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Chapter nine




Haize regained consciousness after some minutes

She was staring at Cheng obviously shocked


‘I will excuse the both of you now ‘Cheng said as he walked away

‘Well say somethings ‘I said


‘I knew it ,I knew it the moment I saw him ,he is just too beautiful to be normal ‘she said

‘You have to promise youwon’t spill the bean’i said


‘I definitely won’t tell anyone, and beside who will believe me anyway but you andI have some serious talking to do’she said


‘Which is?’


‘Why can’t you fall for him, I mean he is totally cute it not hard for any girl to fall for him ‘ she said


‘I can’t fall for Cheng, never, not possible ‘I said


‘Come on rose, Cheng is totally hot and he loves you right’

‘Yea he does ‘


‘Then what the hold up,just fall in love already, will you seriously be happy with him disappearing forever ‘she asked


‘No I won’t but fall for Cheng, big no ‘I said


‘Come on rose, if I were you I won’t loose a guy like Cheng to anyone, never ever ‘haize said


‘Okay am tired of this conversation, you have school tomorrow, I also have school tomorrow, so goodnight goto sleep’i said as I pulled the sheets over my head


Fall for Cheng

What a joke


I will never fall for Cheng





You know me too well rose


By the time am done with you


You will fall deeply in love with Cheng and that a promise

I know you love him


But your pride will never let you admit that


I Will just have to correct it

The love doctor is here




The next day I went to my new school McKenzie college

And the school was waw


You have to worth a lot and be well connected to get into school like this

Everyone focused on me as I walked into the school


Well that how it should be because I am always looking beautiful and classy everyone always noticeme where ever igo


And beside my parents is one of the top investors of this school soooo



‘Have you seen the new girl in school ‘Tao said as he came running towards me

‘What up with her ‘I asked


‘She is damn beautiful ‘he said


‘Really, guess I have a next target ‘I said

‘What her name’Namjoon asked Tao


‘Haize ‘he said


‘Haize…sorry to disappoint you man but haize is a girl you can never get ‘Namjoon said

‘Do you know her ‘I asked


‘Yes a very popular blogger and also we attended the same highschool in college…she turns down any guy that ask her out and no matter how hard you try you can never make her your girlfriend,trust me I once tried it ‘Namjoon said


‘A girl that turns guys down, she is just what I want ‘I said

‘You can’t get her man ‘ he said


‘Wanna bet ‘he said


‘500 hundred thousand dollars ‘


‘Deal’i said as I shook hishand and stood on my feet


Brief introduction, am KRIS son of the rich and famous business man Mr kang


I am the guy literally every girl in this school want

But am not the type that focuses on a relationship


I only play and pay


Which means I have sΒ£x with them and pay them off

And this new haize girl is my target now



I opened my locker and arranged my books neatly in them


My history book fell down on the floor and before I could bend down to pick it up some one did that for me


‘Here you go’he said as he smiled at me and handed over the book to me


O.M.G this is mind blowing


Ever since I got to Seoul all I see is cute guys I don’t think i wanna go back to the states again


First it was angel Cheng

Now take a look at this


This beauty

I noticed other girls were drooling over him just like I was right now

‘Thanks ‘I said in a very normal way


‘Hi amiris he said with a very sΒ£xy smile as he stretched his hand for a shake

‘Am haize ‘I said while returning the handshake


Other girls looks upset right now


Maybe because this handsome man is talking to me

‘Waw your name is as pretty as you are ‘he said


He thinksam pretty


I know am pretty but heading this from him makes me feel like have never heard it before .

‘Waw thankyou ‘I said with a light smile


‘I really hope we can befriends and I will see you around right ‘he said and I nodded


‘Then you will be my first friend here, gonna write that in my journal ‘I said and he smiled

‘See you around ‘he winks at me and smiled before walking away




Thanks for forcing me to come here

Am never ever going home


Men KRIS is soo cute





I shouted in my mind






Have I cleared your doubts about Haize


But guys should we tell Haize his plans for her

Haize is also a main character


We have four main character

Cheng, rose, haize, KRIS


And we have one main protagonist(she is coming soon anyway)

And who will help me warnhaize


She must know their plans for heroooo

. Kiss






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