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…………ROSE POV……….

I woke up the next morning and ran my hand through my shorthair


I remembered what happened between Cheng and I last night and smiled

Now am his girlfriend


Now I have feelings for him


Which means he is never gonna disappear

He is going to be with me forever


I hugged my pillow blushing

I went into the bathroom and had my bath and also brushed my teeth


I came out of the bathroom and applied some lotion on my body and dry my hair

I then walked into the closet to pick out a outfit


I came out of the big closet dressed in a fancy way to impress Cheng Cheng ofcas


I sat down on my bed and turned to my side and

saw a very big white teddy bear ,a red card and a box of chocolate ‘wawam sure this is Cheng doing’I picked up the big white teddy and hugged it


‘You areas cute as Cheng ‘I said with a smile


A red rose appeared in front of meand I turned to my side to see who it was

It was Cheng sited next to me on my bed while holding arose in his hand


‘Kinda weird am giving arose to a rose ‘he said with a smile and I smiled back

‘What all this for ‘I asked with a smile


‘Ohhhhh come on rose ,don’t you know today is valentine’s day ‘he said

‘Oh it skipped my mind ….happy valentine’s day’ I said


‘Same dear’he said as he kissed me on the cheek

I smiled and picked up the box of chocolates


I had a bite


‘Ummmm taste good….you want some’I asked


‘Nahhhhhhh,I don’t take that ‘he said


‘But what is so bad about chocolate you gotta have at least just one ‘ I said but he shakes his head again


‘Pls just one bite ‘I said but he said no


‘Now you wanna be stubborn uhn’ I said as I grabbed him by the collar making him lie on the bed with his back


‘Sowe can do this easy way or the hard way’I asked and he covered his mouth with his hand


I know he has no problem eating the chocolate but he is just doing that to have a little fun with me


I sat down on his tummy trying to force the chocolates into his mouth


‘Cheng don’t be so stubborn ‘I said trying to remove his hand from his mouth

‘Okay please do it for me ‘I said in a really cute way that he couldn’t resist


‘Okay fine I will eat it but on one condition, ‘he said


‘And what is that ‘I asked with a puzzled look

‘I want it from your mouth’he said


‘What Cheng you are such a big flirt..am not doing that ‘he said

‘Thenam not eating it’he said


‘Fine …I will do it, it valentine’s anyway so what bad if couples share stuffs’I said and he smiled at me


I used my teeth to hold the chocolate in my mouth leaving half of it in my mouth and the other half outside


I know this one of his tactics to kiss me but who cares

I like it when he kisses me anyway



I signaled him to move closer


‘I can’t you are sitting on my tummy so you should be the one to move closer’ he said


Seriously am sure Cheng has been having bad friends Θ

Or maybe he watches too much Romantic movies


He talks like a bigtime casanova


What a flirtatious person


I tucked my hair behind myear as I bend down


Ha placed his hand on my waist and the other at the back of my neck as he moved me closer and took a bite of the chocolate in my mouth with our lips brushing each other slightly


He bite half of the chocolate and I hate the remaining half in my mouth


‘Now you got what you want ‘I said playfully as I lifted my upper body and pulled his cheek

‘Ouch you gonna ruin my face ‘he said


‘I think I like you ugly that way I will have you all to myself ‘I said as I hithis head playfully ‘now you have eaten the chocolate after you forced me to do that hope you are happy now ‘


‘Nahhh not yet’he said


‘What do you want ‘I asked with a smile

‘My val day kiss’I said


‘tell me Cheng who turned you to this….you used to be so innocent and sweet but now you are such apervert ‘I said and he laughed Θ


‘Am still innocent ,but not when it comes to rose ‘he said and I laughed

‘Am not kissing you ‘I said as I crossed my arm


‘Well you forced me to eat chocolate and now you don’t wanna kiss me..that is not fair’he said in areally cute way


‘Fine ,noone can say no to you when you talk like that, just for asec okay ‘I said

‘Okay ‘I said and he nodded


I bent half of my body and I closed my eyes as our lips met


He carefully mumbled on my lips and I dipped my hand into his soft blonde hair while the second hand was playing with his ear


Now I saida second


But the problem is I can’t stop myself anymore


I just continued the kiss and then my phone rang interupting us about some minutes later

I broke the kiss and moved away from sitting on his tummy.


I stoodon my feet as I walked over to the table to pick up my phone

Thank God she interrupted us


Something else could have happened


‘Hey mum…..yea sure ,okay ….yh,yh I miss you too….haize is great she is the best…..ofcasam celebrating valentine with Cheng he is really sweet’I said as I smiled at him and he smiled back’okay mum…..bye’I said as I hung up


‘Your mum’he said


‘Yeah,she wanted to know If I was celebrating val with you,she really likes you’i said

Who wouldn’t


He is so loveable


‘Come on let go out for valentine ‘I said

‘Well that great ‘I replied



‘And also kris planned a surprise for haize ,he said he wants to Make him hers…so now we will have to take haize to kris’Cheng said


‘Really ,that so great….waw am so happy for her ‘I said smiling as he stood on his feet ‘that later in the night so before that,let have some fun’he said as he grabbed my hand and we both went out of the mansion


‘Waw whose car is this’ I said touching a brand new Mercedes Benz


‘Oh that mine… I told you I got promoted right ,so I was given a new house and also this car’he said


‘Waw,am sure you making the company millions that why they give you all this’I said

He has a very big IQ


So he deserves all this


I got into the new car and we drove round town

Valentine was fun with Cheng


I use to spend valentines indoor wallowing in my own sorrow

But now am having fun and smiling with him


……….. HAIZE POV……….

Rose called me and told me there is an emergency


She told me to meet her somewhere around EUN WON COFFEE SHOP

I picked up my car key and went to the location


‘Rose what the emergency ‘I asked her on the street panicking but she smiled at me and pointed at a big skyscraper


My picture was displayed on the skyscraper and a big words was written close to it in form of light work



Who could have done this


What is this


‘Haize’ a voice called from behind and I turned back to see who it was

‘Kris’I muttered


‘You told me I don’t know the true meaning of love ,neither do I know the true meaning of relationship I totally agree with everything you said….but haize I am totally sure of what I feel towards you.i don’t know all this cause have never loved anyone before, well not until you came into my life’


Everyone passing by focused their attention on us


‘Haize ,I know am not perfect, and maybeam not yet your ideal man ….but haize just take me for my imperfection and flaws, make me whoever you wish to make me ,teach me everything about relationship, make me your perfect man because I do not want to spend just a single day away from you anymore ….make me yours haize’he said


I looked at rose and she nodded


I looked at Cheng and he also nodded

Then I looked at kris


‘Just be mine haize ‘he said

Everyone keep saying yes


‘Come on haize say yes …you don’t wanna stay away from your true love like I did right’rose said


She is right


‘Do what truly makes you happy ‘Cheng said

I looked at kris and I smiled and nodded



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‘Guess you managed to prove yourself ‘I said and he smiled

‘So that ayes you will be mine ‘he asked and I nodded


He smiled and came close to me as he kissed me with his arms wrapped around my waist

I wrapped my arms around his neck to enjoy the full kiss


Θ ……….. KRIS POV………. Θ


Am sure most of you are thinking I did all this cause I want to use and dump her


But that all in the past

now ijust want haize


Because love never dies


I know I love haize back then


I thought I hate her but the truth is I was just angry

I love her


I truly love haize


……….. ROSE POV………


’50 years from now, if we are still alive, we will celebrate valentine like this again right ‘I said and he smiled


‘Ofcas we will ……everyday is valentine for us rose ‘he said and I smiled



Am just so happy



All thanks to Cheng




Now haize and kris sealed

So king of romance goes to


Kris or Cheng? ⑧








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