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………. KRIS POV…….


‘Get lost’I said to the girl sleeping next tome on bed immediately haize left the room

‘But what wrong baby …atleast we were about to have fun’


I got angry and grabbed her cheeks making her mouth pouch


‘If you ever say stuffs like that again I swear I will kill you right here and right now’I said as I pushed her away


‘Calm down my good friend, no need to vent your anger on her ….I have finally succeeded in ruining your little relationship….have always known that no girl will be able to see her man in another woman arms ,that will make her absolutely crazy….now haize is gone for good ‘he said


I stoodon my feet and punched him and he fell on the floor

I picked him up with his collar and punched him continuously making his mouth bleed but the bastard was laughing


I stopped punching and glared at him


‘Continue…will that make haize come back…who knows you might end up killing me and bye bye to you…you going to spend the rest of your life in jail’he said


I picked namjoon and the stupid girl and threw them out of my mansion


‘If you ever come here again …am gonna kill you ‘I said and he laughed before I walked inside the mansion


I have been calling Cheng to explain all this to him maybe he can be of help but he ain’t picking his calls


I tried rose too but she didn’t pick either


I must find away to solve all this fast and have my haize back with me



It shouldn’t have been Cheng


Am such a fool


I pushed my Cheng away

No no no no no no no


I cried uncontrallably


Why can’t you just pity me and come back to me Cheng


Please do not do this Cheng

Please just come back


No problem


If you wont come back

I will come to you


I ran towards the tip of the cliff and stopped



‘Am coming Cheng’I said as I closed my eyes to nunpinto the ocean but someone held me and dragged me back


‘What you doing let go of me haize ‘I said struggling with her

‘Calm down rose …please ‘


‘You saw everything, Cheng is never coming back…let me goto him,I must goto him….please let me goto him ‘I said crying and struggling with her


‘You have to calm down rose just calm down ‘she said trying to calm me down


‘No… saw it all,you saw what happened….Cheng is gone haize is f***king gone ‘I said


‘Rose calm down please ‘


‘No I wanna go let me go’i said

‘Rose just calm down’


‘I wanna goto Cheng’


‘Rose please listen to me’she pleaded

‘No Cheng…I must go’


‘Rose please ‘

‘I must go’


‘Rose listen’

‘I must go’


‘rose ‘


‘I said I want togo leave mealone ‘


‘ROSE !!!!’she shouted as she slapped me really hard and I calmed down immediately


‘Cheng promised to come back…I just got dumped by the guy who I love more than I love myself …the guy who took away my innocence…the guy I was willing to lay my life down for if necessary…I just got dumped by him …is it the end of the world ….Cheng is coming back sooner or later but kris have lost him forever…he used me and he left me …i loved him and he played me but did I ever think of suicide…yes i did …i wanted to kill myself but them i thought of my mum,my dad,I am their only daughter …I will make their life terrible, I will hurt them badly…please just think about your poor mum and dad before doing will shatter them if you die’haize said


I couldn’t help the tears


She moved me closer and hugged me as I cried while haize also couldn’t control her tears

‘Cheng …I can’t live without him’I said


‘He is coming back dear he will surely comeback ‘she said


…….. HAIZE POV…….

It been a week and I locked myself up in the room unable to face the world most especially what kris did


Rose also refused to come out of her room


I always hear her crying every night calling Cheng’s name


Our parents tried to find out what wrong with us but we are not willing to open up to them


I finally decided to step out of my room after a weak

I was looking so weak and miserable


They made me have breakfast before I decided togo to school

I saw kris that day but he ignored me and walked away


Tears almost rolled down my eyes but I controlled it as I walked into my class

No haize


You do not have togo crazy over him





I was absolutely torn apart when I was my haize after a week

She wasn’t haize again


She looks so pale and miserable


Has she been crying for the past one week


I tried my best to tell her everything but namjoon always keep an eye on me


He even has tiny microphones on me and he listens to my conversation with other people

I finally have away to free myself from his clutches


I will sneak into his house later in the night after getting rid of all the guards

Will delete thepics from all sources and also from the cloud


Is I do that will report him to the police for blackmail and in that way I can finally send him to jail and get rid of him



I went back home that day and nobody was home


I slowly knocked on rose door and she opened it forme

Even rose has changed


She looks shattered and miserable

Eye bags and dark circles


She sat down on the bedand I walked into her room and closed the door behind me

‘How are you rose?’I asked


She smiled lightly at me and said ‘the same way you are’



Tears rolls down my eyes but I wiped it

‘We have to move on rose ‘I said


‘Am hopeless without him’she said


I sighed and all of sudden I had this sudden urge to throw up.

I ran into the bathroom and puked in the sink


Rose followed me immediately


‘This has been going on for days now’I said to rose as I washed my mouth and face

‘Hope you are not….’


‘No rose am not,it just a normal sickness ‘I said

I am scared


I better not be pregnant


I didn’t take any contraceptive

Neither did I use protection


There is a 99.9 % chance am pregnant


‘Here have this …you should test yourself ‘rose said as she gave me a pregnancy tester

‘But Rose’


‘Just test it okay’she said and I obeyed immediately

I walked into the bathroom and tested myself


I walked out of the bathroom later on


‘So …what the result?’


‘Posiitivves ‘I said stressing it as I sat down on the sofa


‘You are pregnant you have to tell your parents and tell kris’she said


‘He will never believe me … I told him used contraceptive that day and again he has dumped me remember and for my parents I wont tell them cause I am going to abort this baby’ I said


‘Are you crazy…this baby is a symbol of your love ‘she said


‘Symbol of what love there was no love at all….he betrayed me ‘I said

‘But this baby is yours sweetie you can’t kill it ‘ she said


‘No I don’t want it ,it has togo’i said


I went back to my room that day thinking of what to do to the baby


The next morning I woke up and stepped out of the room and the first person I saw was my mum and dad


They walked towards me and hugged me


‘Honey, it Okay, you dont have to do it ‘my mom said and am very sure she knowsam pregnant now


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Am an adult they can’t kill me but I still feel like have let them down


‘Mum dad ,I dont want to stay here anymore I want togo to America ‘I said

‘It okay my dear let go back home to America ‘


‘Mum dad ,I also want togo to America now ‘rose said and her parents agreed immediately


At the airport rose and I looked at Seoul one last time before we got into the plane and went to America


That was it


That was how we got heart breaks and tears in Seoul


……. KRIS POV…..

I finally got rid of namjoon


He is now in jail for blackmail and he is not getting out anytime soon

As for jisoo she is now in jail for kidnapping


Cheng I don’t know where he is, properly with haize


‘ummm I want to see haize’I said to the security guard outside their house

‘I am sorry but Miss haize wu is gone with rose and her family ‘


‘Gone ,where?’


‘Out of the country ‘

Haize is gone


Out of the country


‘Which country?’I asked


‘I do not know sir …all I know is that she is gone ‘he said as I he locked the house and walked away


Haize is gone


My haize is gone

*The end*


Don’t curse me oooooo

There’s season two


The end is just the beginning


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