘noam not in the mood’she said as she stood on her feet and walked into her room

‘but rose just hear me out’ I said


‘Do not think I will let you in this room tonight, I just need sometime to think


‘ Sleep on the couch in the living room ‘she said as she slammed the door in my face

But i didn’t even do anything wrong


I sat down on the couch and turned on the big screened tv

I watched a couple fighting


‘ if you want me to respect you why don’t you make some money and stop being so clingy ‘the woman yelled



‘ fine I will make some money and stop being clingy then you will finally respect me ‘she said

I lowered the t. V volume and saod6


“if I make money instead of depending on rose and if I also give her the space she wants and stop being clingy, maybe then she can like me a bit”



The next morning I woke up and stepped out of my room and I could not find cheng anywhere


Maybe he finally disappeared like I want him to

Maybe my life will be much better without him


This is all so fraustrating




The next day was a Saturday and I woke up very early before rose could looking for a job I did not have to stress myself before I found a job as a sales manager in a big company

I don’t even have any qualifications but my face got me the position


The Ceo said am so cute and talented she offered to give me the job and pay me ten thousand dollars monthly


She even gave me a month salary in advance

Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money


It not even won she is paying mein she is paying mein dollars


Price of being super handsome and also very smart


‘hello’a voice said and I turned back to see who it was

‘jisoo’ I said with a smile ‘what are you doing here’


‘well this is my aunts company’she said



‘so you saying the woman I just met in there is your aunt’

‘ofcasshe is’ i said


‘well she is extremely nice’ I said


‘no she is just a real sucker for cute guys’ she said and I laughed

‘so you will resume work here on Monday’ she asked


‘yes and I really did not think this through, how am I gonna work here when I have school to goto’ I said


‘well art school closes 2:00, I will talk to my aunt she will definetly let you resume work 2:30’ I said


‘and you think so, this isn’t some coffee shop, this is a real company’ I said

‘well I know that, but trust me I will talk to her’ she said


‘okay jisoo, thanks alot you a great friend’ I said and she smiled


‘hey wanna have noodles with me, i know of a good noodle shop not too far from here’ she said and I smiled


‘okay, come on, let have noodles then’ i said and she held my hand as we both walked out of the building smiling





‘wawit really spicy’ I saidashe stares at me with a smile on his face ‘aren’t you gonna eat your food’i asked and he looked down at the noodle on the table


‘actually am just so used to watching rose while she eats I think am getting used to watching other girls too’ he said


‘so you love watching rose while eating’ i asked with a little sad look on my face cashe brought rose up again


‘yes and beside am not the kind of guy with a big appetite so….’ he said

I kind of feel embarrassed now


He doesn’t lot of food but here I am devouring the food like an hungry hippo

He picked up his chopsticks and started eating his food


I smiled as I went back to eating my food


Cheng and I laughed and talked we didn’t even realize it was late

‘i think we should go home now, I will walk you home’ Cheng said


‘no cheng let me walk you home and’i said


‘well I will be staying at rose house tonight’ he said and immediately I looked sad


I managed to force a smile on my face and said ‘it okay, I will follow you, I wanna see rose anyway and also I will call my driver he will meet me at rose mansion ‘ i and he smiled and shrugged




This is the most lonely Saturday of my life

My family is not home


Even cheng


Where has he been


Why do I feel so alone without him

It already so late why isn’t he home


Anytime I heard a knock on the door and I ran to the door to open it and I was shocked to see jisoo and cheng together


Why are they together


‘oh hey girlfriend wassup’ I asked


‘oh hi jisoo what brings you here’ i asked


‘well usee cheng and I have been together throughout today, we talked laughed and even ate noodles together’ I said


‘that great’ I said


Jeez why do I feel so wierd

Am so angry right now


So mad


‘oh my driver is here, bye girlfriend, bye Cheng’ she said as she kissed him on the cheek


I clenched my teeth against each other and I suddenly have the urge to rip my best friend hair off her scalp


For goodness sake cheng is my boyfriend


Cheng smiles and waved at her as he closed the door

‘hey’ he said as hesat on the Sofa


Just hey


‘where have you been’i asked

‘work’ he replied coldly




‘yes, work, I found a good one though, they offered to pay me ten thousand dollars monthly’ he said


‘that much, do you actually smuggle drugs now or what, that. A lot of money’ I said

‘I will goto bed now’ he said as he stood on his feet and walked into the guest room


Jeez why is being so cold to me


He is not even paying attention tome


He talks like am not the same rose he couldn’t live without before

He acts like am not the girl he always follows around


Jisoo is my best friend


I am not meant to be angry seeing him with her


And beside i don’t have any romantic feelings for cheng


So why do I care

Who am I kidding


I carea lot


I hope this new cheng dissappears before tomorrow



Another episode ΩON GOD Ω

So now rose is jealous


Abeg who feels sorry for her


Not me anyway





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