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…….. HAIZE POV………


‘Haize wait up ‘kris said following him behind but I was walking very fast to avoid him


I entered an empty hall room hoping he will stop following me but he didn’t

Seriously I thought I was a love doctor


But now that it comes to my own love life I could not even do anything about it

Am just as confuse as rose was


‘Haize wait up ‘he called but I just ignored him


He finally caught up to me and pinned me to the wall in the empty hall

‘Did I do something wrong ‘he asked with his hand on my shoulders


‘No’I replied unable to make eye contact cause his face was really close to mine


‘Then why are you avoiding me …i called you countless time but you did not pick my calls..why’he asked


I hope i don’t regret asking what am about to but I just have to ask


I sighed and asked

‘Why did you kiss me’


He looked at me unable to answer the question


‘if you don’t mind I want to know the real truth ‘I said

‘I did that because I…..’


‘You know what never mind, I don’t want to know why you did that again ….’I said cutting him short


‘I know you know why I did that ‘he said


‘Things don’t happen like that kris…we have only known each for awhile now ‘I said

‘Have known you for a very longtime ‘he said


‘What do you mean by that’I asked


‘Nothing nevermind ‘he said ‘but the point is does time really mattershaize ‘


‘Noooo kris’I said pushing him away lightly ‘let just leave things the way it is ,please let remain

very good friends like we have always been’I said as I turned my back to leave

‘What do I have to do to prove myself haize ‘he said and I stopped walking


‘Do not prove anything ,there is no use ‘I said as I walked away



……….. KRIS POV………..


I really don’t know what to do to her again


I think am having that same feelings I had few years ago

Should I continue this game or have her as my own


I know she cares about me

I just can’t get over her


All I want is revenge

But haize


Am so confused


……….. ROSE POV…………

Where is Cheng


I haven’t seen him ever since I left for the competition

‘Hey rose ‘jenny said as she walked towards me


I looked at my back and looked at her again ‘are you talking to me ‘i asked pointing at myself


‘Yes….I just wanna sat congratulations on winning the awards,you really deserve it …and am really sorry I tried to buy Cheng from you please forgive me ‘she said


I still couldn’t believe myears

‘It okay Jenny ‘I said


‘Great ‘she said as she hugged me and walked away


I still can’t believe this

Jenny just hugged me


Waw this is a miracle


‘Please sign this for us ‘group of girls said as they gathered Cheng

Now he is a celebrity


The started taking pictures and signing autographs with him

He is even trending on social media now


Now he won’t have time for me now with all this girls gathered around me

I went back home without Cheng


I sat down on the sofa eating aredapple while going through my phone

Cheng and I are like the world hottest couple and people really admire us


They were topics aboutus everywhere


We ain’t even real couples


I couldn’t help but smile while reading the people comment on our relationship

Cheng really changed my life from boring towawwww



And ofcas my art was also a very popular topic

It on it way to America


Am gonna be in the piccolo art museum

I still can’t believe that though


Cheng arrived


‘Hey rose ‘he said as hesat down next to me on the couch

‘Cheng i…..’I was interrupted by the sound of Cheng phone


‘Gimme a second let me answer this ‘he said

‘Okay ‘I replied


‘Oh hello bella’he said and immediately my eyes widened



What the hell isa bella


Or should I sat who the hell isa bella


Cheng better not be cheating on me already

Or else I will kill both him and bella


‘Yea sure ,bye ‘he said as he disconnected the call


‘So rose ….’I did not allow him complete what he has to say before I stoodon my feet


………CHENG POV……..

I was talking to bella


A new girl I was assigned to tutor in school


She is just a friend I just met today


She even introduced her boyfriend to meandam sure rose is really jealous right now

Let me have fun with her a bit


‘So rose…..’she stood on her feet abruptly and was about to leave but I held her hand


‘what wrong ‘I asked


‘Who is bella ‘she asked

‘My friend ‘I said


‘Now have you female friends that great’ she said


‘You sound jealous ‘i said


‘Why shouldn’t I be’she replied


I never expected her to admit this


‘Friends don’t get jealous over matters like that ‘I said


‘Oh forget that friendship you broke that friendship when you decided to be romantic with me ‘she said




I like where this is going


‘But our relationship is fake ‘ I said


‘Then let make it real ‘she said and I was shocked

‘What’I said


Maybe I did not hear what she said properly


‘Am tired of being your fake girlfriend, I want to be your real girlfriend ‘she said


Okay something is definitely wrong with rose

First she kissed me publicly


She admit to being jealous


Now she wants to be my girlfriend




Finally rose head as come back home

Now am proud of her.


Even Jenny apologised


And haize should westart begging you too like we begged rose

Kris should better change his mind I know you love her










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