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‘Okay tell me Cheng, do you want rose back or not ‘I aslef

”Yes ido ,but she wants space “he said


“Forget about that damn space, you have punished her enough…i know rose wants you back more than anything but her pride won’t let her admit it,we will just have to force the word out of her’i said


‘And how are we gonna do that’ he asked

‘I have a plan ‘




Cheng and rose walked Into the house moments later with a big smile on their face

Am such a great love doctor


‘Waw you guys look happy, just tell me the fight is over ‘I said looking curious

‘Yea we friends again’ROSE said


‘Friends….just friends ,aren’t you tired of the whole friend zone thingy ,can’t you just make it official already ‘I said


‘Cheng is my friend and we both okay with that,please do not push things haize ‘she said as she walked away


‘She still didn’t admit her feelings right ‘I said and Cheng nodded


‘Ummm that bad …i know for sure that she likes you but rose is just too proud and stubborn to admit that ‘I said


‘Ummm leave that….but thanks alot for your help…i really owe you one ‘he said


“It okay honey… “I said while giving him a friendly hug ‘But for the main time ,you have to be close to her all the time ,you have to be the most romantic guy,be the best,if she tells you to stay away please do not stay away…no more space oksy said he nodded

Before he walked away not too long after

Rose why do you have to be sosturborn


Anyway am still the love doctor


And am never gonna quit until I bring them together





I wrapped my arm around his neck and kissed him like my life depend on it


I gently broke the kiss and said ‘this doesn’t mean we are something more than a friend Cheng, I like you and you are my friend right…i really don’t wanna hurt you that why am saying this kiss ain’t gonna happen in the future again….but I beg you please do not give me that cold attitude just because of what I said now….promise you will not stay away from ‘I said and he stares at me for awhile before he nodded


Am so confused about my real feelings for Cheng


I really don’t know what I feel.towards him yet but I do not want anything more than a friendship



I hugged my pillow as I Remembered the kiss between Cheng and I

My tummy tingles


It like I just want to kiss him the whole day without getting tired


But I have already set a line between us

I told him we are better off as friends


What exactly is wrong with me



I went to bed that day and waking up the next morning i immediately remembered the kiss again


‘Not this morning again ‘I muttered as I rubbed my eyes and sat down on my bed


I heard a knock on my door and a second later haize walked in

‘Hey cous,goodmorning’she greeted


‘You all dressed up for school already ‘I said


‘Yes and Someone is still in bed ‘she said trying to mock me

‘Screw you’ I said as I threw a pillow on her


She laughed and said


‘Okay,am going to school now ,see you later ‘she said


‘Yea sure honey ‘I replied as she walked out of my room


I ran my hand through my hair as I walked Into my bathroom


I walked out of my room after getting ready and saw Cheng sitted on a chair

‘Hey Cheng ‘I said with a smile


‘Hello….goodmorning’he said with a big smile


Now my this is my Cheng


I sat down next to him and said

‘Can I ask you a question ‘


He nodded and said ‘go ahead ‘


This is so embarrassing but I still have to ask


‘Where did you learn to kiss like that, have you been kissing Jisoo



He looked at me for awhile before he smiled

Such angelic smile


‘Why you smiling ,so you really kissed her….i can’t believe this, I trusted Jisoo, and I trusted you…i can’t believe….you know what I hate all of you ‘i said as I stoodon my feet


He held my wrist and pulled me back making me fall sitting on his laps


‘Jisoo is my friend,trust me when I say such thing can’t happen between us , but you rose ….you are my world ‘he said and my heart skipped a beat


This is pretty akward cause I was stillsitted on his laps


‘Rose is your friend Cheng ‘I said trying to make me see him just as a friend

I couldn’t help but stareat those pink ,soft,juicy lip


No rose


No,no,no rose


You must resist such temptation

Do not be tempted by this


He moved his lips close to kiss me but u placed my hand on his lip

Feels so soft


‘Friends don’t kiss friends you know’ I said


He gently kissed my hand before moving it off his lips


He placed soft kisses on my cheek which makes me go crazy

Those lips.


I must have them



No you have to resist this rose

Do not be tempted


Our nose touched each other as I smiled lightly

Now am feeling kindashy to look at him.


I immediately stood on my feet and said “we have school you know ”


He smiled knowing fully well that he managed to make me loose my mind with those mind blowing kisses he was planting on my cheek


Thank Goodness I was able to stop this


‘And yea I hope Jisoo got you prepared for the competition, it in two days ‘I said as and he nodded before I walked away


We went to school together later on


I went to the girls bathroom and saw Jenny crying

Should I ask her why


No I hate her


But I do not have to be so meando I


“Hey Jennie “I said as I walked towards her


She quickly wipesher tears “am okay so shut up “she said


‘But I did not even ask you anything..youknow what forget it …why you crying ‘I asked

‘Why do you care “she replied


“Well I know you and I ain’t friends but you can trust me this once and share your problems with me ‘I said


She stares at me for awhile



‘It just my dad….i really miss him…i just wish I can see him again….but he is gone

‘Jenny honey ‘I said moving close to her


‘Don’ttouch me ‘she said while wiping her tears with tissue


‘Okay rude…sorry,but you have to be strong…we all loose someone we love and it not easy moving on without them but you have to be strong dear..yourdad will not like the fact that you crying..remmeber he is in heaven rightnow with God ‘


‘Wait a second my dad is not dead…he went on a business trip and am gonna miss him…why you talking like he is dead2’




You so stupid rose


“I thought he is dead so much tears just cause he went on a business trip ”

“You are the worst…fool “she said as she walked away


I mean why does she have to be so dramatic cause her dad went on a business trip


She is the real fool


Bloody Drama queen



We were given physics project


And we have to do it with partners


‘Oh ha ni and jun pyo……ella and jin-hyuk,so min and jungwoo” the teacher said as he called the project partners name ‘ Kris kang and haize wu’


The teacher paired me with kris

The girls glared at me



*oh she is so lucky…

*I wish i was her

*why does it always have to be her


The physics teacher walked out of the class few mins later


“So you the one who has been running after our kris ‘a girls said as she appeared outta nowhere with her friend


She is pretty


But who the heckis she


‘Enjoy it while it lasts ‘she huffs and walked away with her friend

Now I have enemies


I have no friend but I have enemies

But why did she say that just now


Kris was not in physics class


Few minutes later he walked Into the glass as girls admired him

He ignored Them and walked towards me


‘I see faith wants us to be together ‘he said


‘It just a simple project mister’i said and he smiled


‘Let do it at my house ..will send you the address ‘he said and walked away

He is so darn cute


After school I went to KRIS house because we have to finish the project asap


I Am a straight “A” student and I really cant afford to fail any assignment orproject

I walked into kris enormous house and Waw



This is beautiful


Am not really good at describing sooo


The maid treated me like ama queen as they led me to KRIS room


I gently knocked on it before a voice said come in

HAIZE was sitted on the sofa with his legs crossed


Rich handsome dude


‘You have a lovelyhouse ‘I said

“Thanks “he replied


‘So should we get started?’i asked


‘Sure ‘he replied as we started our physics practical

We talked and laughed at the sametime


It was already a bit late and I was preparing myself togo home

‘Sowe will finish this tomorrow right ‘


‘Yea sure ‘he answered “let me walk you out “he said as he stood on his feet

‘Great’ he said


I put on my stiletto shoes and wanted to walkin them but then I twisted my ankles and almost fell down


He grabbed me by the waist preventing me from falling and oh my


This is is the first time am being so close to him

‘Are you hurt’he asked looking concern


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Cinderella can never get hurt when prince charming is there

“Yea am fine “I said


His hand was still around my waist and my heart was skipping a beat now


My hand was on his manly chest as westaredat each other

I can really feel the chemistry between us


His hand went behind my neck as he pulled me close to plant a kiss on my lips

I closed my eyes waiting for it


Am about to be kissed by one of the most handsome guys have ever seen


Nothis is wrong haize

This is not you


‘Stop ‘I said


I slowly pushed him away preventing the kiss from happening


‘Am sorry but am not interested in that…will see you tomorrow “I said as I walked out of the house




She really is has hard as Namjoon said she is

But no worries am KRIS


She Will definitely fallin my traps


Am starting to like this game even more than before…………





Some body beg KRIS to leave our haize

Shey na by force


So who else is enjoying rose and Cheng love







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