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‘So people left your art for this D.x art,?’haize asked


‘Yes,I also couldn’t believe it myself …I thought I was the best artist but this D.x….’

‘You can’t always be the best rose’ she said


I sighed and focused on my secretary


‘I want to know everything about this D.x,who he or she is, where he or she is from every information ‘ I said to my secretary


‘Ma’m According to my findings D.xisa man and he is not a common man ‘

‘So he is rich’


‘Yeah….but we still dont know who he is exactly ,nobody have seen him’she said


‘Okay fine just tell him I want to see him ,just try to get to his P.A or something ‘i said


‘No ma’m I do not think that will be possible, D.x hardly makes contact with anyone ‘ she said


‘I am lady R any artist will be excited to meet me…infact they will feel lucky that just how important

I am so fix me a meeting with this D.x’ I said and she nodded

I really do not know why am so eager to know who this D.x is


I must know who D.x is


‘Okay lady R , Logan and I are going to his new school so I will see you later’

‘Okay sure ‘I said ashaize stood on her feet and walked out of the room



‘Uncle kris you have to take me to school today ‘ Lucy my cousin daughter said

‘O.m.g Lucy but I am alittle busy today ‘ I said and she frowned


‘I knew it you do not care about me uncle kris ‘she said almost crying


‘Lucy do not bother your uncle come on…I only brought you here because you said you wanted to say hello’ her mum who is my cousin said


‘You know what uncle kris …now I know you do kot love meat all,you just don’t at all’she said

‘Okay princess’ i said as I carried her ‘I will take you to school okay’


‘Yipeeeeeee’ she jubilated


‘You do not have to stress yourself for this little brat kris’ jenna(Lucy mum)said



‘It no big deal jenna…lucy is my sweetie anyway’ I said as I kissed her on the cheek and she smiled

I dropped Lucy in McAllister elementary school and decided to say hello to her principal




‘I am sure you love it here in McAllister ‘I said and Logan nodded


‘Yea sure whatever but is still prefer my former school…I still do not know why you changed my school ‘he said


‘Oh come on Logan, we aren’t gonna talk about that right now’I said and he sighed


‘Okay mom, am not talking about that now …bye ‘he said and I kissed his forehead before walking out of the school


η”°…… LOGAN POV…… η”°

I was on my way to class immediately after my mum left when I bumped into a girl and we both fell on the ground



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We stood on our feet the sametime and glared at each other

‘The least you can do is look where you going ‘she shouted


‘Oh really ,am I the one running in the hallway ‘ I replied

‘You should apologize now ‘she said


‘Hey missy you should apologize ,you just bumped into a very handsome manso you should apol for that ‘ I said


‘Oh really you might be handsome but you not as handsome as my uncle kris ‘she said


‘Hey hey hey kids ,why you fighting ‘ a very tall and handsome man asked as he walked towards me


How come he looks so much like me

What going on


‘Lucy why you fighting?’he asked her


‘This boy over here bumped into me and he told me to apologize because he issooo handsome and I told him my uncle kris is more handsome…see look at my uncle ‘


The man faced me and he couldn’t take his eyes off my face

He dazed for awhile as he just stares at me


口…. KRIS POV…. 口


I saw little Lucy arguing with a boy her age


I did not bother to look at the boys face I only focused on her


But when she told me to look at him I did and like seriously if I had ason or something he will look exactly like this boy


The striking resemblance between both of us is really wierd

‘But uncle dont you think this boy looks like you’Lucy said


‘Hey what your name ‘I asked him


‘Logan’he said


‘Logan how are you …I am kris ‘ I said as I stretched my hand to shake him

He returned the handshake and said ‘hello Kris ‘


He doesn’t look like an American

He is korea


‘You not American right ‘


‘I am,I was born here’ he said

Citizen by birth


He talks older than his age

‘Okay little Logan’


‘I am not little kris….iam 7 years old ‘he said and I smiled


‘Okay big man …..I want you to befriends with little Lucy over here…I don’t want any fighting okay ,can you do that for me ‘I said


‘Well I think I like you kris,so I will do that for you ‘he said and I smiled

‘That more like it big man’ I smiled at him and pinched his cheeks


‘Sowe three are friends now’ I said


‘Sure friends ‘they said as they hugged each other


‘Okay Logan…I will see you again ‘ I said and he smiled

‘Sure men’.he said as we first pumped each other


Looks like I just made a little bestfriend


I walked out of the school later on

There is something about this boy


Something special


I feel connected to him


And the striking resemblance

That awkward






A strange figure sitting on a chair was shown as a woman walked into the office


‘Sir , lady R wants to see you ‘she said

‘Lady R…the popular artist ?’he said




‘Can I see her picture please ‘he said and her picture was handed over to him

He stares at her picture ‘where have I seen this girl before ‘


‘She is a popular artist…a very popular one am sure you have seen her poster somewhere ‘


‘What her real name?’ He asked

‘Rose , Rose parker ‘she said


He turned his chair to face her immediately he heard that name

He looks exactly like Cheng from the past


But with a different hair this time

And he looks like a classy rich man


‘Oh really rose ….I have heard that name somewhere …’


‘I told you lady R Isa very popular artist so am sure you have heard her name around ‘ she said

‘No that not it ,I know this lady R,but I just can’t figure it out…where have I seen her before ‘




Okay guys our Cheng is backkkkkkkk


But the problem is he can’t remember her


Or is it just his lookalike

Now the story begins


But wait a second it seems kris and haize are getting closer to meeting each other


Father and son just met

❀KISS 2❀

(Do I know her )





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