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‘Rose can you explain what going on to me’ cheng said


‘jenny wants me to give you to her so she can loose to me deliberately in the art competition’


‘I don’t want to be with her I only want to be with Rose’ he said

‘cheng i wi be crazy to give her to you’ I said and he smiled lightly


This guy is just so attached tome


And am beginning to get use to having him around


‘come on let go’ I said as I held his hand and we both walked away



‘have been checking the internet and I cant find any manotism disease’ i said while checking my phone


‘you heard what she said, extremely rare, am sure there is nothing about it on the internet yet’ jungkook (rose father said)


‘well that strange… Have you packed our bags ‘ I said to the maid

‘yes ma’ m have done that ‘the maid replied


‘hey mum hey dad’rose greeted as she walks into the house with cheng

‘hey rose, hey cheng’ I said



‘Waw mum and dad are you both going on a date again cas you all dressed up’ I said

‘no, your dad and I will be going to America with jimin for a very longtime’ she said


‘what! , what about me’ I asked


‘you will have to stay here cause of your art school and dreams, ofcas you can come to America during summer but we have to go there in order to avoid total failure of our business over there’ she said


‘so I will be living here all by myself’ I said


‘yes, you will be’ she said and I sighed ‘but Nancy will come check on you every now and then


‘my babysitter when I was 12, what makes you think that I need her to visit me’ I said

‘but you just said you can’t stay alone in this big house’ Shesaid


‘ofcas I can am nineteen,aman adult

.. Ever heard of being sentimental’ I said and she sighed

‘I will miss you dear’ she said


‘I will miss you too mum’ I said as I hugged everyone of them

I followed my family to the airport were we hugged and cried


They might be crazy


But they are still the best


I went back home that day with cheng


‘Now what are we gonna have for dinner’ I said looking in the fridge


Jeez have forgotten that I can’t cook

Mum shouldn’t have fired all the maid


I feel like she is did this deliberately


I brought out some vegetables and started cooking


I do not know what i was cooking but I was cooking anyway



‘Dinner served’isaid as I dropped a bowl of noodle in front of him

He stares at the food innocently then back at me


‘What wrong’ I asked in acute way

‘it nothing’ he said


The noodles looked wierd


‘come on let hope it taste better than it look’ i said

‘did I say it looks bad’ he said


‘I know but the way you looking at it says it all… It does not look like the one my mum makes’ i said


He smiled softly at me before he picked up the chopsticks


He had a taste of the noodle and immediately his facial expressions changed

He forcefully chewed the food before swallowing it


He looked at me and smiled before having another bite of the food and forcefully chewed it again


I can sense something was wrong


I tasted the food and I almost puked


It was not fully cooked and moreso it was spicy and salty


‘how can you eat this it terrible’ I yelled as I collected the food from him

‘no it fine’ he said


‘no cheng it not, am pretty useless I don’t even knowhow to cook and am nineteen years old… Mum was right for firing the maids’ I said


‘hey rose, don’t call yourself useless’ he said holding my hands ‘if you don’t knowhow to cook, I can teach you’


‘can you cook’ i asked and he shrugged

‘why don’t you try me first’ he said


‘okay chef cheng, come with me’ I said as I led him all the way to the kitchen

‘you cut the vegetables’ he said


‘okay let medo that’ I said as I collected it from him

I started cutting the vegetables


‘no no that not how you chop the vegetables, if you do it that way you might end up cutting yourself’ he said


‘then how do I do it show me’ I said


‘okay’ he slowly went to my back and he held my right hand and lefthand and started directing me on how to cut the vegies


I know I was suppose to focus on the vegies but I couldn’t help but focus on the feelings of having him so close


I could feel his breathe on my neck and my back layed against his front body

‘thanks’ I said


‘you welcome’ he said as he slowly moved away from him

This is pure lust (a strong feeling of s£xual desire)


Why lust of all feelings

This is so fraustrating


But that all because of his good looks


After some mins we finished dinner and he served it again



‘waw this taste extremely good’ I said smiling

‘I told you I can cook ‘ he said


‘but how, where did you learn this’ i asked





“from your mum, I always watch her

… She never allows the maid cook the food so I always watch her secretly whenever she is cooking ‘I said


‘ Waw if only I have just watched her while cooking, I wouldn’t have cooked something so terrible ‘she said and I smiled


‘ but cheng thumbs up, you the best ‘she said smiling


‘ and you are the cutest ‘I said as I pinched her cheek softly

‘ waw you making me feel awkward ‘she said


‘ but it the truth, you are the cutest ‘he said and I smiled

We went to bed after some hours of awkward silence


‘ as usual, you sleep on the couch and i will sleep on the bed ‘she said

‘ okay ‘I said


I went to bed that day staring at rose face


I smiled to myself before pulling the sheet over my head



After 30 mins I stoodon my feet and walked to cheng

He looks so. Peaceful and innocent while sleeping



He is beautiful


I used the duvet to cover him properly and smiled at him one more time before going to bed


I know I don’t have any romantic feelings for him yet


But i consider him to like a brother


Although it very wrong to lust over a brother


I stared at him one more time before going to bed



I woke up the next morning


Cheng was not in the room, he must be downstairs


I walked into the bathroom and few minutes later I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my chest and head


I bumped into cheng and slipped almost falling down but he Held my waist preventing me from falling


The towel fell off my head revealing my wet short hair


He was fully dressed for school looking extremely handsome

Why is everything about this guy do perfect


Rose snap out of it


You can’t keep thinking about cheng like this

Cheng is like a brother


Stop having stupid s£xual feelings for him


My hand was on his chest and his warm breath hit my neck

He raised my chin with his hand making me look in his eyes



He was taller than me anyway


His lips moved closer to mine like he was about to kiss me

I closed my eyes and buried my fingers in his chest


Cheng please don’t do this


If you do things will get awkward for both of us


I know I can’t love him and I really do not want to get his hopes up


But please do not kiss me please

You will get hurt at the end


I thought to myself eventhough I don’t have the heart to say all this to him

I know cheng loves me


But ican never love him


……………..To be continued…………







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