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I really don’t want cheng to do this

It will end pretty bad


He lifted my chinas he brought his lips closer to mine but I closed my eyes waiting for the kiss


I couldn’t push him away neither do I want him to kiss me

He slowly let go of meand I opened my eyes again


He did not do it


He Did not kiss me

That a relief


But he had the opportunity to why didn’t he do it

‘why did you stop’i asked


‘cas you don’t want it’ he said


‘and how did you know that’ I asked


‘I will leave now so you can change’ he said as he walked out of the room


I feel like he reads My mind or something

But why didn’t he answer me just now


I got dressed later on and went to school


Cheng was being so quiet, he didn’t even say a word to me

I know cheng is quiet but this time around too quiet


‘cheng what wrong’ I asked as I held his hand in school

He smiled at me and said ‘nothing is wrong’



‘but you ain’t talking to me anymore I thought I was your rose’ she said in a cute and friendly manner


She is my rose



And i really don’t want to leave her


Originally I don’t care if she falls back in love with me or not


As long as I get to face all the time am fine with her not loving me


But now I realise that if she doesn’t I will have to disappear forever permanently

Which means no more rose


Everything will begone


Eventhough I can’t make her love me


The least I can do is enjoy my little time with her



‘Cheng wait right here I will be right back and if any of those annoying girls come close to you, make sure you scare them away’ I said and he smiled lightly


I walked away smiling and bumped into someone on my way to the girls bathroom

‘hey can’t you watch where you going’ I said looking pissed off


‘same thing applies to you’ he said


‘oh really,you know i…… ‘ I couldn’t finish what I was about to say before he walked out on me

He his handsome


Although not as handsome as cheng but still very handsome with this bad boy look

And how rude


Why does he have to be so rude to me


Am sure he is new herecas have never seen his


I will just forget about him and teach him a lesson some other day



‘heyam back’ I said as I sat next to cheng

‘great’ he said


‘and have not seen jisoo today’ I said


‘am sure she must be around’he said as he shrugged


‘hey rose, cheng … Wassup’jisoo said as she walked towards us with the rude guy isaw earlier

‘hey jisoo, I was just talking about you’ I said while glaring at the rude guy while he just smirked


‘oh rose, am sure you haven’t met my cousin his name is kyung’ she said

‘oh have met himand I really don’t like him’ I said


‘oh come on, okay am sorry for what I did earlier, let Just say I don’t know how to act around a pretty girl’ he said with a smile and cheng who was not focusing on him earlier looked at him


‘apology accepted.. I was actually planning to teach you a lesson but since you apologised am over that’ I said and he smiled


‘kyung’ he said while stretching his hand for a shake


‘am rose’ I said with a smile while returning the handshake

Cheng keeps staring at both of us


Is he jealous or something


He is not my boyfriend so I do not have to stay away from guys because of him

‘and he is your friend’ kyung said


‘no my boyfriend’ I said


‘oh..sop man .’ he said as he stretched his hand towards cheng for a shake

Cheng did not return the handshake but just stares at him



I hit him lightly with my elbow and he immediately he put on a fake smile and returns the handshake


‘hello’ he said


‘okay guys, I will see you later, I have togo now’ kyung said and walked away with jisoo


‘what was that for’ i asked cheng

‘what did ido’ he asked innocently


‘quit the innocent face cause you were not so innocent with kyung now’ i said and he did not reply me but just staring at me


‘won’t you atleast talk’ I shouted and everyone focused their attention on me but I controlled my anger and lowered my voice


‘I seriously do not get why you so mad at me all of a sudden’ he said


‘and I really do not know why you so jealous…. You are my boyfriend for publicity, know your limit’ I said as I stoodon my feet and walked away looking upset


I know what i said was too much for the offence he actually commited but I really want to draw a line between us


I don’t want to keep his hopes up


I want him to know I only think of him as nothing more than a friend and maybe even my brother



‘don’t tell me you crushing on cheng’ kyung said

‘say what, crushing on him’i said


‘oh come on no need to deny it, I saw you staring at him’ kyung said


‘cheng is super handsome any girl can stare at him anytime but are you gonna deny the fact that you were also staring at rose’ i said


‘noam not, I like that girl’ he said


‘hennmng, wrong option, she has a boyfriend cuter than you, I mean you very cute and hot but cheng is wawwwww… What makes you think she will leave him for you’ I said and he smiled at me


‘it seems you forget things so soon cousin, am kyung, have fun with cheng’ he said as he winks at me and walks away




‘Hey we meet again’ I said to Rose with a smile on my face

It a relieveshe is not with cheng this time around


‘hello, kyung right’ she said with a smile on her face


‘yea, i just wanna apologize for what I did earlier, am really so sorry’ I said with a smile on my face

‘it fine, you already apologised earlier so apology already accepted’she said while smiling ☺

She really has the prettiest smile


We talked for awhile while smiling


I saw cheng standing a bit far from us watching our little friendship scene

Am a guy and I can say he really does not like this


He is a boyfriend who becomes jealous whenever he paid attention to someone else

‘okay i have togo to class now bye’ she said


‘bye’ I said with a smile and moved close to hug him knowing fully well that cheng is watching us


‘why did you do that’ she asked with a smile


‘friends hug’ I said and she smiled before walking away



Cheng moves close to me and looks at me for awhile while I smiled at him



I have no problem with Rose liking another guy

I know ama bit jealous but that doesn’t matter


If rose is happy am happy


But i really don’t like this guys for some reason

I have a bad feeling about him


I wanted to walk past me but he held my wrist and pulls me back


‘aren’t you gonna fight with me, and tell me to stay away from your girlfriend like normal guys do’ he said


I smiled at him and said ‘no, there is really no need to do that’


‘waw look who is being the cool guy’ he said teasingly and I smiled back and walked away



I have alot to do


I have to get ready for the competition


And also cheng I have to get him ready for the competition of he wants to stay in the school permanently


I walked out of the class and bumped into cheng

‘rose I wanna talk to you’ he said


‘cheng I don’t wanna talk to you’ I replied almost immediately

‘rose am sorry’ he said


‘apology not accepted’ I said


‘but you accepted kyung apology almost immediately, what did ido wrong’ he asked



‘see that exactly what you did wrong, you bringing kyung up in all this again, you just a jealous guy and what am not ready to accept your apology now so don’t bother me’ I said as I walked away


I really don’t want him pissing me off

So annoying



I was walking when suddenly I tripped on something and almost fell down but someone held

me by the waist preventing me form falling

‘are you okay’ he asked as he pulled me up


‘yea am fine, thanks’ I said with a smile


He is cute


Not bad at all


‘hi am jenny’ I said while stretching my hand for a shake


‘kyung’ he replied both the introduction and handshake ⑧

‘great’ I said as I walked away


Am never this friendly to anyone

Strange things happen everyday



I saw cheng sitting on a bench in the school courtyard

He and rose just had a fight


I walked towards him and sat down next to him

‘hey’ I said


‘hey jisso’ he replied


‘so what wrong’ I asked

‘it nothing’ he replied


‘come on I am a friend you know you can talk to me’ i said

‘how do you calma girl down when she is upset’ he asked


‘oh I see rose is upset with you, if you ask me the best thing for you to do is give her some space, that what girls like rose wants.. Am sure she will come around soon ‘ i said and he smiled


Rose rose rose


All he thinks about is rose


I know rose is my best friend and I love her but why am I so into her boyfriend

This is wrong


So wrong


But i don’t think am one of those friends that sacrifice

If i want it I must get it no matter what


I like the way you fighting with cheng Rose


This is just an opportunity for me to move close to him

Rose I loveyou but I will have togo after cheng







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