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Kris and I walked nervously towards our car ignoring kyung teases

This guy is the worst


I walked into my own house and walked into my room

I know I can’t goto rose mansion


At least not for now


If she tries to come close and I tell her no she is definitely going to beat the daylight out of me

And the worst part is I can’t bring myself to hurt her



The next day was a Saturday so I did not bother to come out of my building


I stayed indoor painting, drawing, and reading some historical book

Later in the night I heard a knock on the door and I stoodon my feet


I walked towards the door and grabbed the door knob


‘Hey Cheng’rose greeted with a smile looking more beautiful than usual

Oh jeez


‘Hi rose ‘I said smiling nervously not making way for her to enter into the house


‘You did not visit today and also I sent you some text messages but you did not reply what is wrong ‘she asked


‘Well ummmmm….i… I was sleeping and I forgot to charge my phone ‘I said

‘Oh’she replied


‘So what brings you here’I asked


‘Should I have a reason to come to your house ‘I asked with a smile

‘No it not that I just….’


‘Cheng is something wrong dont you wanna see me ‘ rose asked in such an innocent way that I suddenly felt guilty


‘Rose’I said as I pulled her into a big hug


‘If I don’t see you then who am I gonna see……come on come in’i said allowing her into the house


She smiled and entered into my house and sat down on the sofa


I went into the fridge and brought out two cans of soda

I handed one over to her and sat down next to her


There was 5minute of awkward silence between us as we just gulped down our soda


‘Ummm Cheng ‘rose said as she called my name

‘I want to talk to you about something ‘she said


‘And what is that’ I asked


‘It just that’ she ran her hand through her shorthair unable to look mein the eye


Normally we will be kissing by now or maybe cuddling each other while talking but this time

around we both felt awkward


Unable to talk to each other properly

‘What wrong ‘I asked rose


She moved closer to me



I know she wants to do that with me tonight but I also know that she ain’t doing this willingly

She is doing it out of peer pressure and out of the risk of losing me to other girls


But when will rose realise that am not like every other normal guys

I am specially made to love her and noone else


It like I don’t have any other choice than to love only her


She placed her right hand on my cheek and we both stared at each other


She then moved her hand to the back of her head pulling me close for a deep kiss


………HAIZE POV……..

I walked into kris house and he has been acting all weird

It was like he was nervous or something


We decided to watch a romantic movie


Things get awkward when the lead actress and actors start making out

It was a very hot romantic scene


I placed my hand on kris hand and he flinched


This is not my first time watching movies like this

Have been watching it since i was sixteen


But this time around it was weird cause it actually turns me on


I wonder why kris is acting like a nine year old everytime I touch him

This is not my first time touching him


I touch him all the time and we kiss like almost everytime


I should be the nervous one here have never done this with anyone


But he has had lots of girlfriends in the past


I tried to touch him again but then he moved away

I got really upset and stood on my feet


‘What the heck kris,why you avoiding me ‘I asked

He stood on his feet and grabbed my hand


‘Am sorry haizeit just that’


‘It just that what?’I asked


He sighed before he pulled me close by the waist


He raised my face using my jaw and I closed my eyes as I felt his lips on me

Now he is doing what I want


I was scared


Am not doing this because am compelled to

Am doing this out of my own freewill


And am glad am gonna do it with the man I love

Things turns from cold to hot for both of us


It was like we couldn’t get enough of each other


He raised me up and I wrapped my legs around him pinning me to the wall We continued the kiss with our tongues involved in a neverending battle

He bit my lower lip and I moaned


Have never actually moaned before



I removed his black leather jacket and tossed it asideas he moved me away from the wall and on the bed


He kissed me slowly on the bed while I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close for the kiss


He reached for my top and pulled it off revealing my black lace bra


Any man will be totally aroused looking at my body alone

I have a very s£xy and beautiful model like body


He slowly kissed my neck I felt those tingles in my tummy

He bit my earlobe and gawd that feels good


He kissed me down from my neck to my tummy removing the jeans I was wearing


We were all too lost in all this to think of something else

Kris is a weak guy when it comes to me.


He will never ask me for s£x but deep down I know he wants it


That why he couldn’t resist right now eventhough he tried his best to


I slowly unbuttoned his white shirt and pulled it off revealing his gorgeous man body

I slowly ran my hand on his pacs and then placed my hand on his bare chest


He was half naked so was I


He reached for my bra and slowly unhooked it revealing my round boobs

Now this is the most embarrassing part of my body


Unlike most girls with round moderate boobs I had a very small one

They are not tiny


But they are small anyway


But as small as they are they beautiful and s£xy

He slowly kissed my boobs and I moaned


He grabbed one of my boobs and sucked it softly playing with the other one

I was totally wet


He managed to turn me on


After minutes of making out he looked into my eyes and I nodded telling him togo ahead


He slowly entered into meand I held the bedsheets closed my eyes


He quickly came out again knowing fully well that I was feeling severe pain

But then he went in again and this time I screamed


‘We should stop this ‘he said as he wanted to move away from me

‘No,no,no,no….it first Time,my body will adjust just do it’ I said


From the look on his face he couldn’t bare to see mein pains


I had to convince him to continue cas hewas not willing to again

Then he tried again and this time he went in deep


Painful Yes


But the hymen was broken and he slowly began to thrust in me

Pain soon turned into pleasure for me


He went in fast and deep until I felt something hot released inside of me.

That was when he stopped


He pulled me close to him like he is nothing without me



Now I can think straight after the deed is done

What if it not the right time


What if he thinksam cheap


This is bad

But there was nothing in enjoy more than being with kris right now


We both slept off and kris pulled me close and wrapped his arm around me like he was afraid i will leave him


……….JISOO POV……….


yes sir ,you have to come back to Korea asap…..Cheng is leading rose to her own grave ….ever since you left, rose has always been with Cheng ,infact he lives in your house…Cheng is the leader of a street gangster…he smokes ,drink and smuggles drug and to top it all he is a drug addict…rose drinks and smoke this days she also consumes hard drugs like cocaine …

I tried to tell her to stop but she is addicted to drugs ,I even advised her togo to a rehab cause she can’t live without drugs but she ain’t listening to me …she begged me not to tell you all this sir but I have to,I let my bestfriend ruin her own life…she goes to stripper clubs with Cheng and she also loses all her focus on school this days

…he is even turning her to some kind of s£x addict

…….please sir you have to do something to save rose from cheng

I pleaded


I am actually talking to rose dad on the phone

And yeah all I said is a lie


But am pretty sure her dad will separate them


I tried to talk to her mom but she is not even willing to listen to me

That woman does not really like me and she really loves Cheng


But at least I can use her dad


we are coming to Seoul asap….I can’t believe rose has failed us like this her dad said as he disconnected the call


Waw jisoo you area genius


………. ROSE POV……….

Cheng and I continued our kiss as he was sleeping on the sofa while I was on him

His hand was on my waist and my hand slowly reach for his shirt buttons


He grabbed my wrist preventing me from unbuttoning his shirt

‘What wrong ‘I asked


‘Come on rose do you really want this’he asked

‘Don’t you want it ‘I asked him innocently


‘I do but not like this ‘he said


‘What do you mean by that’ she asked


‘I can see you not ready for this, don’t rush things ‘he said


‘But isn’t it what all guys want,what if I don’t give you and a girl far prettier than I am does ‘I said


‘Now you jealous ‘he said


‘Have you ever for once looked at yourself in the mirror, if you have then you will know why am jealous ‘I said and he smiled


‘Rose am yours ,we still have lot of years ahead…am not disappearing again although I might if you tell me togo away on the 200th day which is just a few days away’he said


‘What do you mean by that’I asked


‘If you ever have a reason to tell me to leave your life on the 200th day …then am gonna disappear forever ‘he said


‘Thenam never gonna say that then why will I ever tell you to leave’I said and he smiled


‘Let not change the topic…but rose do not do this ,I can see you not ready …you only want to do it to make me happy but I can never be happy when you not happy…amsad when you sad happy when you happy and angry when you are…’he said and blushed


‘Fine,……we will do this when the right time comes then ‘I said


‘Good cause I don’t want you to do things out of peer pressure ‘he said


‘Wait a second, how did you know am doing this out of peer pressure …..O.M.G Cheng did you spy on our girls only sleepover ‘rose said


‘Am dead’Cheng said



jisoo Issa devil

How could she


Who knows how rose father will react to this

Kris and haize well done o

And rose please dont kill our innocent Cheng ⑧


. 曾ON GOD曾



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