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……………. KRIS POV…………..


I pulled haize so close to me and hugged her tightly


Her body was extremely cold

This is all my fault


I blamed myself for all this


But I told that girl that I went to the bathroom

I told her to tell haize and the others



But how comeshe started looking for me in the cold

About a hour letter, she slowly opened her eyes


‘Kr….r….s…kris ‘she stammered


I slowly loosened my tight hug and looked into her eyes

‘Haize are you okay’I asked looking very concerned


‘Am fine…where were you ‘she asked


‘I was in the bathroom…why did you go in the snow to look for me’I asked


‘I thought you are in trouble…and I wanted to save you ….but instead I got into trouble, ‘she said with a light smile


This girl is just as beautiful as before

No what am I saying


She is even more beautiful than she was


She frowns when she noticed I wasn’t smiling back at her


I was just staringather face and then she touched her face lightly and said ‘what is it ….is there something on my face ‘she said still touching her face


…………. HAIZE POV………..


I was getting uncomfortable with the way he was staring at me

‘Kris what wrong is there…….’


I couldn’t finish before I felt her soft lips on mine


I slowly lowered my hand that was on my face earlier as my eyes widened in shock

I slowly closed my eyes as I returned the kiss



I wrapped my hand around his neck as he pulled me closer to him in form of a hug

No haize


What you doing


Youn hardly know kris and now you kissing him

Stop this before it leads to somewhere bad


We slowly broke the kiss trying to catch our breathe

I could not look in his eyes


It was only after the kiss I realized that I was only wearing my bra and jeans

He must have taken my clothes off to help my present condition


I stoodon my feet still unable to look at him as I grabbed my cloth and put it on as I sat down somewhere a bit far from him and pulled my knee to my chest




‘No it fine,it just a kiss …no need to apologize ‘I said as i moved closer to the fire

He looked at me for awhile before putting on his shirt


I looked at his gorgeous man body and slapped myself lightly as I looked away

You should be ashamed of yourself haize


How can you still stareat his body after all this


………….. ROSE POV…………..

‘Haize is not back home yet and she haven’t even texted me’i muttered while looking out the window


I felt big strong arms cuddle me from my back and my heart skipped a beat


Only one person has the power to make my heart feel that way

It Cheng


I wonder my heart always skip a beat when am with him


I wonder what wrong with me

I just like him being around me


Touching me like he always do


I might deny it all the time but I just want him

This Is lust right


Cas I know I can’t bring myself to love Cheng


‘Cheng I should have known it was you’I said as I turned around to face him


He smiled at meand I shaked my head to walk away but he grabbed me by the wrist an pulled me back pinning me to the wall


He held my left hand against the wall


‘Cheng ‘I said trying to release my right hand from his

He looked at me seductively


‘Cheng if you do something friends don’t do again I will be forced to ruin your beautiful faces ‘I said threatening him hoping he will stay away but he didn’t


He moved close to me and I felt his hot breath on my bare skin as my heart started beating fast again


Come on just kiss me already

I thought to myself


I want him to kiss me but rose will never make the first move


He should be the one to kiss me first not me kissing him first

I knew it was lust


I know I can never love Cheng


I inhaled deeply as I closed my eyes


‘Open your eyes ‘he whispered in myear with such sΒ£xy tone


I slowly opened my eyes and saw him holding a small box to my face

‘What is this ‘i asked


‘Just open it….but before you do, follow me ‘he said

I obeyed as I followed him all the way to the balcony


‘Can I open it now ‘I asked and he nodded


I opened the small box and my mouth fell wide opened


‘Platinum-Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia Round-Cut Graduated Riviera Necklace….how were you able to afford this ‘I asked and he gave me this are you serious look


‘Am sorry,have forgotten you actually work right now’I said


‘And am actually making the company better and getting important contracts for it…my boss had no choice but to promote me and double my salary ‘he said and I smiled


He acts like a real man now


He is not clingy and annoying like he use to be


Now he is romantic, mature ,and even more handsome than he was

He is just my type of guy


People say there’s no such thing as the perfect guy but Cheng is Mr perfect


He removed the necklaces from the box as it sparkled in the dark and went behind me to put it on from me


‘Do you have a love doctor now or what?’I asked


‘Let just say I watch too much movies ,and you also have the best cousin’he said as he hooks the necklace and came to my front


I touched and admired the necklace as I looked at Cheng

‘Look at all ths stars….they all are beautiful right ‘I said


‘But they are not as beautiful as my star ‘he said and my heart skipped a beat

I looked into his eyes and he slowly grabbed my hand


‘It doesn’t matter what you feel towards me rose…or how you feel for me…but am really sure of how I feel towards you…if 200 days is complete, and I disappear, I won’t be sad because am leaving the world finally, I will be sad cause am leaving my world’he said in such emotional way that tears rolls down my eyes but I wiped it off immediately


‘rose’he said as he placed my hand on his chest and I could feel his heart beating ‘only you can make it beat so fast… I loveyou rose ‘he said and I was shocked as I looked into his eyes


Yes I know he loves me


But have never heard that from him before

I moved closer to him ‘come closer ‘I said


He moved closer to me


I grabbed him by the collar as I pulled him down to my height to kiss him

He was shocked casthis is the first time am kissing him first


He wrapped his hand around my waist as he lifted me up still kissing me

U not going anywhere Cheng


You will be herewith me till we 70



Or even more than



Sorry it is short


Anyway hope you are enjoy this episode


Cheng has confessed we are waiting for sister rose




Haize and kris



Sha be enjoying yaself in the hut









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