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‘Now will you tell me who you really are and how you ended up here’i said in the garage

‘ what is this thing ‘he said touching the car


‘ it a car ‘i said


‘ what a car ‘he asked


‘ you know something they use for moving from one place to another ‘i said

‘ like a horse ‘he said


‘ what year do you belong to’i asked

‘ 1790’he said


‘what that like a bizzilion years ago’ I said



‘yes what I meant to say is that like many years ago’ I said

‘what year is this’ he asked


‘2019’ I said


‘then have been like that for 229years’ he said

‘say whaatt’


‘in the year 1790 I was cursed by a witch who turned me into a statue and apparently I can only be released by what you did’ he said


‘wait isn’t that master Cheng story… So that story is real…. I thought it was just a myth…. So you master Cheng aren’t you suppose to be 50 years old why do you look like you 20’ I said


‘Do you all think master Cheng is 50’ he asked

‘yeah’ I replied


‘I was twenty when I was cursed’ he said


‘oh… Okay okay, now have released you from the spell will you please just join the police or something and defend the world like you use to all those years, just do something that does not involve meat all’ I said


‘am afraid that won’t be possible because the curse is not yet over’ he said


‘awnnnnnnn whyyyyyyyyyyyy meeeeeee…. Tell me what do you need me for again’ I asked looking frustrated


‘for the spell to be broken the woman who kissed me have to fall in love with me in 200 days but if she doesn’t I will just disappear forever’ he said


‘well I think you disappearing forever is the right thing because that will really solve my problem and about falling in love with you that impossible, you might be the most handsome man have ever seen but you still like my great grandfather so I think you will have to disappear forever ‘I said and he gave me asad look


I don’t care if he is sad or not falling inlove with him is just wrong

Very soon I will just have to get rid of him


‘ is there another way to get rid of you faster, you know in the next one hour ‘I said and he shakes his head signifying no


‘my life is a mess, for goodness sake am just 19 why do I have togo through all this’ I said ‘so I have 200 days with you’ I said and he nodded his head ‘so what am I gonna do with you then’


I Recieved a message on my phone and I opened it to check what it is




Are you gonna come to school now so I can kick your ass at art or are you going boyfriend hunting again…


what exactly is her problem with me


Boyfriend huniing is she trying to mock me


I will show her who is going boyfriend hunting


Just causeshe dates the coolest richest male art students in school does that meanshe has to make fun of my no boyfriend problem


I looked at the statue man and immediately an Idea hit my mind


‘ummmm, guess I have a fake boyfriend now’ I said

That day I took the statue to the salon for a haircut


‘what that’ he said pointing at the clipper

‘we going to use that to give you a haircut’ the barber said

‘no don’t cut my hair’ he said


‘calm down, trust me it really wierd of guys have hair this long nowadays, let them give you a haircut’ I said and he calmed down


I feel like he listens to mealone


‘waw his hair is so beautiful’ the barber said admiring his hair

‘Just give him the haircut already’ I said looking fraustrated


‘yea yea sure’ he said as he started cutting his hair

His new hairstyle made him look extremely hot


Hotter than he was before


I bought lots of clothes for him with my money eventhough he said he does not want any of it but he is going to be my fakr boyfriend he can’t be seen wearing my mums dress



After the total makeover


Men he was so smoking hot I could fall in love with him if he wasn’t like my great grandfather


The statue and I both walked into the school looking like the best couple In the world


Men I love the looks on those girls who thinks that I can never have a boyfriend this hot face

They all couldn’t get their eyes off him


‘waw rose who is he’ jisoo asked


‘oh jisoo this is Cheng, my boyfriend’ I said


Yeah that my name for him



And beside that his real name 229 years ago


‘your what now’ she said with a look of disbelief

‘he is my boyfriend’ I said


‘you, how did you, how is he…. Your boyfriend’jenny said as she appeared out of nowhere

All the girls were seriously drooling ④ over Cheng


They couldn’t get his eyes off him

Some of them were even fainting




‘see I told you cutting my hair was a bad thing… Am so ugly am making woman die’ he said

‘no Cheng you so handsome you making them faint’ I said and he sighed


‘hi Cheng am jisoo’jisoo said stretching his hand for a handshake



‘move’ jenny said as she pushed jisoo away with her girls and stood in front of Cheng giving him a flirty look


‘what the heck…. That my boyfriend you know ‘ I Said


‘so who cares, am prettier and more deserving……. you too move’ she said as she pushed me aside


‘hi Cheng am jenny… Can we befriends ‘ she said


‘am sorry i can’t befriends with someone who is rude to my rose’ he said as he held my wrist

‘come on my rose let go’ he said as he pulled me away leaving jenny speechless

I turned back and stuck out my tongue to mock her and I she glares at me


‘please principal just let him in the school’ I said


‘okay what about his parent’ she asked


‘ well my parent died when before I was cursed to be a statue 229 years ago’ Cheng said



‘am sorry ma’ m just give me a minute with Cheng ‘I said laughing nervously

She nodded and I took Cheng to a corner


‘ I really appreciate your honesty but have you ever heard of the world lie …. ‘

‘ what…lie..that against my principles . ‘he said


‘ you have to lie, I want you to lie…. Please just lie forme please ‘I said and he nodded his head

He listens to whatever I say


‘ okay ma’m you see his parents died when he was still a kid…. He is an oprhan whose only dream is to become a big and respected artist one day’i said while fake tears rolls down my eyes


‘ Now you have to cry ‘ I whispered into his ear


‘ yes ma’m my parents died when I was a kid’ he said also fake crying but his own is more believable than my own


Meen he is a great actor


‘okay that enough’the principal said ‘he can stay in the school temporarily but there is a very important art competition coming very soon so if he can be Atleast the third position, he can stay in the school permanently ‘ the principal said


Oh that messed up


How am I gonna do make him be the third


This time am really determined to beat jenny


She is always the first in this competition while am the second and jisoothe third

I must beat her


That means if Cheng wants to stay in the school permanently he must beat jisoo

That not gonna be easy


I don’t even know if he can paint or draw ot maybe create a sculpture

‘thanks ma’ m ‘I said as I stoodon my feet with him


Immediately I walked out of the principal’s office with him, the two school idiot skeezy and Randy came running towards me


‘ jenny said she wants to see you ‘skeezy said

‘ yea alone ‘ Randy added


‘ are you two are messenger now ‘I said


‘ yes she promise usa kiss if we run errands for her although we wouldn’t mind a kiss from you too’they said


‘ grossssssssssss uh…. Cheng you stay with them I will be back…. Skeezy, Randy, Cheng is new here, if you do anything stupid with him or you get him into trouble I will end you ‘I said as they flinched looking scared’ I will be back okay ‘I said and he nodded before I walked away



‘ What do you want ‘rose said as she walked into the girls toilet

‘ iam herewith an offer ‘I said while washing my hands


‘ and what is that she asked


‘ I want you to make Cheng my boyfriend ‘I said


‘ and in what way is making my boyfriend your boyfriend an offer ‘i asked


‘ Just listen rose don’t be toofoward… You will have to make Cheng my boyfriend cas if you do i will loose this upcoming art competition to you deliberately and you will finally become the number one in school like you have always wanted ‘I said and smiled


‘ what ‘she said’if I make him your boyfriend, you will seriously do that ‘she said


‘ yes… I promise ‘jenny said

Am interested in that Cheng


I would have bribed her with money instead of loosing the competition to her but her parents

are rich so am sure she doesn’t need the money


I still don’t know how a boy like that is her boyfriend

But i must find out and have him for myself at all cost


………. To be continued……………





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