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4years ago



‘you keep staring at that girl Christine, you know she ishaize wu right…one of the top 9th grade girl…she is way out of your league ‘ jin woo said


‘I know she is hut haize is just so pretty and she has such beautiful hair ‘I said as I adjusted my glasses


‘But we are the school ugliest boy and also the school nerds. ….although your social life might improve if you let everyone know you are the son of the richest business man mr kang…everyone thinks you one of those ugly nerds in this school as a scholarship student …they do not know your parents worth alot of money’he said


I sighed and said ‘I do not want anyone to know that yet…and beside who would believe me the ugliest guy in school and also the school nerd ‘I said


‘Okay but since you like haize, have you ever thought of talking to her ‘he said

‘Noam too scared to do that’I said


‘Come on you 15 years old …do not be a scaredy cat all the time ‘jiwoo said

‘Am not a scaredy cat but I can’t talk to haize…..I am scared to ‘I said


‘You have liked her ever since you were ten years old back then in elementary school….when exactly are you gonna confess your feelings ‘he said


“No I can’t ‘I said


‘Come on man just try it ‘he said


I inhaled deeply and hugged my big test book and walked over to haize with trembling feet

‘Hello haize ‘I said and she stopped talking to her friend and glares at me


‘What do you want you fool’ she yelled and I suddenly felt embarrassed


The whole school focused on me as the girls laughed and pinched themselves secretly

‘I….i….i… i… ‘I stammered


‘Get lost idiot ‘she shouted as she pushed me to the ground making my glasses falloff


She stepped on my glasses with her feet before walking away

I can’t believe this


What did I do to deserve this


I couldn’t see properly without my glasses as I used my hand to look for it on the floor

Jinwoo helped me up as he gave me my broken glasses


‘Looser ‘a girl said as she walked towards me and dumped a cup of smoothie on me

That was the last day I saw haize



Just cause of her little rude scene I was bullied even more than before to the extent that I was forces to.leave the school


am sure she does not know that I am christine

The guyshe humiliated publicly


The ugly boy who has always loved her since she was just a little girl

Am not just benton breaking her for no reason


I want her togo through that same pain I went through all those years back

I really want her too


After the way she humiliated me that day


I later found out she had moved to America with her family


I was happy to have her back here

Now I want to hurt her so bad


I am sure I do not love her anymore


All I feel for her right now is deep hatred




Haize walked into the house



I was getting bored


Cheng not home he is working

‘Where have you been?’I asked


‘At kris house ‘she replied



‘Ummm that sounds interesting ‘I said trying to tease her


“No it doesn’ was just a stupid physics project thingy’she said


‘Okay we all going ice skating this weekend…you can invite kris “I said


‘Ice skating….sure will invite him….hope he agrees “she said as she walked up the stairs

Few minutes later Cheng walked into the house


“Now look who finally decided to come home…’I said while folding my arms


“Hello rose “he said with acute smile


I glared at him and walked into the kitchen

“Now tell me what wrong this time “he said


“Well ever since you got this new job….I hardly see you…it so frustrating…tell me it seems you have a new girl in your life uhn”I said


Stop talking like this rose

This is not how friends talk to each other

He will start getting suspicious


I opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of juice

I placed it on the table


I turned my back to grab a glass cup and flinched when I saw Cheng so close to me

“Someone sounds jealous “he said


“Am not jealous…..just concerned “I said


“Oh really concerned….ummm “he placed his hand on the table blocking my left and right with his hand


This guys beauty alone always makes my heart skip.a beat



Why can’t you just be a normal human and I will happily give myself to you

His right hand went to the back of my waist as he pulled me close to him


My heart was beating fast again


Did this guy watch aromantic movie or something cas he is being so romantic I might actually go crazy


Before he was so clingy and annoying I was like just stay away Cheng

Buy now he is so sweet and romantic am like please never leave


His hand went to the back of my head as he pulled me close and kissed me lightly on the lips


He smiled at me after the very short light kiss and I pushed him away playfully

‘Friends don’t kiss friends dummy ‘I said as I walked away smiling



The next day I went to school and the first person I saw was kris

‘Hey kris ‘I greeted with a big smile


‘Oh hello haize’he replied with a bigger smile on his Face

‘Am sorry for the way I acted yesterday ‘I said


‘No need to apologize, it was my fault…I shouldn’t have done that ‘

‘It nthn….atleast u didn’t do it ‘ I said and he smiled


‘Sodo you wanna go ice skating with me ,my cis and her bf this weekend ‘I asked and he looked at me for awhile

‘I shouldn’t have asked I know you wouldn’t come sorry….’

‘I will love to come ‘he said cutting me short


‘Great …see you this weekend’I said with a smile as I walked away blushing


Well I went back home after school that day and the next day was a Saturday so we all got ourselves ready for the ice thingy


‘She is coining with us’I said glaring at jisoo

‘Yes she is my bestie remember ‘rose said


‘Whatever ‘I muttered before walking away


Few minutes later kris arrived


‘O.M.G…that is kris…he really is handsome ‘ rose said

‘Hello’kris greeted rose with a smile


‘Kris meet rose my cousin ,Cheng her boyfriend and that ‘I said pointing at jisoo

I know her name


But I just wannabe disrespectful


Kris greeted everyone as he and Cheng fist pumped

‘Shall we ‘I said as everyone got into their own car




We got to the ice skating arena after 30 mins drive


A snow ball hit my head as I turned to see who did that


‘Cheng am so gonna kill you’i said as I formed a snowball and hit it on him


It was only a matter of time before started attacking each other with no snow ball while running around and laughing


We act like real couples eventhough we aren’t

Cheng and I fellon the snow laughing


‘Here put this on…let ice skate ‘I said as I gave him the skate shoes and stood on my feet





I almost fell down in my skate shoes but kris held my hand preventing me from falling

‘Be careful ‘he said in such away that made my heart skipped


I nodded and he slowly let go of me


We all kept on playing till it was late and everywhere was suddenly so windy

‘I think we should go home now ‘rose said and we all agreed instantly


Today was fun but it seems kris enjoys being alone cas he didn’t really take part in all the ice activities



I only agreed to come herecas of her


‘ummm….i can’t find haize anywherebut if you see her ,tell her and the others that am going to the bathroom…I will just be back soon ‘I said to jisoo


‘Kk’she replied



I still haven’t gotten revenge on haize for ruining everything

Perfect opportunity


‘Guys we have togo home, it getting extra windy ‘rose said

‘But where is kris ‘haize said


‘Well I sawhim going somewhere along that side ‘ I said pointing to somewhere far from us


‘What is he doing there

..the weather is bad…I will go get him…you go home guys…I will come with kris ‘she said as we all agreed togo home


I smiled Mischevioulsly as I got into my car and drove off




‘Kris’I shouted looking for him


It was getting darker colder and windier


‘Kris’I shouted still looking for him

He can’t be out here all alone


What if he is in trouble now

I have to help him


I kept looking for him and I got so weak that it got to a point that I collapsed on the floor



I came back from the bathroom and everyone was gone

I checked my tires and it was deflated


How come


I saw haize phone in my car

‘She forgot this’ I muttered


A message was received on her phone and I checked it

It was from rose


*have you found kris yet ….call me if you have *

She is looking for me


That means she is still around


I started looking for haize around while calling her name

I walked for awhile and I still couldn’t find her



Maybe she has gone back home


I turned my back to leave but then my eyes caught something

I turned back abruptly to see what it was


‘Haize ‘I said as I ran towards her


‘Haize’I said while patting her cheek

She was so cold


I dusted the snow off her body as I carried her


She needs help


What will I do now


I sawasmall hut and I took her in


I placed her gently on the floor as i gathered the woods

I managed to make fire but it still was not enough


Why do you have to do that haize


What will I do now


I removed my coat and inner shirt as I slowly removed hers revealingly only her bra

I pulled her close to me and hugged her tight


Trying to warm her up with my body heat as I moved closer to the fire


If only you knew what I planned on doing with you you wouldn’t go out in the snow just to look for m


I just want to hate you


Do not do things that will make me love you again like I did all those years back



I just wanna hate you haize




So guys do you think haize was at fault


And rose somebody help me beg her to make it real already

Warris all this friend nonsense gan self






And guys pls don’t let us ghost read







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