Fri. Jun 7th, 2024

Episode 27

Babysitting The Bad


[Secrets and Romance]




Rico’s POV

She didn’t resist and I pulled her up.

I continued kissing her and made her lean on the

makeup table.

The kiss was a bit rough as I took her tongue in


My hand went up to bra and I fondled her br**st through the fabric and she moaned into my mouth.

I continued fondling with her br**st and after a

while reached for her zipper and made to zip it

down but she held me.

“What..are you doing?” She stuttered into my hold.





“Calm down” I groaned into her ear and gave her

ear little bite.

I zipped down her zipper and planted soft kisses on her back.

I then moved her slowly to the bed and made her

lie on it.


“Ri..” she made to call but I placed one finger on

her lips to keep her mute.


I pulled the gown off her shoulder and kisses her

neckline down to her shoulder.

I kissed in between her br**st and finally removed

her bra.

“What..what are you doing?” She asked but I

ignored her.

I pulled out her bra completely and she gasped and covered them.

I smirked and made to remove her hands but she

couldn’t let me.

I took her lips in mine again and she unconsciously removed her hands.


I then took one of her nipples in my mouth s**king

from it like a new born.







She moaned out loudly with her head titled back as I continued s**king one while fondling with the


I took my free hand to her pa*ts and slid a finger

into her V.


She forcefully pushed me away and covered her


“What? What are you doing?” She asked with her

eyes widely open.

“Hey, just calm down” I cooed and made to kiss her again but she moved backward.

“Rico, I’m…I’m..still a virgin and I’m not ready for it” she stuttered looking elsewhere.

“Hey, ken calm down I’m gonna take it easy okay?” I said softly but she nodded negatively.

“I really don’t think I’m ready Rico” she insisted and covered herself with the duvet.

I sighed and placed my fingers on my temples.


Damn it, how I’m I gonna get her now? I thought

and bite my lower lips.





“Ken, I promise I won’t go hard on you I swear” I

said almost pleading.

“No I’m scared” she shook her head negatively


“Okay, when it hurts then I’ll stop alright?” I cooed

and she didn’t respond.

I moved closer to her and kissed her but she didn’t respond.

I deepened the kiss running my hands on her bare back.

She groaned into my kiss and I made her lie the

second time.

I won’t loss her this time, I thought and slid one of

my fingers into her V and she cried.



I didn’t let her complete her sentence and I started

fingering her fast.


Tho it was really tight I still had to do it.

But damn its gonna hurt like hell.

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