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*INNOCENT TEMPTATIONS || 18+ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯*

_Episode 9_

Gianna’s P. O . V


My heart may have won this time.


I sat there tensed, but slowly relaxed and leaned into him as his hand caressed my arm.


Goosebumps erupted onto my skin and I prayed he wouldn’t notice the effect he had on me. Although I already think he knows.


Before I had the chance to change my mind I felt his lips press light feathery kisses against the base of my neck, so light it was as if I was imagining the whole thing. Eventually, his kisses got more prominent and he began to feverishly suck on the skin, leaving me a breathless mess before him.


With lightning speed he flipped us over so I was trapped under him. He continued laying kisses on my neck and travelled down to the valley of my br**sts.


A moan erupted from me when his hand slowly crept up and grabbed my boob, kneading it.


I pulled his head up to mine and was about to place a much needed kiss onto his lips before he stopped me, lust blazing in his eyes.


“You sure you wanna do this?” he asked breathlessly.


I nodded and without hesitance he smashed his lips against mine and I moaned at the feeling of the soft skin.


He sucked my bottom lip as if asking for entrance, which I denied much to his dismay. He then resorted to biting it, which made me gasp.


I felt Alex grin against me in satisfaction, the smile soon fading when I propelled my hips forward, the feeling of us colliding was enough to send me over the edge.


“God Gianna.” Kiss. “You’re so,” kiss. “Fucking beautiful.”


He placed kisses down my torso, lifting up my shirt as he did so.


I was writhing beneath him when his face was dangerously close to where I needed him the most.


I still couldn’t believe this was happening.


The view of his head between my thighs was mouthwatering.


But before he had the chance to continue, the sound of the front door opening caught both our attention and we sprung apart, snapping out of the lust fill trance that we were in.


I adjusted my shirt and sat on the opposite couch, trying my best to act as nonchalant as possible, as if I wasn’t about to have sΒ£x with my much older boss just minutes ago.


The footsteps got closer and soon enough, Sarah was standing right in front of us with a surprised look on her face.


“Gianna? You’re still here?”


I swallowed the lump in my throat and got up, heading for my purse and nodding.

“Uh, yeah, I was cleaning up but I’m leaving now.”


She looked at me, and then her husband, as if playing an intense game of ‘connect the dots’ in her head and nodded, unconvinced.


“Sorry I left you alone for so long, but it looks like my husband kept you company.”


I couldn’t help but notice the double meaning behind her words but shrugged it off as nothing.


Did she know?


Was my lip gloss smudged?


I looked down and let out a relieved sigh.


At least my panties were still on.


My eyes moved to Alex, observing how his eyes were on anything but me and his wife, as if he felt guilty for what just played out.


Of course he did. This was a mistake.


“Anyway, it was nice seeing you again Sarah, Mr. Moritello, I’ll be heading out now.” I said, breaking the awkward silence.


She nodded in my direction and her husband remained still.


I turned around and walked out the house, leaving behind the rest of my dignity.



Alex’s P.O.V.


After hearing the door shut, I sighed and lad back on the couch that still held the girls scent.


I could almost hear the wheels turning in my wife’s head.


“So you’re f**king the babysitter now?” she asked.


Jumping to conclusions, as usual.


Well, you were about to. My subconscious reminded me.


“So you’re assuming things now?” I countered.


“I saw the way she looked at you!”


“And how was that?” I asked, straightening up, knowing I wouldn’t get to sleep off the last bit of my hangover.


My head was pounding and my ‘wife’s’ nasally voice was not helping the situation at all.


“Like she wanted to pounce on you with her dirty little claws! And you probably wanted the same thing. You’re a damn child predator.”


“She’s almost twenty for God’s sake. And no, unlike you I can keep it in my pants. She was eighteen, but that was besides the point.

At that, Sarah gasped and threw her purse at me, thinking the light object was

going to knock me out or something. Luckily, I dodged it last minute, instead it went

flying to the floor.

“That bag was Gucci you ass!” she screamed.

“Then don’t throw it at me!”

I stood up from the couch and sauntered away, sick of arguing with her, it was the

reason I left in the first place. But of course, I couldn’t catch a break, the sounds of

her heels following me into the kitchen. The mess still lay there from when I fell

into Gianna. I grimaced at the memory.

That definitely can’t happen again.

What was I doing? My wife was right, she is merely eighteen years old.

“You can’t walk away from me Alexander! Won’t let you openly cheat on me with

Someone so inferior.”

I cringedat her cruel words.

“I did not cheat on you. I have no business lying about it either, I can’t force you to

believe me and honestly, I don’t give a f**k whether you do or not.”

If she got to play around on the side, why couldn’t I?

She raised her voice once more, basically screaming at me. I was surprised the

windows had not cracked. “Fuck you! I know you’re lying! Wait till I talk to my

lawyers about this, I’l sue you for it.”

I laughed at her attempted threat towards me.

“You’re filing a law suit against me? Smart, thatll look great in the public eye. I can

already see it now. ‘Brooklyn’s richest housewife Sue’s her husband for simply

telling the truth.” I laughed at the thought, which angered the woman more.

“Our kids would never forgive you for this.” She chastised.

“Oh, so now they’re our kids? What happened to them only being mine? You’re

only their parent when it’s suitable for you. Otherwise you do nothing else but

lounge around and purchase whatever rubbish it is that you already have.”

By now, tears were running down her face and my heart twisted with guilt. I hated

seeing women cry because of me, but I knew they were fake, she had lost all her

emotions a while ago.

“That’s it. I’m getting out of here. You can pick up your kids from your sister’s house

now. Or leave them there for all I care. I can’t be here anymore.”

I looked at her as if she had grown two heads, but she ignored that and turned

around, trudging up the stairs, and making sure her footsteps were heard.

She did this every couple of months, I was used to it by now.

But maybe this time. She wouldn’t come back.

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