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He slowly drops me on my feet as we broke the kiss


‘ next time you wanna kiss me ,please remind me to put on some high heels ‘I said and he

smiled lightly as he pulled me for closer for a tight hug

And I hugged him back with my hand around his waist


Guess this means we are official now


We are a realthing





And men I really need to gain some height


Am sure haize will have absolutely no problem kissing kris ,she is a very tall girl

I just want to have him close tome like this




What am I really feeling for him

This is all so confusing


……. HAIZE POV…….


Kris and I spent the night sited faraway from each other with a very awkward silence


The next day, kris driver arrived and kris offered to drop me offat home eventhough I was still a bit uncomfortable with what happened earlier


He told his driver to take care of his car and call the mechanic to fix the tire while he collected the key to the one he brought from him


I sat down on the seat beside the driver seat and I was still unable to talk to kris

‘We are here ‘ he said as the car stopped in front of rose mansion big gate


I smiled at him lightly before saying thanks


I tried to remove my seat belt but it was stucked

‘Stupid seat belt’s muttered still struggling with it


‘Lemme help you with that ‘he said as he moved close to me

Now am feeling awkward again


He was so close to me as he helped me with my seat belt



His face


Waw this guy is so hot


And are those the lips he kissed me with yesterday

They are so beautiful


I think he noticed the fact that i was staring at him as he fixed his eyes on me


Our face was so close again


And I had the urge to kiss him



‘Here you go’he said as he stopped focusing on me and finaly removed the belt

‘Thanks’I said as I got down from the car


I waved at him and he waved back before I finally entered into the house

‘Haize ‘rose said as she hugged me


‘It seems you spent the night at kris house,the last you could have done is answer my calls and messages ‘rose said as she disengaged from the hug


‘Actually what happened is…..’I said as I narrated the whole event to her


‘O.m.G am such a stupid cousin I didn’t even know that you were in so much trouble ‘she said clearly disappointed in herself


‘It nothing come on leave it and O.m.g we have alot to talk about ‘I said as we both walked into our room to have a girl chat


And ofcas I talked about the kiss and rose couldn’t believe her ears

She also gave me the update on her relationship


So romantic


I wish kris was also a statueso I can have him all to myself

But I guess my lovestory is not meant to be that way


…….. ROSE POV……..

The day for the competition finally came

I must defeat Jenny


And Cheng must defeat jisoo


‘Come on show me your artwork ‘I said to Cheng but he keeps hiding it


‘I wanna make it a surprise ….you will see onstage ‘he said with a smile on his face


Everybody was covering their artwork but I thought Cheng will at least allow me see his

My painting was very beautiful


And am absolutely sure am gonna win first place with this

Finally am gonna put Jenny In her place


‘Get ready to loose to me like you always do darling ‘Jenny said as she appeared outtakes nowhere


‘Well I heard your dad loosed the contract to my dad making my parents rank #2 in the business world making them earn more money than before si here is an advice you their child should also prepare to loose to me ‘I said and she huffs and walked away


My mom and dad gave me that good news yesterday


Her parents are total snubs just like her

And my parents managed to defeat them


Now it time for me to defeat her.


‘Come on take your heart to the hall ‘mr candice said as we obeyed and we each dropped out artwork on a small table in the big hall



Our art was covered with a small piece of cloth and it will only be revealed by the time the show starts


‘I can’t wait to seeyour art work this year ‘madam ceeji said ‘I hope you win this year dear ‘I smiled at her and she walked away


‘Fighting rose …you will win this time ‘I muttered


……………….JISOO POV……………


I will definitely not allow you win this art competition my dear friend

You took Cheng from me


Now I will take your dream of beating Jenny away from you




I waited till everyone was out of the big hall

I walked towards rose art


This is definitely a great artwork


And it might actually help her fulfill her dream

Let me turn this little dream into a nightmare


I opened a bottle of blue ink and poured it on her artwork

Now dear bestie


I get my revenge on you


I smiled deviously before convering her painting again


9………. ROSE POV……….. 9


‘Whay wrong Cheng’I asked



‘Nothing just kind of nervous ‘he said


I held his hand softly and said ‘remember you good in whatever you do …am sure you gat this Cheng, no need to be nervous ‘he smiled lightly


‘Lemme check on my art project, will you come with me ‘ I asked and he nodded


We went to the hall together and I opened my art painting and my mouth fell wide opened

I spent trying to paint this


I had sleepless night thinking of ideas and then somebody decided to do this

I fellon my knees as tears rolls down my cheek


‘Nooooooooooooo’I shouted


‘Rose ‘cheng said as he dropped to a squat


‘Cheng I spent sleepless night trying to make this project,have always wanted to be the best at something…I have always wanted to win the school art competition…forgetting about my dream of beating Jenny at something ,this art is my real dream …there is a price money of 30,000 dollars….forget about the price money cas I don’t need that ,the best arts will be displayed at piccolo art museum in America that will finally make me the international artist have always wanted to be… have lost the opportunity have always wanted ‘I said crying


Cheng pulled me closed and hugged me as I cried in his chest Θ


‘Hey rose ‘he said disengaging from the hug’please do not cry ‘he said while wiping my tears with his thumb


‘You painted this right,you a great artist and am sure you can find something to do to this , have seen your drawings and I can say you really talented ….you an artist you have the power to make beauty out of nothing…do not loose hope so easily, be very creative like you always been, you a strong woman so do not loose hope so easily’he said


I looked at my art and then back at Cheng face


‘Yes you are right ,there is something I can do’i said as I stoodon my feet and moved closer to my artwork


I tore the former one that was ruined with black paint


‘Cheng,please just sit down over there in your statue form ,am gonna need that for this new painting ‘I said and he nodded as hesat down and turned to a statue


I looked at the statue and closed my eyes and inhales deeply as I picked up my brush and started painting


My memories of the kiss between Cheng and I when he was still a statue in the museum kept flashing as I continued the painting


‘You can turn back now ‘I said to Cheng as he turned back into an human

‘Waw’he said as he saw my painting



An hour later everybody artwork was brought to the stage in front of the audiences

We all stood onstage with our paintings


The M.c told us to remove the cloth we covered our painting in


The audiences gasped as they saw our paintings


They took special interest in Chengs and I paintings

My painting was the picture of a girl kissing a statue


It was waw


And everyone really loved it


Cheng painting was me holding a big rose,as simple as it sounds it was extremely beautiful

How can his painting be so perfect no flaws


The only painting that is actually competing with mine is Cheng’s


Not even Jenny jisoo stands a chance


So now it either am the first or Cheng is

Or maybe a tie


Jenny looks absolutley shattered right now

Her painting colour was just too much


Maybe she tried to hard to make it perfect


‘Waw guys it seems we have two winners, so who should we give the price to between Cheng and rose….

Rose has a very interesting art here, a woman kissing a statue and Cheng what a beautiful art work….let our judges announce the winner


‘We really don’t know who to choose ,the two is a master piece ‘the judges said

‘Can I say something ‘Cheng said and everywhere suddenly went silent


‘Sure’a judge answered


All the girls in the hall screamed as Cheng moved forward on the stage


*we love you cheng*

They shouted


He is a big deal in Shan CEI art


The most handsome,nicest,hottest and also the most quite man in school

He hardly talks to anyone else only rose


Although he is really nice and kind which makes everyone like him alot

Most especially the girls and that makes me mad


The boys envy him alot


He also made me extremely popular in school



Am like one of the top girls all because am his girlfriend

Cheng started talking


‘About a month ago there this scandal on social media about rose kissing the shinwoo statue.. Most of you used it to make fun of her ,and most of you said it was stupid and some even said she did that causeshe had no boyfriend

..but you all did not see things from her point of view (POV)…an artist thinks beyond the ordinary, an artist imagines and paint things they see….her little kiss scene with the shinwoo statue made her paint this master piece,it inspired her ,and it made her do this….she was willing togo through all that embarrassment just to make a masterpiece… I am just a guy who paints for fun but rose paints with passion…art is her dream ,rose is art…art work doesn’t depend on how beautiful it is only but the feeling attached to this painting really matter…this is rose dream, an artist who could make a master piece in just 20 mins, she is legend… the person who deserves this is truly rose nobody else….so you should all choose your winner’he said and I couldn’t believe myears


Why does Cheng have to be so perfect

Why does he love me too much


Everyone started clapping and shouting


‘Rose you deserve this’the judges said as they gave me the award


‘Well special thanks to Almighty God ,couldn’t have done this without him and to my parents ,they have always supported me I still can’t believe my painting will be in piccolo art museum, this is a dream come through…And to the man who stood by me Cheng…I wouldn’t be here saying all this without you…you inspired me, you motivated me,you gave me hope when I seem to have lost all,Cheng this is not for me alone it for you and I ‘I said as I walked towards and kissed him onstage


I could hear the entire student shouting and clapping


I broke the kiss and smiled at him and he smiled back before I finally hugged him


‘Thankyou Cheng ‘I said


‘Anything for you rose ‘I said


………JISOO POV……….

I can’t believe this happening

I personally ruined her art


How did she get this one


Rose was first Cheng second, Jenny third and I was fourth


But why me


I ruined her art



Shedare kiss Cheng in front of everyone


I will definitely not forgive you for this rose



Public kiss


Roseyaff spoil finish


But Cheng did not remind her to put on heelsoo


The title of this story is kiss so enjoy lotsandlots of smooch scenes in it







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