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………… HAIZE POV………

The next day I entered the school compound and went straight to kris private room


I opened the doorand I was shocked to see kris kissing a girl called sunny right in front of me

‘Kris’I said and he broke the kiss and smiled at sunny


‘I will be back baby ‘he said as he stood on his feet and walked towards me

‘Hello haize’


‘Kris …what going on’i asked with tears in my eyes


‘Well haize,am really sorry to tell you this but you expired already…I found a new girl …do you like her?’he asked


‘What the hell are you talking about ‘i asked


‘What am trying to say is that we are over my dear haize….I am into sunny now’he said


‘What the hell are you saying kris ,this is all a dream….this is am imagination, noam dreaming ‘I said


‘No you not haize’he moved closer tome and spoke quietly tome in away sunny won’t be able to hear us


‘See i got what I want from you already, we had sΒ£x right and you shouldn’t deny the fact that you enjoyed it yourself….sowedone the relationship so over ,but if you don’t mind, my bed is


opened for you ,you can always warm it up every now and then ‘he said and immediately i don’t know what came over me I raised my hand and slapped him very hard across the face


‘How dare you kris’I wiped my tears and held his collar ‘kris look into my eyes and tell me you never loved me,tell me all those kisses were not true,tell

Me that word I loveyou was lie…tell me the way you touched me it was all for nothing…tell me everyday we spent together it was a lie ,it meant absolutely nothing to you …look into my eyes and tell me that kris’ I said


…….. KRIS POV…….

I looked away unable to look at haize in the eye

I will loose it if I see those tears in her eyes


I will melt In front of her and that will really put her in a lot of trouble.


‘Look at me kris and tell me this is all a lie… please kris please’ she pleaded

No kris you have to stand strong


Please do not melt in front of her

I really can’t do this


I get hurt when I see her tears

I never wanted to Make you cry


Am such a loser


Am a big loser I can’t even protect her


‘Please kris ,please don’t do this to me…do not leave me.like this …tell me this is all a dream…just tell me.you still love me’she said and I felt a sharp pain in my chest


My heart hurts


I will definitely kill namjoon for making her cry like this


‘Do not make things hard haize …it over, you just have to get use to the fact that I never loved you’i said unable to look in her eyes


‘No,just look into my eyes and tell me that kris’ she said


I looked boldly into her eyes with my eyes filled with tears and said ‘I dont love you ‘


She smiled and hugged me ‘no need to say anything kris….your eyes says it all’ she disengaged from the hug and looked into my eyes’I trust you alot kris and I know you will never say something like that to me willingly…I know there’s something behind all this I know you kris …you don’t have to say anything at all ,your eyes says it all kris’she said as she smiled at me and turned her back to leave


‘You see namjoon…just tell me how are you gonna seperate us….you can try but haize trust me ,she was able to figure everything out’I said


‘That was because you had sympathy in your eyes kris….haize loves me alot what makes you think she can ever love ….i. mean the world to her and she means everything to me so why must you interfere ‘I asked


‘That none of my business kris …you will have to react this whole scene ,you will have to crush her for real this time’he said and I glared at him


This is only for the main time haize


I will definitely come back for you after I manage to get rid of this guy


……….. ROSE POV…….

I was walking out of the girls bathroom when I saw Cheng standing while resting on the wall like he was waiting for someone


I decided to just ignore and walk past him but he held my hand and slowly pulled me back

He wrapped his left around my waist and used it to move me close


He is going to weaken me again


‘Now tell me are you gonna hold this grudge forever…. I am sorry…it just jisoo…..’

‘Please do not say anything about her’I said cutting him short



He sighed and said’okay fine ,I won’t talk about her …but let just kiss and makeup already ‘he says in away that I couldn’t help but blush


He slowly caressed my face with his hand lifted my chinashe brought his lips closer and kissed me


He slowly sucked my lower lips as I wrapped my hand around his neck

I have to forgive him


Tomorrow is the 200th day and I dont want to lose him


It been two days since we came close like this

We were interrupted by a phone call


‘I have to pick this’I said as i picked the call


‘What ‘ I shouted as the phone fell from my hand

‘What wrong’Cheng asked looking worried


‘Cheng dad has been kidnapped I said as tears rolls down my eyes


ε›ž……..JISOO POV…….. ε›ž


‘You finally managed to kidnap the rich old man ‘

‘Yes ma’m ‘he said


‘Okay now leave ‘I said and he walked away

Poor rose


Am sorry I do not want togo this far

But i must do this for Cheng


This will definitely create a rift between you and Cheng forever






I love haize


She trust her kris alot unlike rose


What do you think guys rose or haize


Season one ends in the next episode





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